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PUBG close quarters loadout.

It’s EGX week and I’m currently sat writing this article behind a set of flight cases in an isolated corner of the NEC, so you’ll have to forgive me if I keep this brief. As you may expect, we’ve got more deals to check out again this week, so let’s get right to them, shall we?

As usual, we’ve got deals that’ll work in the UK, deals that’ll work in the US and some deals that will work in both the UK and US, as well as presumably many other places. Let’s get started.

UK & US Deals

Humble Very Positive Bundle 2

Humble is back yet again with another bundle of games that aim to make you smile wide, and play often. This latest batch offers up a grouping of games that are all currently listed with ‘Very Positive’ or above Steam ratings.

Here are the games up for grabs:

Pay what you want
RIVE: Wreck, Hack, Die, Retry
Neon Chrome
Dungeon Souls

Pay more than the average
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition
Ultimate Chicken Horse

Pay $10 (£7.40) or more
Death Road to Canada
Beat Cop

Pay $80 (£59.22) or more
Middle-earth: Shadow of War
Shadow of War T-Shirt

Pay what you want for the Humble Very Positive Bundle 2


8Bitdo, a company best known for its Nintendo-inspired line of wireless Bluetooth controllers for PC, iOS and Android are back with something even fancier. The SF30 Pro is modelled after a SNES controller and designed with the Nintendo Switch in mind. These pads hook up seamlessly to any Switch, PC, Mac, or mobile and feature rumble, motion controls, screenshot and home buttons as well as a rad design. They’re available to pre-order right now and due to launch in December.

8Bitdo SF30 Pro Bluetooth Controller for Switch, PC, Mac, iOS and Android for £39.99 from Amazon UK

8Bitdo SF30 Pro Bluetooth Controller (US colours) for Switch, PC, Mac, iOS and Android for $49.99 from Amazon US
8Bitdo SF30 Pro Bluetooth Controller (EU colours) for Switch, PC, Mac, iOS and Android for $49.99 from Amazon US

evil dead vr

Phantom Halls has been available in Early Access for a while but this past week, something incredible happened. Phantom Halls got some free DLC. Not only that but officially licensed Evil Dead 2 free DLC at that. To celebrate Ash Williams and the gang getting in on the action, you can pick the game up at half price this weekend, which is extra nice.

Phantom Halls (with free Evil Dead DLC) on PC for £3.33 / $4.49 from Steam


Stardock is having a big ol’ sale over on Steam right now, lasting until the end of September 25th, to be precise. There’s up to 75% off various titles from the publisher including Galactic Civilizations III, Offworld Trading Company, Sins of a Solar Empire, and more. If you like your games intense and mostly set in space, this range isn’t one to miss out on.

Up to 75% off Stardock games from Steam

UK Deals

coin insert square

Not only are the folks from Insert Coin over at EGX right this very moment, showing off their wares, but they were also nice enough to offer up a 20% off voucher for use this weekend. Head to the main site and enter the code 20EGX17 during checkout to take 20% off your purchase.

20% off everything with code 20EGX17 from Insert Coin Clothing

US Deals

PUBG's best weapons explained.

If you’d like to pick up the small, obscure and rarely talked about indie game that is Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds with a rare discount, you can get 11% off the asking price by heading to NewEgg this week and entering the code EMCRKBK52 during checkout.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on PC (Steam) for $26.49 using code EMCRKBK52 from NewEgg

Why did the soldier dies without being alarmed? Because it was SOCOM

Yoji Shinkawa is best known for his work as an artist and character designer on the Metal Gear Solid series. His style is so distinct that when Left Alive was unveiled earlier this week, it was clear as day that Shinkawa was involved. To celebrate that art style, you can now pre-order a massive, 800-page hardcover book detailing the Art of Metal Gear Solid from the PS1 through to the PS3, billed as a perfect companion to the already-released artbook for Metal Gear Solid V.

The Art of Metal Gear Solid I-IV for $79.99 from Amazon US

Okay, we’re done for another week. Keep in mind that deals, prices and availability can change at the drop of a hat, so apologies if you miss out on something you wanted. I’ll be over at Jelly Deals, scouring the world wide web for more deals. Feel free to visit, or follow us on Twitter and give us a like on Facebook.

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  1. phuzz says:

    If you’ve bought Gone Home, you should have received a 33% off coupon for Tacoma on Steam.
    And if you liked Gone Home, you’ll almost certainly enjoy Tacoma. Unless you don’t like space.

  2. Phantom_Renegade says:

    Is Jupiter’s Forge (from Offworld Trading Company) worth it for 8 euro’s? There are no real reviews on Steam and I can’t find an RPS review on it.

  3. DEspresso says:

    Best Deal this week: link to FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Unclepauly says:

      How do I install it?

      • DEspresso says:

        It is a Steam Code.

        On the Site: click on ‘Enter the … Plus Free Steam Code’
        Enter email- receive email with code- open/install steam -activate code in steam – install game in library – play game, preferably while wearing a conductor cap

  4. Darth Gangrel says:

    The Nemesis Bundle 3 on Bundlestars is the best bundle I’ve seen in a long time and certainly at their store, when they usually bundle one okay game together with several “Mostly negative reviews on Steam” games – and those are the good ones. They have dozens of only mediocre/bad game bundles.

    Recently bought the Capcom X SEGA X ATLUS Bundle, which also gave me several games I liked. So much for decreasing the backlog. That I’ve already traded some bundle games for games I’ll actually play some day is a small comfort.

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