Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival slides onto PC this month

Kick Off Revival

Top-down old school footy sim Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival [official site] shoots onto PC later this month. It’s a modern take on Kick Off, the series that first arrived on Amiga and the Atari ST in 1989 and became something of a cult classic.

Kick Off Revival first lined up on the PS4 last year, and now it’s coming to PC on September 12th. The game has both local and online multiplayer (where you’re matched against a random opponent) and what seems like a fairly active community that arranges tournaments and organises goal of the month competitions.

It’s got a one-button control scheme relies heavily on a control stick, which you can use to determine power, height, swerve and direction of your passes/shots/crosses. Bring your gamepad. What set it apart in the late 80s was its “non-sticky” ball, which basically means players actually kick it in front of them when they’re dribbling rather than just glue it to their laces. So, you can’t just hot foot through the enemy team at ease and blast the ball into the net, then.

The Steam page is here if you want to check it out, and below is a trailer for the PS4 release last year:


  1. Michael Fogg says:

    I used to believe that DD was an Italian footballer

  2. ramirezfm says:

    According to metacritic it was the 2nd worst ps4 game of 2016. Respect!

  3. tigershuffle says:

    Had the original on Amiga.
    Would create some serious creaking in my joystick putting bend on shots :)

  4. thekelvingreen says:

    Yeah, but it’s no Sensi is it? ;)

  5. Kitano1314 says:

    i would love a new sensi

  6. leeder krenon says:

    Kick Off was terrible.

    • PostieDoc says:

      Kick Off 2 was a great game only since surpassed by the legendary World Of Sensible Soccer.

  7. Chorltonwheelie says:

    Oh dear. No.

  8. Risingson says:

    Someone give me a summary of what happened please. As far as I know Goal (or Kick Off whatever) and Sensible Soccer were considered the best football games around, er, 25 years ago. What happened? Is Kick Off hated now?

    • Werthead says:

      Kick Off (particularly Kick Off 2) was an incredibly Marmitey game at the time it came out. It was either the best thing ever or the worst thing ever. I remember Amiga Format giving it something like 95% when it came out and then Stuart Campbell giving the game an absolute horrific roasting a couple of years later when Amiga Power started.

      I think the general consensus was that Sensible Soccer really superseded it, but there were a lot of hardcore KO2 fans back in the day who preferred it.

      Kick Off’s lasting legacy was that it briefly spawned a bunch of sports games from the same publisher ending in “Off”, including Face Off, which led to the Amiga Power Multi Game Title Mashup Challenge alongside Nick Faldo’s Golf, hence “Kick Nick Faldo’s Face Off”.

      • fish99 says:

        I think more people prefer Sensi because it’s much easier to pick-up and play. We used to have tourneys on my Amiga in my student house at Uni, and although both games were new to most players, everyone picked up how to play Sensi, whereas almost no one got the hang of KO2.

    • Ben says:

      Stu also gave Kick Off ’96 a score of 1% in Amiga Power’s final issue, due mainly to a couple of massive game-breaking bugs.

      Scans here: link to amr.abime.net
      (or you can google “Amiga Power Kick Off review”)

      (Also, I wouldn’t call the Kick Off series a “cult classic” – the games, esp KO2, were very popular!)

    • RuySan says:

      While i liked Sensible Soccer way more back in the day, nowadays if i’m in need of a 2 player retro-footie time i prefer KO2, because it’s so much more unpredictable.

      I wrote about in in my blog (shameless plug)

      link to amigamemoirs.blogspot.com

  9. fish99 says:

    Kick Off 2 Extra Time is still the greatest football game ever made, and yes it was better than Sensible Soccer. Nothing else is as fast, exciting and skill based, and it’s also the only football game that manages to feel a little bit like actually playing football (something FIFA and PES miserably fail at, they feel like watching football on TV).

    Everything I read about KO Revival though suggests it doesn’t recreate that magic, which is very disappointing.

    • Cederic says:

      That’s a shame, because Kick Off (and its sequels) was a true classic. It did require skill, but we weren’t scared of that.

      Would love a faithful recreation these days.