There’s a foxy tale of sadness in The First Tree

The fur-st tree

I hold a rare distinction among RPS writers in that I never call a game “lovely” in the headline and I nev– oh no, I did! I once said that The First Tree [official site], a colourful game about a fox going on a sad journey to find her family, looked “lovely”. I’m so sorry, reader. I’ve destroyed my brand. But take solace in your new vulpine friend, because the foxy adventure came out yesterday. It follows a woodland animal, yes, but there’s an underlying story, delivered in snippets of audio, about a human son and his estranged father in Alaska. It all sounds very sad. But it’s also about “the source of life”, so maybe not?

The vixen’s cub (or cubs) have gone missing and she’s on a quest to find them. Meanwhile, the presumably off-screen humans are dealing with their own family loss. The two stories will intertwine by the end of its two hour wandering, we’re told, rather than being solidly separate tales that crossover only in theme. Maybe the fox part is some allegorical yarn? Or maybe she really will stumble across a human in the snow at some point.

I guess only creator David Wehle knows. He previously made the first-person short story Home Is Where One Starts which is, allegedly, another heart puncher.

The First Tree is on Steam for £5.59/$8.


  1. Premium User Badge

    johannsebastianbach says:

    Looks lovely.

    Will there be a Wot I Think?

  2. Merry says:

    10% off at present, so £5.03

  3. cpt_freakout says:

    Looks pretty, but the overlapping stories idea sounds heavy-handed… hopefully it will work out well!

  4. smackywolf says:

    I’ve been waiting for this game for quite a while and an sad to report that it really isn’t very good. :(

    I feel that a lot of the point of it was meant to be revelling in the movement of the fox, running through a pretty landscape, but the way the vixen moves is stilted and frustrating. There’s an incredibly annoying double jump mechanic that is very difficult to get right, it takes forever to get from one place to another, and the animation of the fox looks and feels wrong. For the only interaction you seem to have with the game, I feel that it should be less clumsy and broken.

    I wanted to like this game. But the frustration and weirdness in the only gameplay there is kills it for me.