Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero shows off face-punching

After years of escalating ludicrousness and ultraviolence, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard [official site] was a refreshing change of pace with its creepy spookhouse and hapless hero. But if you have missed burly blokes who work for shadowy organisations and murder their way through monsters with gay abandon, hold on another three months. RE7’s free DLC mini-campaign Not A Hero will bring back Chris Redfield, we’ve known for ages, and watching a new gameplay vid I am surprised by quite how much of a bang-bang it all looks. Capcom also recently revealed a little about the third big RE7 paid story DLC, End of Zoe. First, Chris strikes back:

Oh yes, of course his beefy punches can still explode heads. Given Ethan’s struggles and improvised armaments in RE7, this is pretty strange to see. After fleeing from the sporemonsters for so long, maybe it’ll be cathartic to blast their faces off with military-grade weapons.

The end of Resident Evil 7 showed Chrissy baby palling about with some sort of Umbrella Corporation, who Capcom say is named New Umbrella. Who they are and what they’re up to is a bit of a mystery for now, given the convoluted history of the dastardly corporation, but presumably this free campaign will explain more. It’s coming on December 12th, free for all Resident Evil 7 players.

Also launching on December 12th are a Gold Edition of RE7 including the DLC season pass, and the third big piece of paid DLC. End of Zoe will let us discover what happens to Zoe Baker, and Capcom say say we “will face off against new enemies and explore new swamp filled areas.”

The story add-ons have been pretty great, Alec said in his Resident Evil 7 DLC review, so more of it sounds grand.

Remember: Chris is not a hero. He’s not a saviour. Forget what you know! He’s just a man whose circumstances went beyond his control.


  1. and its man says:

    Well, BunnyLord sure knows how to punch faces.

  2. Kefren says:

    Anybody know if they’ll remove Denuvo from the main game soon (As with Doom4 and Inside?) I fancied playing it, since I have played every other RE game, but I ran into so many problems with the demo not running/activating that I can’t face that for something I’d pay for. Otherwise I’d buy this and try it in VR but probably enjoy it almost as much on my normal PC.

  3. Chem says:

    It’ll be interesting to learn what brought Chris all the way out to the Styx.

    • Jalan says:

      New Umbrella (I can’t even write it without laughing – thanks Capcom) became worried when Dennis DeYoung went missing in Louisiana… oh, wait. We’re not talking about that Styx are we?

  4. Vandelay says:

    Any word yet on when/if PC is getting a VR patch? I believe the PSVR exclusivity was for a year, but I’ve not heard any mention that it is being worked on for release next year. I’m holding off until that comes out.

    • Hardlylikely says:

      I’m also waiting for VR support to be ported. I had hoped for a VR release timed to the exclusivity period but well, I can always play my wifes PS4 version if I’m going flat screen. Capcom want my money, they can bring all the features.

  5. April March says:

    What, Alice, you mean your punches don’t blow up people’s heads?

    Also, I like that whoever Chris’ employers are basically go “We’ve lost three of our best men down there… best to send one of our best men to fix it.”