Spintires: MudRunner rides out on Halloween

To launch a game on Halloween is to declare that it will make you fill your boots with muck, that you will want to flee but find yourself stuck to the spot, and that you will cry and roar. Spintires: MudRunner [official site] isn’t your usual spookfest but I suppose it does hit those points, making the newly-announced Halloween release date fitting. MudRunner is an expanded re-release of 2014’s Spintires, a wonderful game about driving huge vehicles through dynamic simulated mud. Why is MudRunner a separate release? Because the game has changed hands, switching publishers from Oovee to Focus Home and signing up development studio Saber Interactive to work with creator Pavel Zagrebelny.

MudRunner will pack a new sandbox map, a general fancying-up of graphics, new vehicles, a new Challenge mode, and other fancy bits.

It is a shame that this is a separate release, but people who bought the original SpinTires will at least get a 50% discount on MudRunner.

Development on the original game stalled years ago as relations between developer Pavel Zagrebelny and publisher Oovee broke down messily and publicly. The protracted back-and-forth included accusations that Oovee cut Zagrebelny off, reconciliations, more breakdowns in communication, the game being temporarily pulled from sale… I’m glad that a game as wonderful as Spintires has seemingly found a more stable setup.

And it really is a good game. A driving game where moving at walking pace can be a real accomplishment, where every bump and dip is a puzzle. Check out Adam’s Spintires review for a deeper look.

Spintires: MudRunner will cost £24.99/€29.99/$29.99 when it hits Steam on October 31st.


  1. Jjgddyuikbvff says:

    I’m one of the grumpy cohort that can’t quite believe the gall of asking Spintires customers to buy the game again, especially on the condition that we do so before it’s even released, so we can’t even see what they’ve actually fixed and finished. (Alarm bells ringing)

    For those not totally in the loop Spintires was an Early Access game that was abandoned way before being finished due to politics – after which the game was sabotaged and rendered unplayable for weeks. It was a mess and after getting the game functional again they slapped a 1.0 on it and called it a day.

    The game has now been completed, released by a different publisher and sold separately from the Early Access project that funded the bulk of its development. Current owners get to pay £12 to get the finished version of the game they already paid for.

    • SBLux says:

      I am in the same boat. When I saw this release I thought great, I must be getting that for free since I paid for the botched original release, but no, I have to pay more for a finished product. I am still tempted though, because it is so unique and I really enjoyed it.

    • Henke says:

      It wasn’t Early Access, it was a Kickstarter. And I wouldn’t say it was abandoned “way before being finished”, the only promised feature not to get implemented was the map editor.

      But yes, I don’t like not knowing what I’m getting for the additional money either. Hopefully there’ll be some reviews before the release.

    • April March says:

      As I said in a previous post on the game: yes, I do think this is a lot of gall, but on this instance I will happily pay to see myself and Pavel rid of Oovee. That’s money well spent.

  2. Pogs says:

    That trailer makes me want to don my wellies, rush outside and clamber up a muddy hill to roar at the top in my best growly cinema Gladiator voice ‘I’m better than mud. You’re nothing, you hear. NOTHING!’

  3. BaronKreight says:

    At least I know KAMAZ wins Dakar races regularly.

  4. Slazia says:

    50% discount seems reasonable. I really enjoyed Sprint, even though I didn’t play that much.

  5. Son_of_Georg says:

    Will you support multiplayer saves?
    Yes, Spintires: MudRunner will have multiplayer saves.

    Link to FAQ on Steam Forum

    This is the one thing I wanted.

  6. Catweasel says:

    I don’t like having to rebuy the game but getting rid of oovee should be a huge boon, dangit I won’t be able to help myself.

  7. KastaRules says:

    I am not super thrilled about the repay thing… especially since the discount expires before we get the chance to read the Steam reviews! I think I’ll pass and wait for a future sale if it is worth it.

    The borked cameras in the original one really bugged me though so I hope they have fixed them this time around.