Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire expansion is now out

Arenanet’s MMORPG Guild Wars 2 [official site] has begun its adventure to new (old) lands with the launch of its second expansion. Path of Fire returns to the Crystal Desert and kingdom Elona, from the first game, on a mission to give the god of war a good kicking. To help boot his molten teeth clean out, players will get new mounts, new elite specialisations, and of course new quests and items and all that too. While Guild Wars 2 itself is free these days, the expansions are paid.

The god of war and fire, it turns out, was not at all a sweetie but in fact a right wrong’un. No one could have predicted that. Balthazar and his army are off to burn, maim, and murder and we’re the poor heroes drafted to stop him. Because it’s our fault that everyone worshipped the god of war without thinking he might one day fancy killing some people? Great, thanks.

Anyway! New mounts arrive to help us across the new lands with unique movement abilities. We can befriend a rabbit, a raptor, a magic dog, or a river-skimming fish thing. And each character class gets a new elite specialisation option, from the sniping Deadeye for the Thief to Elementalist Weavers who can combine two elements.

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is out now, priced at £25.99. That also includes a doodad to boost one character to max level and give them a little spending money.

Hit the expansion’s page for more on everything.


  1. zerosociety says:

    I abandoned GW2 after launch and generally have little time for the never-ending Skinner box of MMOs, but have surprisingly found myself re-invested in GW2 and loving it. Still haven’t even made it the last expansion content, much less the new one, but something about it is clicking for me. May have even become a little misty when an NPC went to the big NPC farm in the sky.

    • Flopper says:

      I bought Heart of Thorns but probably only invested about 30 hours into it total. Compared to the almost 3,000 hours I had in vanilla GW2.

      I didn’t even know Path of Fire was being made until today. I picked it up and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. The variety of events and content to participate in is insane even for a game that already had a ton of variety. I probably won’t play anything but this all weekend.

    • 7vincent7black7 says:

      I abandoned Guild Wars 2 after completing vanilla GW2 with my level 80 necro. Back when GW2 dropped, I heard about the game from other fellow members of InsideTwoWorlds, a now deprecated website of fellow “hardcore” gamers. They convinced me to buy the game because they had loved the first one, and I wanted to see what it was about.

      When the two major Christian gamer guilds Saints of Lions Arch, and Lions of Juda joined in an Alliance, I joined SoLA, and that became the first guild I had ever joined before, ever. SoLA became my home and family while I played hte game. Any time I was in game, I was mostly solo’ing the main quest content, or burning myself out trying to play all the races and classes at once, before settling on the Necromancer. Yet, there was always someone online who I could chat with, ask questions with, or invite to group with for MQ bosses, public events, and eventually, Fractals. After I dinged 80 on my Wells Necro, I tried to level anotehr character, but I never got as invested in the second one, though I loved my GS…psychic?…’s laser attack. It was so ridiculous that it was amazing. Long story short, I eventually got burned out trying to actually become a “rich” player wiht all these online schemes for making money in the game, but I lacked hte drive to work for it.

      I left the game for awhile, but came back a few weeks later to learn that SoLA and LoJ were dissolving their alliance. A few days later, I was in-game when SoLA mistook me for a member of the other guild, and booted me out, leaving me in an alien guild I had never really even talked to. I tried to make myself at home there, but I didn’t know any of them, and there were no bonds or chemistry between me and the others. All my other friends were busy running fractals and whatnot in that other guild that hadn’t even rememebered that I’d run countless missions with them for the past year. I left Lions of Judah, eventually the game entirely, and I never looked back.

      I could download GW2 again, but it would be a hollow experience without a guild of fellow gamers to call my friends. I thought that’s what I’d had the last time, but Lucius Valaerian had been little more than an after thought to them then, and I doubt the experience would be any different now. I think I’ll stick to my singleplayer games.

  2. Carra says:

    That’s one silly trailer. That villain reminds of Zelda from the Power Rangers. Not so scary.

  3. racccoon says:

    I’m sorry for this, I’ve paid my one off fee as love the initial game concept of guildwars, but, I am not buying any DLC’s as it not within their policy.
    They should of made Guildwars 3, on that note…no more money from me until that day.

    • Flopper says:

      The original GW had multiple expansions… It’s exactly within their policy. “No monthly fee. Only paid expansions.”

  4. Premium User Badge

    Grizzly says:

    Obligatory reminder that there’s a lovely RPS Guild Wars 2 Guild in the RPS community Discord, over at

  5. falcon2001 says:

    GW2 has always been a game I appreciate for existing, but really dislike playing. Horizontal progression as opposed to vertical produces an endgame full of equally grindy, equally meaningless things to do. On top of that, dungeons are atrocious. “We got rid of the holy trinity!” “Oh, awesome, what did you do to replace the organization that brings to dungeon runs?” “Or…organ…what word is that, I don’t recognize it.” The ongoing story events being temporary, pay-cash-if-you-miss-them events is also a pretty big turnoff.

    For all it’s faults though, I can appreciate a game that didn’t just do the WoW clone thing, and parts of it are quite great. It’s all good enough I might even think about going back someday…but then I remember how boring parts of it are and I don’t want to anymore.

    • Neutrino says:

      I gave this a shot a year or two ago after it went free to play. Liked the more realistic graphics than WOW, got to the first village after the opening scene and the first 50 or so people I saw we all exact copies of the exact same 5 or 6 character models, even with the exact same clothes and everything.

      I couldn’t believe it. Wanted to go on the forum to check whether it was a bug or something only to find that you needed a subscription to access the official forums.

      Uninstalled that day.

      I hope it’s better now because it looked like it had potential, but really amateurish mistakes in the first 5 minutes are hard to recover from.

      • DerMitDemBlunt says:

        What u experienced is called an option “standart enemy model” which shows every profession with a certain armor and weapon set. Its for weaker pcs to not experience fps drops when in bigger groups so it sets all players of a class to a standart set. So you could have simply disabled that option in the options menu.

        The forum is also accessable for every player you just need to use your ingame login to login to the forums (f2p players as well).
        And if that doesnt work there is always the very active subreddit for gw2 if you have questions.