EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone blasts off, making VR optional

If you fancied hopping into the cockpit of a spacefighter and shooting spaceships while Starbucks off the telly bosses you around but you didn’t own the cybergoggles necessary to play EVE: Valkyrie, good news: VR is now optional in the EVE Online spin-off. Developers CCP last night launched EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone [official site], a rebranding and update which gave the first-person dogfighter support for regular screens and whacked in new maps and modes too.

The arcade-y space shooter does have a splash of singleplayer, with Katee ‘Starbucks’ Sackhoff out Buck Rogers as your spaceboss, but its focus certainly is multiplayer.

Modes range from team deathmatch to assaulting or defending capital ships, and the Warzone update brings a new capture-the-flag mode along with two new maps. New ships, new weapons, and a revamped ship progression system are in too.

Valkyrie supports PC-PlayStation 4 cross-platform play, as well as pitting jacked-in cyberspacers against flatscreeners. Some players are reporting that the new keyboard and mouse controls are more frustrating than the gamepad controls the game was built for, mind. Best pull out your pads.

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone is £24.99/€29.99/$29.99 on Steam. That’s $10 cheaper than it was before. Warzone comes as a free upgrade to people who owned Valkyrie.

CCP spoke to us earlier this year about their long-term plans for VR.


  1. Splyce says:

    Two very interesting developments here. While the KB+M vs. controller debate/disparity has existed for a long time, if this is a crossplatform game designed around the console control primarily I am interested to see how effective that setup is, and if there would be interest in copying that model for puture cross platform games. As a PC-via-TV gamer, my trusty Steam Controller is basically my hook into every single game I play nowadays, I could get behind this. Also, it definitely shows that Sony can do cross-platform, as long as that platform isn’t Xbox. And, while KB+M/controller gamers have been pitted against each other, I’m interested to see if VR vs. monitor comes with any advantage to one side or the other, which might add another wrinkle into future cross-platform, cross-visualization scheme games. Can generally count on CCP to come out with something that pushes some limits, now if only that hadn’t punted on the World of Darkness game they had planned so long ago, and could make something not focused on EvE.

    • milligna says:

      VR has an obvious advantage: you can track targets with your head. It’s also the only reason this game is remotely compelling for an hour or two.