Songbringer combat patch tightens up the action

Pretty action-RPG Songbringer [official site] has tightened up the action a little in its first patch. John’s Songbringer review praised the game but I have seen a few folks grumbling about hitboxes and the feel of fights – fairly important for an action game. So huzzah, some hitboxes have been tightened, some moves have been sped up, and some inconsistencies have been ironed out. A good game has become better.

Developers Wizard Fu Games launched update 1.0.1 over the weekend. The full patch notes are over here but here are some fighty highlights:

[+++] Roq’s sword hitboxes have been adjusted to feel more precise and accurate
[+++] Roq’s sword hitboxes are more consistent due to remembering attack direction after letting go
[+++] Sparks from the sword now hit objects in more accurate locations and fly in a more accurate direction
[+++] Roq’s subsequent sword combos have slightly less and less attack delay
[+++] Roq’s tophat aim direction is remembered after letting go of a direction
[+++] Roq slows down a little bit less when swinging the sword while running
[+++] Add black sparks when hitting foes
[+++] Minor adjustments to the hitboxes of lightning and ice effects

That all sounds like a nice bit of polish. And these additions are neat:

[NEW] New feature: blink momentum – repeated usage of the Blink Orb has a faster and faster cooldown
[NEW] New feature: clutch courage defense – Roq takes less damage when at less than one tooth of courage

Wizard Fu also say they’re also planning to launch several free updates adding new items and abilities.

All that’s grand, as our John really has enjoyed Songbringer. As he said:

“I find Songbringer absolutely fascinating. It’s like the fragmented remains of a game, carefully discovered and pieced together as you play. A stunningly beautiful conflation of pixel graphics and intricately complex lighting effects, creating a fractured and intense look, presenting a combination of action RPG and rogue-ish exploration of a wonderfully detailed yet procedurally generated world. What you’re doing, why you’re doing it, how best to do it – that’s what I’m putting together the more I play.”

And that was before these changes.


  1. DrJ3RK says:

    Absolutely love this game. I just thought I’d comment to mention just how cool this developer is. He’s responded very kindly, and taken many peoples’ suggestions to heart in his Steam forum. Not only is this game incredibly fun, but this dev definitely deserves support. Can’t recommend this game enough if you like light RPGing heavy on action and adventure.

  2. AutonomyLost says:

    I second the recommendation and welcome the patch! I got sucked back into DSIII but I intend to continue to play Songbringer for a good while when I return.

  3. Crusoe says:

    Songbringer is totally intoxicating, I highly recommend it!