When Slender meets kids’ TV, you get the abomination Slendytubbies


Children’s TV is often nightmare fuel, a place where characters ripped straight from the uncanny valley sing you songs of happiness and joy. They’re ripe for creepy stories and tales – one such story tells of the ghastly Slendytubby.

Taking inspiration from Slender: The Eight Pages, Slendytubbies has you collecting tubby custard while avoiding a corrupted, nightmare Tinky Winky. He will chase you around the map, causing hallucinations: Teletubbies feasting on each other’s furred flesh, Tinky Winky’s eyeless tortured face, grotesque and violent imagery of what’s happened to the Teletubbies that came before you.

I’m bad at horror, a game like Slendytubbies would never cross my mind were it not for some friends who told me about this ‘great horror game,’ “it’s not that scary.” In a Versus mode, I was one of Tinky Winky’s victims, a friend took the mantle of the Slendytubby himself. I lasted barely a couple of minutes before breaking down.

Turns out, Slendytubbies is a 5-part series, with the most recent release telling the full story of the Slendytubbies and the corrupted tubby custard. There’s a full community around the series, who were eagerly awaiting the newest entry. You can find them all on ZeoGames.

I, on the other hand, will now refuse to watch Teletubbies.

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  1. Premium User Badge

    distantlurker says:

    One wonders what dark, machiavellian part the Sky Trumpet overlords play in this twisted hellscape. Do the baby teletubbies make an appearance? Like brightly coloured System Shock 2 jizm monkeys?

  2. stringerdell says:

    Good grief this looks terrible

  3. April March says:

    Considering how well Teletubbies would fit a FNAF style horror game, the choice of basing it on Slendor instead is almost… quaint.


  4. AyeBraine says:

    Torment: Tides of Numenera has this optional “encounter” with a far future (or alien) portable entertainment gimmick, kind of a big Tamagochi, that shows you giddy creatures reminiscent of Teletubbies in a sort of AR (you see yourself and them in third-person).

    The difference is, you can physically interact with the AR while looking at the screen. The nauseatingly cheery program promptly degenerates into a dark gorefest where a predatory Teletubby eviscerates other critters and then slowly and gleefully climbs your leg and murders you – while you’re unable to move or scream due to the device’s mindlink with your brain.