Have You Played… Fury Of The Furries?

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No sniggering at the back, please. This is/was a mid-90s puzzle-platformer starring a group of big-footed fuzzballs with special powers that differed depending on the colour of their fur. It was irritating and it was ingenious in equal parts, and I can almost imagine the colour-shifting-based puzzling and grappling hooks and wall-chomping working well now.

Imagine this approached with Owlboy-levels of finesse and charm, instead of the random hodge-podge of broad cultural references crammed into Fury Of The Furries.

But God, I fell for this hard at the time. I guess it was the last vestiges of my purely child brain responding to the cutsey cartoon imagery of the lead characters, while my more adult brain dug the relative complexity of its action-puzzling, which felt like a meaningful escalation from the running and jumping of console fare of the time.

It’s odd though, Fury Of The Furries took essentially permanent residence of a corner of my brain right up until a few years ago – I’ve written about it couple of times on this site before – but, at some point in the recent past, that changed.

I think, perhaps, it is something to do with how ruthlessly today’s popular cultural mines my generation’s nostalgia, and this is a something I grow increasingly uncomfortable with. In Fury Of The Furries’ case, I simply cannot apply any rose-tint to a very minor love from my past now, and as such it no longer seems to matter at all. My thirteen-year-old self would be heartbroken.

Someone’s planning a remake, aren’t they?


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    subdog says:

    Hey I just figured out where Nidhogg 2 got its art style.

  2. James says:

    *intense sniggering*

  3. partTimeCrazy says:

    Man, I loved this game! I’ve probably still got the disks and box at my folks. I’m surprised it hasn’t been remade yet, it had a great sense of humour. I wonder who owns the rights?

  4. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    That was actually a pretty good game by Kalisto. Oh, and the Tinies come from a previous game which was a puzzle game.

    Fury also had a nice artstyle and a good soundtrack. Well, as far as I can recall.

  5. Kodiak343 says:

    Played it, Loved it, Remember it fondly! Agree that a remake should be made. The graphics were great for the time, cuteness factor high, and the hook/jump/swing mode was absolutely positively addictive.

  6. Velox says:

    Another fine example of why I prefer RTS to most any other gaming related website. The little stories you share about yourself, the reflected yet humorous writing, it’s just.. really nice.

  7. Risingson says:

    “And it even has the fremen language!”

    But it seems than more and more we are focusing on the games in the “have you played” section, which is quite alright. Furries did very alright that Lost Vikings/Trine gameplay, I think. Even if you got tired after 10 levels, well, those 10 levels were fun and full of secrets. And the furries were cute. And it felt very expansive. And I love the rope mechanics. And the music.

  8. Seafoam says:


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    Ninja Dodo says:

    No, but I played an obscure but really fun early indie game included on the magazine CD of PC Zone or PC Gamer (I forget) called “Funny Furries 2 Xmas”. It was a pretty great single-screen versus platformer with jetpacks, heat-seeking missiles, flamethrowers and trampolines. Also characters very similar to the above, perhaps a fan game. Observe: link to youtube.com

  10. cpt_freakout says:

    I was like 7 years old when I played this, so like you said, my child brain would just obsess over the images of this game. I don’t even think I ever understood what the game was about, maybe I solved a couple levels at most, but I would just draw these things all the time and make up adventures they had. Of course, a few months later I’d completely forgotten about it all and spent my time drawing Lemmings or something.

  11. cardigait says:

    Boy how much i loved it.
    You made me feel so old, seems aeon ago.

  12. spathi says:

    It’s is on my list of top fave soundtracks, for example, The Forest – link to youtube.com

  13. The First Door says:

    Goodness. I remember absolutely loving this game. It had some really fun puzzles in it which felt really before their time, at least to me. Pulling plugs out of pools to move water around to open new routes, physics puzzles where you had to outrun rolling boulders. Goodness it was a giggle back in the day.

  14. KillahMate says:

    Shameless copypaste of my comment from the other article you wrote, Alec:

    I was one of the heretics who knew this as Pac-In-Time (in my defense, I didn’t have the Internet to inform me of my error back then, and they really are almost identical). A brilliant game, fondly remembered from my youth. The graphical artistry on display was obvious even to my inexperienced eyes (did you know that the actual levels, outside of splash screens, only use 16 and not 256 colors per level? You didn’t, because it looked amazing), and the game design was as wonderful as I could have hoped for when I started the game up for the first time. Also one of the not too many games I actually completed (took me months, but I only recall a few spots being truly hard), and I’m very proud of it. I’m sorry more people didn’t get to play it… at least I’ll make sure my kids do, some day.