Have You Played… HeroQuest?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time.

My dad adored D&D and its ilk, but never – to my knowledge – had anyone else to play it with. He devoured the Fighting Fantasy books, he played anything SSI released onto ST or PC, and every now and then he’d try to draw his kids into that world, however tangentially. One such attempt was HeroQuest, the table-top game that made the whole genre incredibly accessible. Meaning when it came out for PC, it was very exciting to me.

My dad was always DM, of course. My sister and I presumably flailing ineptly within his attempts to run a campaign. And truthfully, the only thing I strongly remember is the standing up cardboard doors.

Which, as it happens, is about all I can remember from the 1991 game, too. I remember how the tiled rooms felt so mystical, only showing the room you were presently in and the doors connecting, when I’d been used to the omnipotent eye most isometric games would offer. I also remember being uniquely terrible at it. But then, I was 13.

I am now filled with the strongest desire to find an original version of the pre-advanced version of the game, the one we had as kids, and try to master it for myself.


  1. RuySan says:

    Your screenshot is from the DOS version which isn’t nowhere near as good as the Amiga version (which had blissful music btw).

    I wrote about this game on my blog: (link to amigamemoirs.blogspot.pt)

    which shows how important it was to me. Unfortunately the board game was never released in my country. I wish i could have played with it back then.

    • John Walker says:

      I had the ST version, but you know, PC site…

      • TillyBarrett says:

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      • Marr says:

        The Amiga and ST both exist primarily as PC applications these days, so I’d say their software is on topic. You need just as much emulation to run the PC games from that era in any case.

  2. frymaster says:

    I had the Amstrad CPC version :D

    Also: link to youtube.com

  3. Cablenexus says:

    There is another HeroQuest game with lot’s of usermade scenario’s to download for free. It’ s old as well, but still works under Windows 10.

    link to members.quicknet.nl

    • icemann says:

      I used to frequent that site on a daily basis :).

      Loved the board game as a kid. I got every expansion I could find, besides the American ones as that worked with a different version of the game to the Australian / European version.

  4. vast_anusse103 says:

    Sadly Heroquest was the watered down version. But it was awesome. It sometimes makes me wish I hadn’t killed both of my parents with an axe. However, my friends and I still love it and the flower garden still grows faster than it should.

  5. Bing_oh says:

    Ah, you mean the game that caused Sierra On-Line to change the name of Hero’s Quest to Quest for Glory?

  6. Keios says:

    Obligatory link to the video detailing why HeroQuest is the best game ever-

  7. LennyLeonardo says:

    For me Hero Quest and Space Marine were two sides of a coin, and we’re my gateways to Warhammer and 40K. What a wonderful time to be a child. Search for secret doors and traps.

    • BertieDugger says:

      The version of Heroquest set in the 40k universe was “Space Crusade”.

      I still have both, and all the HeroQuest DLC, er I mean expansion packs, in a parent’s loft somewhere.

  8. poomanchu says:

    There are some great mods for Tabletop Simulator if you have some friends to play with. My buddies and I use Kagekaze’s mod, but Cebi’s mod is also nice now that the treasure deck is fixed.

  9. Fungaroo says:

    The tabletop version, still nearly complete with all the figures etc, is currently sitting in my parents house, 275 miles away. Brb ^_^

  10. vorador says:

    I still have the tabletop version. A few years ago i inventoried the box and it was complete, with some minor damage to a figure.

    Sadly my Space Hulk is in a far worse state.

  11. CelticPixel says:

    Took two years to convince my mum to buy Hero Quest (the board game) because she thought I’d lose all the pieces, then it turned out none of my friends were nerds, so no one wanted to play it. I looked through the box one last time when I was home recently, before my mum ebayed it, and read all the quests I’d drawn and written but never got to play with anyone. Still had all the pieces though.

  12. elaforge says:

    There was a 90s DOS game that looked similar, isometric, I think bluish floors. But you were some kind of apprentice wizard climbing up the bad guy wizard’s fortress, or something. Somewhat puzzle oriented, maybe involving big rolling balls and flame traps… occasional people to talk with… some trips to other dimensions which also turned out to be isometric… quite a bit of inventory tetris but with bags of holding…

    I spent quite a bit of time on it, but I never completed it and now I don’t even remember the name. It wasn’t “The Immortal,” but kind of in the same genre. Ring any bells out there? That screenshot suddenly brought it to mind.

  13. Sunjammer says:

    This and Space Hulk marked my board gaming upbringing <3 <3

  14. Neurotic says:

    Yeah, I had the Amiga version, and the board game. No idea what happened to it tbh, which is odd because I still have my original-flavour Talisman and DungeonQuest boxes too.

  15. Someoldguy says:

    I think I had this on the Atari ST for no-mates weekends but the boardgame version saw a lot more use.

  16. spathi says:

    Maybe someone can recall a similarly looking isometric game from the early 90s featuring a diver?

  17. FunnyB says:

    I’m suddenly reminded of this old youtube clip, posted by RPS:

  18. sonofsanta says:

    I loved this game so much I tried to copy my Amiga version from its DD floppy to a HD floppy for a friend’s PC, assuming it would all somehow magically work. Such a foolish child! Obviously the two identical-looking forms of plastic were completely incompatible. (As, er, were the OS’s. I was 11. I didn’t understand yet.)

    That music, though. The intro on the Amiga is *glorious*.

  19. urbanraccoon says:

    Wow massive nostalgia attack! Same thing, playing when i was too young to be good and my malevolent brother behind the cardboard wall…
    I was just thinking about this game after listening to D&D on Harmontown, and was like “Oh, so HeroQuest was just D&D lite, I was a nerd even sooner than I realized”