Rainbow Six Siege could end up with 100+ operators

rainbow six siege

With Rainbow Six Siege’s [official site] newly-launched Blood Orchid update, the large list of operators has been expanded to over 30 battle-ready killers. A big number already, but according to Ubisoft that list could grow to over 100 playable classes over the course of what they hope is a long life for Siege.

“We are looking at developing the game with 100 Operators – I’ll let you do the math and work out how many years that does,” brand director Alexandre Remy told PC Gamer. “There’s no reason for us to stop there.”

Despite a solid critical reception in 2015, matchmaking issues and balance concerns caused some to worry that Siege wouldn’t have the longevity that one would hope from an online, multiplayer game. But lots of post-release support has kept the game ticking along healthily. That’s one of the reasons we named it one of the 50 best FPS on PC, as it happens.

“The game has grown two to three times,” said Remy. “We hit 20 million unique players a couple of weeks ago, we have to every day 2.5 million players that are playing — so it’s in a very different place now.”

As for the future, esports remains a big part of Ubisoft’s plans. “When we refer to the game internally in terms of development, we say: hey, we’re developing a competitive game. Obviously esports is part of that direction. Esports is demanding from a design and technology perspective, too. To cater to those players who are stress-testing the game to its limits, that presents a lot of dilemmas and demands for developers.”

Blood Orchid introduces three new operators and the Theme Park map, and it’s live now.


  1. Imperialist says:

    I tried to like R6:Siege…i played both free weekends and had a small amount of fun.
    But the community is awful, and i ended up fearing more for TKing teammates than the other team.

    • Micky Nozawa says:

      Considering what Rainbow Six used to be, I simply can’t stand the daft weapon skins and operators of Siege, even if the gameplay is somewhat tactical.

    • incus says:

      To be fair. A lot of people get frustrated with free weekends. It brings back a lot of hackers. Then you also have people who are new to the game making simple mistakes. This is not so bad in casual but you have a lot that play all day to speed push level 20 then go straight into ranked.

      If you stay in casual its a double edged sword. As people are more dicks because they can get away with it.

      This game has a huge learning curve. Most of which is the best way to use OPs and the most important pre-round defense setup. A single back reinforce wall placement can cost the round. Plus people who come from COD/BF to try it out dont seem to understand that defenders should defend. Not peak and battle out trading shots. You should hold angles.

    • CMaster says:

      Play with the RPS crew on the RPS discord then.

      I can’t promise they won’t TK you, but they at least normally say sorry when it happens.

  2. Catweasel says:

    Can they stop making me have to grind to unlock everyone if they do that? It’s really stupid to keep characters locked in this kind of game, kinda important to be able to pick what the team needs.

    • incus says:

      To be fair I dont think they should. However once it get to a point in large OP numbers. They should do what MOBA’s do. A weekly rotation of free OPs

      They have already stated that any new OP’s will not really have new abilities. More of variations on what is already available.

      If you already have the ability in the standard OPs. You dont need to play the new ones straight away.

      • Purdurabo says:

        Yes because free to play BS is exactly what we need in a premium game……..

        • incus says:

          Never said anything about free to play. It would basically be amounting to the exact thing you have now. However instead of watching youtube or something to decide who you wish to unlock first. You might get to try an OP out.

          They do not have to change a thing. The season passes plus unlocks for non payers works well. It allows the game to continue development outside of implementing more cosmetic items. Or going full CS:GO styles crates and keys.

          What do you propose they do to make enough money to continue development. I love how you people always cry it takes to long to unlock but never support the game. At least this is not the level of say Evlove with 100’s of £ worth of DLC straight off the bat. There I could maybe see your complaints. £30 for a year of content is good money. In a game most people play 100’s of hours a year.

          • Revverb says:

            “Non-paying players”

            The core bullshit is that we’re seeing even more microtransactions in a P2P game. It’d be fine if it was just cosmetics, but no, it’s core game mechanics, actual new Operators that are subject to microtransactions.

            I really hate throwing out the “pay-to-win” line, but…

  3. Nelyeth says:

    This works in League of Legends, because MOBAs intrinsically need lots of clarity to not be messy cluster-ducks. A big guy is a tank, things that burn look burny, good things are blue or green, bad things are red, so even if you don’t know exactly what you’re up against, you get the gist of it pretty quickly. Plus, you’ll be interacting with a given ally or enemy champion lots of time in one game, because of the fast-paced, respawn-heavy gameplay (at least at lower levels, which is where you’re still learning tons).

    But in a modern, tactical FPS ? You can only get so far with the overall operator design (no matter what you do, they’re all human, and they all need to look like a realistic special ops soldier), so communicating a character’s role quickly is harder. Same with weapons : is this guy going to shoot me from miles away with a sniper rifle, or does he have a boomstick ? Do I have to expect traps ? Do I need to move from cover to cover, or do I leg it ?

    Obviously, lots of operators means greater variety, but it also creates a steeper learning curve and a harder-to-maintain game balance. I’m not a Siege player, but I’m curious as to how they’ll handle it.

    • incus says:

      It will work because the OPs in seige although similar to a MOBA will not be created like a MOBA. There is only so many OPs they can make. So they are going to stop focusing on new unique abilities and just start doing variations. This can work well as it will eventually come down to just preference and play style.

  4. TaylanK says:

    “no matter what you do, they’re all human, and they all need to look like a realistic special ops soldier”

    Agreed. I’d take it one step further and say the gameplay is nowhere as varied as it is in LoL from one character to the next, for the same reason. You’ll get shot from that hole in the wall behind you that you checked one second ago and it was clear, no matter what class you picked. (special forces, tactics, covering each other’s back yadda yadda yeah good luck with that playing with randos)

    My biggest gripe with the game is level design and pacing. The levels have far too much visual noise for a game where you need to watch every angle all the time. Plus the game is usually over (or you get killed) very quickly, which limits the learning and gradual mastery you get from playing a hero in LoL or Overwatch.

  5. VunderVeazel says:

    At the usual rate of 8 operators a year it will take at least 7 more years to come close to a 100 operator roster. Kinda doubt Siege will still be recieving DLC 7 years from now.

  6. BaronKreight says:

    I’ve tried this game and it’s just not for me. It’s all about camping and I prefer YOLO. You like sitting in one place, looking through a narrow crevice – Siege is for you.

    This game will soon be getting a potential competitor. Wargaming is making a special ops PVP shooter. Judging by their blog videos the game meticulously focuses on details.

    • Agnosticus says:

      Then you obviously didn’t ‘get’ the game…camping is easily countered by droning!

      Yeah and if you’re ‘YOLO’ a competetive game probably isn’t for you.

      • CMaster says:

        Yeha, between destructible terrain, intel gathering and peeker’s advantage, camping one spot is a very good way to get killed in siege.

        • Kitsunin says:

          A lot of people seem to think holding angles is camping, I guess.

  7. Dezztroy says:

    With them already talking about how they have to permanently remove maps next year, there is no way in hell this game will come anywhere close to 100 operators.

  8. El3M3NTOS says:

    Wow, in my opinion this isn’t a good news, not for me; lot of perks only works on MOBAS, that need some variant plays, but for FPS genre, this could lost some of essence of the game, think 100 operators, 100 diferent skills mean a lot of work on ballance, and the risk to some of then be totally overpowered, i prefer the game like it is, focused on shooting heads with weapons not with skills, 50 or 40 operator should be nice.