RPS OoO: read all the guest posts here


RPS has switched off its out-of-office message, which in reality means the team have left the office and are now on planes and trains heading back to the homes we all work from. Did the team ride the teacups on the pier and sick up all our donuts on Brendan? You’ll never find out, because we archived all your emails asking about it without reading them, just like everyone does when they come back to their inbox from some time away.

New posts will still be slightly few in number probably until tomorrow, but our guest posts prepared in advance have come to an end. We hope you enjoyed them, and you can read them all here. Thanks to Tim, Richard, Hannah, Dominic and Fraser for helping out.


  1. Premium User Badge

    distantlurker says:

    Yes tyvm! Pleasant, bite-sized diversions all.

  2. Dominic Tarason says:

    Back sooner than I expected! I know you’ve got more of those bite-sized articles in the pipe – going to be spreading those across the next few days?

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      Graham Smith says:

      A couple more were scheduled but failed to appear because the CMS hiccuped. They’ll go up this afternoon.