Attack On Titan 2 will indeed swing onto PC

What if Spider-Man had a jetpack, even more angst, and two giant Stanley knives to hack at the necks of his foes? Well, it’d either be a return to the xXxtreme ’90s spirit for Marvel Comics, or more Attack On Titan. Koei Tecmo today confirmed that Attack On Titan 2 [official site], the sequel to their 2016 swing-o-slasher, will indeed be released on PC. This isn’t a surprise but the open question is now closed. They didn’t state platforms when they announced the game in August, see. But yup, we will again get to launch ourselves into the air to cut down terrifying man-eating babygiants with dopey grins and far too many teeth.

Attack On Titan 2 will continue into events from the second season of the anime (which is itself based on a manga series). Tecmo Koei say it “introduces the newly improved omni-directional mobility gear offering advanced freedom of movement and targeting precision to counter enhanced Titan movements.” Better swinging and stabbing? I’m in.

Our Graham really quite liked the first game, writing in his Attack On Titan review:

“In one mission, I’m on one side of the level and see a green exclamation mark appear on the minimap, indicating that one of the other characters from the show is having difficulty somewhere else in the city and needs help. A couple of taps and I’m in the air and swinging in their direction, vaulting over buildings to travel as the crow flies. Once I’m within range I can see the titans this ambient side mission requires me to take down, and I target and grapple on to one of them immediately. I dash to reel myself in, building speed for a stronger strike, and swing my swords when I’m close enough to slice off one of the titans legs. It tumbles, crashing through a building – most of which are destructible – in the process. Before the titan can get up and start trying to limp-shuffle toward me, I attack to its weak spot at the nape of his neck and land a killing blow.

“This has all happened without me touching the ground. I complete the entire objective like this, taking down two more titans before swinging off towards the next green exclamation mark.”

Attack On Titan 2 was expected in early 2018, last we heard. Koei Tecmo say they’ll announce more about the game and its launch “in the coming weeks.”


  1. Mungrul says:

    The price rarely dipped below ridiculous for the first one, and they never addressed the need for resolutions higher than 1920×1080, so I stayed away. Maybe the release of the second will see a decrease in cost for the first?

    • frightlever says:

      It’s Koei – their PC ports are junk and they rarely drop the price, consequently they sell in the tens of thousands on Steam, compared to about ten to thirty times that on console.

      Case in point, AoT on Steam has about 95k sales, and that’s a high profile game.

      • Nucas says:

        i don’t really think it has a “profile” beyond anime enthusiasts.

        • Soyweiser says:

          While being not an anime enthusiasts myself who did like Attack on titan, I can confirm it has a profile outside of the anime enthusiasts. Probably even a high profile, due to the silly premise.

  2. SebfromMTL says:

    Same here, had it in my wishlist for a long time and it never dipped below 50$ CAD so never bought it. Hope they drop the price at some point