Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP open beta now preloading

While it is a wailing shame that the name ‘Ghost War’ has been claimed by a game which features not one single spectre, apparition, manifestation, phantasm, or g-g-g-ghost!, introducing competitive multiplayer to the sandbox world of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands [official site] could turn out interesting. The 4v4 team deathmatch mode Ghost War will hit Ubisoft’s open-world imperialism ’em up sometime this autumn, but an open beta will let all and sundry try it for free this weekend. Preloading of the standalone test client has now begun and you needn’t own Wildlands to play it.

Right now, the open beta can be preloaded through Ubisoft’s own Uplay client. Fire it up and you should see the big banner on the first page. The beta client is supposed to be on Steam too, though Ubisoft say preloading has been delayed.

I’m always up for larking about in trees, getting green with the leafy boys and reckless in the mud, so I’ve downloaded the beta myself. And now that’s complete, I’ll actually see what Ghost War is like by watching yesterday’s big reveal livestream:

Those maps look a lot smaller and less interesting than I’d imagined. I was expecting something more on the scale of the Wildlands campaign, full of vehicles and all sorts of antics. But I suppose I was thinking of a long and slow game, and that’s not really what many people want from competitive multiplayer. Never imagine anything, kids. Your imagination is your worst enemy.

The Ghost War open beta begins at 11am on Thursday, September 21st then will end on Monday the 25th.


  1. Massenstein says:

    I would just love to see games with plunkbatty mechanics but more emphasis on crawling in grass and hiding in business and other sneakery. How is it we don’t have more of these games yet?

    I would also welcome something resembling the Assassins’ Creed multiplayer mode. There’s billion competitive shooters to choose from but severe lack of competitive sneakers.

    • Imperialist says:

      Some games have tried, but i believe it is a bit more difficult when you have a limited grass draw distance. Then theres the competards that turn their settings to zero so they can see you anywhere, in any lighting condition.
      I personally would prefer a game that automatically maxed your shadows and grass in multiplayer…but that would require some optimization magic.

  2. User100 says:

    Sneaky approaches only work if the opponent doesn’t expect you (and you’re trying to surprise them).
    This can be simulated with AI, but not with other players, as they will *always* know that you’re gonna attack them anytime soon, and they will act accordingly (mostly by running & gunning), trying to ruin your sneaky methods.

    PUBG is probably the “sneakiest” PvP game out there right now, and even it is moving more and more into run&gun territory (partially because people are copying streamers who do it because it’s more entertaining).

  3. dylan says:

    “Imperialism ’em up” :D

    • tasteful says:

      this made me happy too. rps takin a good political stance is legit one of the main reasons i go here every day even when it’s just pokin in a lil like this

    • Imperialist says:

      Sounds like my kinda thing.

    • jhk655 says:


  4. jhk655 says:

    Hey buddy. You mind not injecting your half-baked political beliefs into your articles? I know I’d appreciate it.

    • MiaStar says:

      I know there are many disgruntled comments like this on the Internet, but to be honest, your specific comment made me curious. May I ask why specifically you object to the words used in the article?

      This website is well known for its sometimes heavy-handed humor in news stories, and joking that military/paramilitary peacekeeping forces are imperialists is a common thing to say in many countries. I don’t think it was about someone’s personal beliefs.

      But really though, can I ask why it offended you? Just rather curious. :)

      • jhk655 says:

        I don’t know why I’m repsonding to a kid with a hentai avatar, but oh well. It adds to the culture of political tribalism that is prevalent in public discourse today. It serves no purpose other than to rally those who agree and alientate those who don’t.

        In addition, I’d imagine the person who wrote is in their early 20s. Their brain isn’t even finished forming, and so I’d imagine their worldview isn’t very well informed or nuanced either.

        • Mr.Snowy says:

          What a bizarre thing to complain about, objecting to the word ‘imperial’. The game has had some justified criticism for the portrayal of Bolivia and the game’s protagonists do indeed take the view that they are saving the Bolivia by applying the rule of the good ol’ US of A whether the inhabitants like it or not, so it is a reasonable observation by the author.

          As you seem quite fixated on age, maybe the view of this particular 47 year old gamer is worth more?