Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds studio becomes PUBG Corp. [updated]


Bluehole Ginno Games, the bit of Bluehole Studio behind the wildly successful FPS Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds [official site], is being expanded into a full-blown subsidiary named PUBG Corp. ‘PUBG’, I’ll explain for readers who might not catch the reference, is an obscure slang name for Plunkbat; its usage is mostly confirmed to several valleys in West Yorkshire. No prizes for guessing Ginno’s focus but exactly what PUBG Corp. will mean for Plunkbat isn’t yet clear.

“Given Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds global success, we want to ensure that we have the operational efficiency that is required to support the game globally,” PUBG Corp. CEO Chang Han Kim said in today’s announcement. “This new structure allows us to be nimble as we look towards the expansion of strategic business opportunities that include the game’s potential in the esports sector and the growth of PUBG as a true global IP franchise.”

Plunkbat’s first major official LAN tournament, at Gamescom in August, was a mixed bag, notably suffering as players used cheesy strategies that were a bit boring to watch and occasionally ludicrous. Bluehole celebrating the event with microtransaction cosmetic items — something they had said they wouldn’t add during early access — ruffled feathers too.

PUBG Corp. also plan to open Japanese and European office to to go along with their American arm.

Ginno were once an indepedent studio and did make Devilian before Plunkbat, so it is a bit weird that they’re naming themselves after a game which wasn’t even their idea (it being the gamebaby of Brendan ‘Playerunknown’ Greene). And as wildly popular as Plunkbat is (with over 13 million copies sold and peak concurrent player counts around 1.5 million), renaming yourself after a single game feels a bit grim.

What’s actually happening with Plunkbat these days? Well, this week’s little patch improves spectator mode with an “enhanced” breathing animation and better synchronisation between what you see and where your teamy is actually aiming.” A few other bits are tweaked too. The leaderboards will reset again on October 10th. First-person-only mode is coming to Squads on the Oceania servers in mid-October. First-person duos are coming to South & Central America and South East Asia too. Bluehole are still grumbling about Epic Games adding a Battle Royale mode to Fortnite. And dear god, please add that VW campervan soon along with the mythical bicycles.


  1. NetharSpinos says:

    PUBG? Pubger? Pewbgee? Poob’g?

    Ridiculous name.

    It’ll never catch on!

    • wykydtronik says:

      Everyone in the community call’s it “Pub-Gee”

      • Viral Frog says:

        I’ve gotten Plunkbat to catch on amongst my fellow gamers on our Discord channel. 50+ people now refer to it as Plunkbat there. In fact, the person who runs the server actually changed all the “PUBG” channels to “Plunkbat”, too!

        I’ve also come to find that some people call it “Pub-guh”. I don’t know why, but hearing “Pub-guh” irritates me beyond reason.

        • BoGy says:

          so it was the more popular pub-gee (pubg) first, then you renamed it to plunkbat, which i’ve only encountered on this site as everywhere else it’s called pubg.

          Also, this site concludes in the article that pubg is rarely used and that it’s obscure, although everywhere i go we always talk about pubg instead of plunkbat … also, every game in history that has gotten shortwriting (abbreviated) has only used the first letter… like nobody on this planet talks about costglof but says csgo, or tefo when talking about team fortress, or to take a 4 word-gametitle; deofthan when talking about dota.

          plunkbat is the RoPaSh (to stay in rps-style) way of saying; we are different… but as far as i can see, nobody is following suit…

          • Premium User Badge

            phuzz says:

            It’s a very UK-gaming-mag-of-the-early-90’s style of humour.

        • Flopper says:

          I get the urge to shower people’s faces in semen who call it Plunkbat.

  2. Turkey says:

    Seems kinda irresponsible to start working on this PUBG game while Plunkbat is still in early access. Especially since they’re already working with Epic on implementing a Battle Royale mode for Fortnite.

  3. SaintAn says:

    Sad they don’t realize their game is just a passing fad. Figured that’s why they were abusing their players with microtransactions, because they knew they only have a short time before everyone moves on.

    • Viral Frog says:

      Hardly a passing fad. It’s sold over 10 million copies and counting. Also, abusing customers with microtransactions? Their microtransactions are so far from abusive. They’re all cosmetic items that almost nobody wants. Hardly an abusive model at all.

    • robotslave says:

      Yeah, I’m not very good at it, either.

  4. Pogs says:

    I await the inevitable re brand and tie in the with Blizzard to have That should satisfy their marketing departments that they have reasons to exist and we can move along nothing to see here…

    • Pogs says:

      Plus of course opening up the opportunity for a totally new game where fighters, necromancers, the undead etc fight for supremacy in their local Dog and Duck.

      • robotslave says:

        What do you mean, “new?”

        I don’t know where you live, but the local in even a remote fishing village in this part of the world already has that, at least on weekends.

    • ZXDunny says:

      nononono., if you please.

  5. Bull0 says:

    Geez RPS stop trying to force Plunkbat on us, your cringe humour isn’t funny and all my favourite twitch streamers call it the unpronounceable PUBG. I mean gawd!!

    • Beefenstein says:

      Thank you for your comment. It is hard to speak for the silent majority.

      I myself find it terrifying that the writers on this site think that they can use language in a way which creates a unique environment unlike other gaming sites. This sickens me. If I wanted something different I’d be somewhere different: but if I’m here I want what I want. And what’s that? Things that I want. So if I do not want what this site gives me it should change.

    • Viroso says:

      The only reason I clicked this article was to see what joke RPS would make about the PUBG Plunkbat name.

      • Bull0 says:

        I mean I hate to do this but just to be clear it was sarcasm, I love RPS’s silly names (Codblops is a particular favourite)

        • nunka says:

          As far as I’m concerned, Codblops is the only acceptable name for that game?/franchise?/mega money machine?.

        • Viral Frog says:

          Everyone I know refers to Black Ops as Codblops. I don’t think that’s unique to RPS.

    • wykydtronik says:

      It really doesn’t make any sense, I guess it’s an EU humor thing?

      • jimmybones says:

        PLayerUNKnownBATtlegrounds. It’s really not so hard to understand.

        “Plunkbat” is what people with elan call the game.

        “PUBG” is a shibboleth for those who complain in comments sections about strangers not using their preferred nickname for a popular computer game.

      • Xipheas says:

        I didn’t know there was such a thing as ‘EU humour’!

  6. Samudaya says:

    Oh, dear! So much money! More than we will never need. More than we can ever spend. We need more! How can we dodge the greedy government taxation? Let’s just turn this into a corporation.

  7. Moragami says:

    PubGuh is awesum! Plunkbat sounds like something a lame kid would call his imaginary friend.

    • Premium User Badge

      Aerothorn says:

      And that lame kid is going to kill you in Plunkbat because his imaginary friend is spotting for him.

  8. cpt_freakout says:

    Should’ve been Plunkbat Enterprises

  9. Massenstein says:

    Never change, Alice.

  10. Don Reba says:

    Not sure if “pubage corp” is a step up or down from “blue hole”.

  11. ritual says:

    whats up with all the commies crying about people making money by providing 10 million people with a game they like to play. public education gotta love it

    • Chromatose says:

      Hey, thanks. I wasn’t sure about what the meaning of communism was, but I’m very glad to discover that it is in fact a vibrant and lively political movement based on being sad that Plunkbat is doing well financially! I am very glad to hear that Vladimir Lenin was there to hate on Plunkbat before it was cool.

  12. Crusoe says:

    What’s happening?
    Not optimisation, that’s for sure

  13. Je-Tze says:

    Oh RoPaSho. I see what you did there. How charmingly, Britishly, whitty.

    Note: I sound sarcastic, but I’m truly not. Your consistently silly insistence on Plunkbat really does make me chuckle.

    Other note: I just call it Battlegrounds Which is the real name of the game, and is nicer to speak than either PUBG or Plunkbat, even if it is one syllable longer. It just rolls better off the tongue. Text abbreviation is still PUBG obviously, but whether I’m reading PUBG or Plunkbat I still pronounce it Battlegrounds.

    • Don Reba says:

      I’m sorry, but this is not a position I can support.

    • Troubletcat says:

      The problem with that is that if somebody says Battlegrounds in a video-game context my first thought is Star Wars.

      • Je-Tze says:

        Hmm… I’m not familiar with a Star Wars battlegrounds. I only know of ”Battlefront”.

  14. teije says:

    “This new structure allows us to be nimble as we look towards the expansion of strategic business opportunities that include the game’s potential in the esports sector and the growth of PUBG as a true global IP franchise.”

    Impressive use of corporate buzzword babble-speak. Those Plunkbat kids are sure growing up fast.

  15. racccoon says:

    PUBG Corp..stupid! what they think!..they can now go on to rule the world. lol, tis why I call ’em Punkkybatty! as I don’t like ’em taking a name that uses me PUB in it!
    For me when I hearszz n’ seesszz pub in it, I can only think of….I’ll ‘ave a light n lager, a pack of smokey bacons, a rum & black, a snake bite, & rat bite for me mate! thx :)

  16. Cuchara says:

    Is this a joke? Pubg does not mean plunkbat. IT MEANS P<LAYER U<NKNOWNS B<ATTLEG<ROUNDS. Do you get it now?