Pro Evo Soccer 2018 is out with proper graphics and short sizes


“PES 2018 should not suck on PC this year,” Alice wrote back in May. She was referring to FIFA’s great rival finally running with current-gen console graphics on our platform of choice, rather than using the previous-gen engine as has been the case for FAR TOO LONG. Well, all the fancy bells, whistles and advertising hoardings are in place, and you can see all of those glorious multi-million dollar haircuts in glorious detail.

That’s not to say everything is shiny though because there seem to be serious problems with the online portion of Pro Evo 2018 [official site]. I haven’t been able to test it myself, bit hopefully it’ll be fixed soon given that the game has been out for a day now.

I loved last year’s game despite all of its flaws, it’s just a shame that so many of the flaws were PC-specific that I felt the need to (gasp) recommend the console versions. As punishment I wasn’t allowed to have dessert for a week, even missing out on Rhubarb Crumble Tuesday, but I had to report what I knew to be true. PC PES was a bit rubbo.

It’s shinier now, but still lacking all of the licenses that FIFA hoards like a dragon sitting on a pile of gold.

The PC version is cheating a little bit, by virtue of the fact that it doesn’t really need to brag about any new features thanks to the updated graphics seeming like a new feature. My favourite mode, Master League, has been improved for the managerial types as well, and an ancient feature returns in the form of Random Selection Match. I remember this from a PES game many years ago – you pick a region or league, and the game randomly creates two teams using every player from your selection as its pool. It’s daft and entertaining, with an element of Fantasy Football about it – Fantasy Football if you pick your team while drunk.

Most importantly, “special attention” has been paid to “kit fitting and short size”. Now we just need an eighties mode for those super short shorts.

PES 2018 is £54.99/$59.99/€59.99 on Steam. A demo is available from Steam too – look for the ‘Download Demo’ button there.


  1. Yachmenev says:

    Does the game have Denuvo?

    And does the game require you to be always online, as the steam forum threads for the game seems to indicate?

    • GenialityOfEvil says:

      Yes. All Konami games use Denuvo (all two of them?). Same with EA.

      • Yachmenev says:

        And the always online bit?

        • GenialityOfEvil says:

          I’m pretty sure that’s the default configuration of Denuvo. It needs to connect to Denuvo’s servers sometimes regardless for authentication, but I haven’t bought the game, so I don’t know if they removed the persistent connection. It’s Konami, so I doubt it.

          • GenialityOfEvil says:

            I just downloaded the demo. It won’t even launch without an internet connection. My internet was fine, their servers apparently aren’t. Gee, I can’t imagine why people don’t want their game to demand a permanent internet connection.

  2. Avioto says:

    Would be nice if Konami turned on the servers so we could download the latest transfer update.. they always seem to find a way to mess up the PC launch.

    Also, it’s super easy to get all the licenses on PC with community patches. I usually wait for the PTE Patch, they do a fantastic job every year.

  3. hollowroom says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever paid €60 for a PC game.

    • aldo_14 says:

      It’s 39 (DVD version) on amazon uk justnow, which is a bit better. Not tried the demo yet to work out if I’ll buy it though.

      • GenialityOfEvil says:

        The demos for PES and FIFA are really unreliable though. They tend to bump up the agility of all the player and let them do skill moves automatically, to make the movement system look better than it actually is. I’ve noticed this on every FIFA game since 2014.

      • hollowroom says:

        39 is better, that’s about my limit I think.

    • Donkeyfumbler says:

      Its £21 on one popular ‘grey market’ site (that I’ve never had an issue with, nor heard about anyone else having problems with) because £54.99 it taking the absolute p!ss if you ask me.

  4. Gothnak says:

    I’ve been thinking of getting 2017 on console (I don’t really care about up to date transfers) but thought ooh, maybe this is cheaper it is now on PC? oh…

    • Chairman_Meow says:

      Hi, console player of PES (PS4) here. I advise against it if you want to play online matches. PES has never been able to provide a stable online environment (3 out of 4 matches crash before the end) which is a shame because its gameplay knocks FIFA into a cocked hat. I had last years version and it was bad with respect to online modes. (My internet is fast and more than capable for pretty much anything I play otherwise)

  5. Falsadoom says:

    PSA: Does NOT play offline mode on PC. Connection required for PC.

    So sad, had to refund it.

  6. Malkara says:

    The hands! The hands are so big!