Humble adds Limbo, Gone Home, Shadowrun Returns, and more to its Trove line up

Humble Trove September 2017

For those who don’t know, Humble offers a subscription service, appropriately titled ‘Humble Monthly’. For $12 / £10 a month, you get access to a stack of Steam keys each month. The collection of games are only unveiled at the end of each month (save for one early unlock), but are usually valued at around $175, which ain’t too shabby. The Humble Trove is a nice added bonus that subscribers to the service have access to, adding a batch of DRM-free titles to the set of games given out each month.

The trove is static, meaning that while the Monthly games shuffle in and out, Monthly subscribers have access to the Trove games as long as they remain paying subscribers. Of course, the Trove games are DRM-free, so you could theoretically download them all and save them somewhere. This week, Humble has added a brand new batch of games to the existing list of Trove titles including Gone Home, Teslagrad, Shadowrun Returns, Limbo, and more.

Worth noting, also, that you can cancel your Humble Monthly subscription at any time, so if you just fancy trying it out for just one month, you can do that.


  1. Dogshevik says:

    Never paid much attention to these Humble topics in general, but by now I wonder:
    Do we really need a daily update on what and how exactly valve wants to sell stuff?

    • Gothnak says:

      If you click the link, you’ll see that the http address has ‘partner=Rockpapershotgun’ at the top.

      Although maybe it is overkill this week and a little secret, i’d rather the site made their money from suggesting genuinely good deals to us and taking a small cut, than from more unpleasant forms of advertising.

    • fredtoy says:

      Humble and Valve are unrelated. The only connection is that many times Humble provides you games as Steam keys. Many times there is also a DRM free option. The Trove games are DRM free only.

      • Premium User Badge

        Drib says:

        All game companies are the same, they’re trying to make sales, HELP POLICE

        • Dogshevik says:

          This wasn´t meant to question the merits of this particular or any other sale for that matter. I questioned the placement and esp. the frequency of this on this website.
          Let me save you valuable pixels by agreeing preemptively with your next constructive remark. Yes, we are all aware websites like RPS do have to make money too. Thank you for pointing that out. I would still like to express that in my eyes every day is a tad bit much.

          • fish99 says:

            There isn’t a story about Humble Bundle every day, there’s maybe 3 per month, and Humble Bundle have no connection with Valve.

          • Dogshevik says:

            25th Sep “Nemesis Bundle 3 live on Bundle Stars…”
            26th Sep “Humble’s got a Very Positive…”
            27th Sep This one here.

          • phlebas says:

            Bundle Stars isn’t Humble. But you can add yesterday’s Getting Over It post to the list if you’re really feeling cynical, given it’s launching in the Humble Monthly.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    Theory, nothing – I have all the trove games downloaded (except the ones I already have on Steam/GOG) and it’s a fantastic additional value. A number of gems there.

  3. cheesysmell says:

    Valve get nothing from Humble. Reportedly developers also get a better cut from sales in the Humble Store, or at least that used to be the case.

    I think it’s positive that they get more exposure, since it creates competition for Steam. The deals are pretty good, too. It’s also no secret that RPS get money from referrals—it’s noted at the end of the article, even.

  4. Rince says:

    Last month Humble Monthly was a big disappointment for me. I thought that since the early unlock game wasn’t big deal, the other ones were gonna be something nice.
    I was very wrong. This month looks better, at least I would get Rise of Tomb Raider.

    • Fade2Gray says:

      Yep. I haven’t been terrible impressed for the last few months. At this point, I’m only holding on for Rise of Tomb Raider. If nothing else in this month’s bundle strikes my fancy, I’m calling it quits.

    • Gothnak says:

      I agree, i’ve not really tried any of them. :(.

      • phlebas says:

        Me neither – though I’d have been more excited about Tales Unknown if I hadn’t bought it a week or two earlier, and a couple of the others looked interesting if I had any time to play games at the moment.

        • phlebas says:

          I mean Stories Untold, of course. Really should finish my morning coffee before posting.

  5. Maade says:

    The thing with humble monthly is that if the “main game” is not interesting, I’m not going to pay for it, because I have over 600 games on STEAM already. Last few times I paid for it I usually got two or three new games, usually some that I’m not ever going to play.

    This Trove thing does seem interesting, only that I prefer to keep my games on GOG or STEAM for easy access..

    • cpt_freakout says:

      Having game installers feels weird now – that’s the extent to which Steam has redrawn the map over the past decade or so. I don’t have anything against it, it’s just strange to think that not too long ago I still bought DVDs and had a folder full of indie game installers.

      • Jalan says:

        Why have a folder full of installers when I can have a big .exe that just downloads all the installers from servers instead?

      • MajorLag says:

        That installers exist is kind of weird in the first place. Many operating systems of the past, and modern MacOS last I checked, just have applications self-contained in a directory you can just move and/or copy around with no installation necessary. Want to remove it? Just a simple delete will do. On Windows, “Portable Apps” are packaged that way, and naturally Linux has no less than 4* separate implementations of the same concept, not that Unix zealots would ever embrace such a thing. To me, this is the sanest way to handle applications because it is intuitive, lets you have multiple versions of the same product, and doesn’t pollute your system with files strewn hither and yon. It makes even more sense today, where the value of shared libraries is questionable at best.

        *(ROX AppDirs, Snap, Flatpak, and AppImage)

  6. montfalcon says:

    Oh, as a recent Humble Monthly subscriber, thank you! I did not know this was a thing. I don’t recall seeing them mention it anywhere on the monthly bundle purchase page. Maybe I was just being obtuse. Anyway, thanks again! Yet more games to download, install and then ever play. At least the cost was already sunk into this fallacy

    • phlebas says:

      It’s there, towards the bottom – it’s where the vaunted Humble Originals go, and now there’s a bunch of other cool stuff there too!