Souls-like samurai RPG Nioh coming to PC in November

My PS4 is basically a machine for playing off-brand Dark Souls games*. The best of them is Bloodborne, which is a goth-horror masterpiece that came out of the studio that created Souls, From Software. I dearly hope to see it on PC one day. The other is not a From original but rather something of a Fromage. Its name is Nioh [official site] and it’s a splendid hack, slash and shoot ’em up that takes the Souls formula of learning and advancing through repetition, and throws in ludicrous amounts of randomly generated loot and gorgeously horrific nightmares plucked from Japanese folklore. I adore it, so news that it is coming to Steam next month is extremely pleasing.

The PC release will be a Complete Edition, with three chunks of DLC included. I haven’t touched the DLC but the base game took me nearly a hundred hours to complete, though that is because I am a) rubbish and b) a completionist. Nioh is not a game that anyone can really complete though given how many variations of missions appear, and how the loot system encourages replay after replay to find that one sweet helmet that will really make your outfit hang together.

In my head, it’s an honorary Souls game and it’s my third favourite of the bunch, right after Dark Souls 1 and Bloodborne. That’s partly thanks to the loot system offering something different, and providing great opportunities for costume design, but also because the setting allows for some really gorgeous and grotesque creatures and locations. The combat has a couple of tweaks that make it feel just that little bit quicker. Button-mashing is still going to get you killed, but there’s a tactical twitchiness to it. Great boss battles too.

On the PC version publishers Koei Tecmo have this to say:

“The digital-only PC release boasts stunning high-resolution graphics over two modes as Nioh: Complete Edition can be enjoyed either on ‘Action Mode’, featuring a stable 60fps, or on ‘Movie Mode’, a cinematic option that can expand the display resolution to 4K. These new enhanced graphical modes bring the dark and beautiful world of Nioh to life like never before.”

Nioh is coming to Steam on November 7th. It’ll almost certainly end up as a late entry into my top ten of the year unless something goes horribly wrong with the port.

* also baseball


  1. Nacery says:

    So the game only has two graphic modes (that were already available in PS4 pro so it’s nothing new exclusively made for PC). Does this means that there isn’t a proper graphic settings screen? Well, someone please activate the shoddy port alarm.

    • Pich says:

      It’s Koei Tecmo, the shoddy port alarm is permanently on and someone snapped off the button

  2. Walsh says:

    The beginning of this game is just awful. Samey environment, samey enemies, it didn’t grab me at all at first.

  3. Chromatose says:

    Guessing Durante will have a patch out for this approximately 0.00000001 seconds after the game launches.

  4. Rince says:

    I don’t particularly like the main character.
    And I don’t like either the hard for the sake of being hard games.

    So, I guess that I’m gonna pass this one.

  5. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    History Respawned just did a video on this game talking about how contemporary Japanese media adapt and reinterpret their own folklore. Interesting stuff.

  6. killias2 says:

    For those who haven’t played Nioh, some heads up on different progressions that take place throughout the game:
    1. At first the game is CRUSHINGLY hard. However, by the end of the vanilla campaign (i.e. – not NG+), the game will be considerably easier.
    2. At first the game is very Soulslike, with a focus on being careful in combat and dispatching single enemies. By the end… you’ll be blasting enemies with magic and abilities with relative ease. I’ve heard it joked “It starts as Dark Souls becomes a modern Ninja Gaiden and ends as a Dynasty Warriors experience,” and that’s not far from true.
    3. Early on, the attention to detail and enemy variety is a major plus. Very quickly though.. the locations and enemies start to repeat and become pretty same-y. It’s not a disastrous problem, but it’s FAR from a From game in that respective, as From really take level design and enemy variety very seriously.

    • Mister_Donut says:

      “I’ve heard it joked “It starts as Dark Souls becomes a modern Ninja Gaiden and ends as a Dynasty Warriors experience,” and that’s not far from true.”

      Yeah, I’m cool with that.

  7. Nolenthar says:

    Looks like a bad port, but a port nonetheless I guess. The more comes to PC the more the platform becomes (I mean it already is, but some crazy devs still need convincing) a huge source of money for those used to only deal with plebs and peasants from consoleland.

    • jeremyalexander says:

      As a PC gamer my entire life going back to the early 80’s, your attitude makes me sick. Calling people plebs is awful. You know why the PC market is ignored and we get crummy ports? Because we don’t like to spend money and many PC gamers pirate games. People complained even about Morrowind being held back to get on the Xbox, and still complained up until Skyrim. Here’s the problem, champ, only 14% of Skyrim’s sales came on the PC, and that was before the console oriented Special Edition which we got for free and the upcoming Switch and VR versions. If your such an elite guy then you must have the brain cells to know that the smallest share of a market is going to get the least attention, so what are you whining about? If you don’t want the game, don’t buy it.

  8. int says:

    Oh Nioh my
    Oh Nioh my

  9. Pliqu3011 says:

    Fromage is such a great pun it made me dig up my login details to post this.

    • SkiddyDave says:

      I scrolled through the comments specifically to find someone else who appreciated it as much as I did.

  10. Maxheadroom says:

    I’ve finished all the Soul-borne games (which is saying a lot given my age and limited free time), but I just don’t get on with any of Souls-like games at all, this included.

    Problem I had with this one was the loot system. When every single trash mob showers you in weapons and armor, keeping on top of it becomes unwieldy very quickly.
    Add to that all the crafting and modding and the fact that lots of the sets have the same name but different qualities and stats I just found myself drowning in it and lost interest

    • noom says:

      I loved Nioh but the crafting/loot system was the absolute worst aspect for me. It’s one of those games where you have to stop every few missions in order to waste time keeping house by deciding what to sell/breakdown/upgrade. Fewer loot drops and the total removal of the crafting system would only improve the experience of playing imo.

      Whining about that aside, it really is a hugely enjoyable game and more people should buy it.

    • wcq says:

      Absolutely. The equipment system is so “enjoyable” that I refer to dealing with it as “taking out the trash”. Do a few missions, take out the trash (equip the best gear and dump the rest), repeat.

      I have to say, the story is a close second in the “least enjoyable part of the game” race. It’s mostly not there, and when it is, I find myself wishing it wasn’t.

      All of that said, Nioh is still a good game, since the combat is very good indeed. It’s just not a great game.

    • LacSlyer says:

      That’s interesting to me because it’s what really intrigued me with this game, and more so now that I’ve gotten past the first play through.

      The way the game is designed, you’re supposed to go through the game 3 times in order to experience all the content. This game has so much to do after beating it the first time that you can easily spend 100 hours before really getting anywhere. It’s much more Diablo focused in terms of loot, but once you get used to it and understand the efficient methods for obtaining the best loot and what to do with all the crap it becomes quite enjoyable. I do agree though that one thing the game really could use is something a lot of new ARPGs have with loot filtering, allowing you to filter out lower quality items that you don’t care about.

  11. BaronKreight says:

    This is fking amazing news! I didn’t expect that to happen. Let’s hope Bloddborne is next.

    • Splyce says:

      From what I’ve heard from those more knowledgeable in the console-exclusive arena, this was a Team Ninja game, published by KOEITecmo, with what was likely a 9-month secret PS exclusive deal. Given the KOEI has been faithfully porting their games to PC for some time now, and has been generally well received, it seems they were just waiting out the Sony embargo, and this port was a foregone conclusion.

      Bloodborne, however, is FROM Software developed, but Sony published, meaning there is no need for an exclusivity agreement, and they do not publish for PC, relying on their in house publications to move console units. I wouldn’t hold your breath that Bloodborne will ever touch another platform, unless it comes out on the PSNow service for PC.

      • BaronKreight says:

        Sure man whatever. There’s still hope those higher up in suits decide in our favour.

        • Splyce says:

          There is a first time for everything, I guess. About as likely as getting a PC port of Mario Odyssey or Splatoon at the same time. The console wars affect PC markets negatively, as they always have. Hopefully the Nioh port is spot on and the sales are high enough to tempt these massive companies into the arena.

  12. Tempus Fugit says:

    “SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 100 GB available space”

    Great googly-moogly.

    • Ghostwise says:

      Unsurprising to anybody who ever handled hi-res textures, though.

  13. Bobtree says:

    This is great news, and one less reason to want a PS4. Lets hope the port is good.

  14. annoyingpotato says:

    “but rather something of a Fromage”

    Just came here to say that I loved this. It’s… almost cheesy.

  15. Procrastination Giant says:

    Well, that’s a nice surprise. Though unless the port is mindbogglingly stellar (and chances are it isn’t) it is fairly unlikely that I end up buying this one, since I already own a copy on my Bloodbornepersonastation.

    But yeah, Nioh is an odd duck… I really rather enjoyed my time with it and absolutely adore some of its peculiarities, but I’d actually hesitate to call it a souls-like for various reasons. I’d actually caution souls-enthusiasts to temper their expectations and really look into what the game IS and ISN’T beforehand.

    The gameplay is certainly somewhat Bloodborne-esque and its approach to bosses and character progression is most definitely heavily FROM-influenced (though it’s… not quite as refined when it comes to boss difficulty. I’m not a huge fan of some of Nioh’s bosses and its completely bizarre difficulty curve… Hino-Enma can go fuck herself.), but that’s pretty much where the major similarities end. It completely lacks a couple of aspects that I consider to be fairly fundamental parts of the souls “genre”, most important of which are the world and level design and overall feeling of gravitas.

    Since all the levels are simply self-contained missions that you start from an impersonal 2d map and since all the stash-and-character-tinkering in between missions happens in a fairly bland menu it all quickly ends up feeling a bit jumbled and inconsequential. It’s all short-form, arcady content that constantly gets remixed and reused instead of Dark Souls’ Metroidvania-esque grandeur.

  16. racccoon says:

    If it goes to Gog It’ll be fine for me.