Dual Universe pre-alpha trailer swoops into view


When Brendan last took a look at Dual Universe [official site], the sandbox civilisation-building MMORPG was populated only by robots. That’s all changed with the launch of the pre-alpha for people who’ve already backed the game, with the new trailer featuring honest to goodness real life humans running around Dual Universe’s ambitious sci-fi world. If you’re a fan of swooping spaceship panoramas and tingly sci-fi music, then click on through.

Dual Universe is attempting to create an EVE style world of player-driven political shenanigans. We still don’t know much about what systems are going to be in place to actually foster that kind of environment, but Jean-Christophe Baillie, the CEO of Novaquark, had this to say about the pre-alpha.

“Following up our recent global $7.4M mark in fundraising, this public Pre-Alpha milestone is very important to us and our community. Our proprietary CSSC (Continuous Single-Shard Cluster) and voxel engine technologies are now benchmarked for the first time with real players and not just bots.

“It is truly amazing to think that when you see a moon in the sky, it’s actually there, you can fly to it with a proper spaceship. And you could carve out half of it, given enough time, as the world is entirely editable. Everyone will see it. This kind of giant continuous world experience has never been seen before in gaming. We can’t wait to see what people are going to build over the next weeks.”

The single-shard stuff he’s talking about refers to how the game places every player on the same server. It won’t be the first MMO to do that, and Brendan’s piece looked at other games chasing that dream too, though it’s true that nothing so far has attempted the level of destructibility/craftability that Dual Universe is aiming for.

A bit of that is on display in this trailer from E3 2016, though it’s just spaceship construction rather than the vast terrain altering stuff Baillie is talking about above.

For a more detailed look at how the construction system works, check out this video.

Those who backed the game on kickstarter are now larking about in the pre-alpha, showing development is successfully ticking along for a game that might one day be the only thing you want to play.

Novaquark are hoping to start the beta phase in the early half of next year, and are aiming for a full release by the end of 2018.


  1. Stevostin says:

    The art direction will be that game’s demise unless they pull a “borderland” restyling move. You can have bland, you can have low Q rendering, but both at the same time is too much. When you see this you realise how much credit the AD in NMS deserve in comparison.

  2. Moonracer says:

    Looks a lot like Empyrion, which is not bad. Those are some impressive goals. I hope it turns out well.

  3. Artist says:

    Dual Universe is a blinder! No current tech no this world can make possible what they want to achieve. Voxels, custom build everything, networked, many players – see the swarm of red lights here!

    • RobinOttens says:

      Actually, the voxel generated customisable worlds look a lot like what this guy was doing with his VoxelFarm stuff a few years ago; link to procworld.blogspot.nl

      Wouldn’t surprise me if this game was built on his tech. The online aspects I don’t know about, but since that recent Everquest Landmark thing used the same tech it should be possible?

      That pre alpha footage sure looks pre alpha though… No amount of exciting sci fi music can make that footage look appealing. They still have a loooooong way to go to make a fun game out of this.

  4. racccoon says:

    I think it was a copy catty of others already done a while back. It now looks like its gathering its own step and getting over its first hurdles by trying new things, it does now look very promising.
    The idea of seeing these games coming to release so often today should embarrass one game..
    Star citizen, the taker & taken, undeliverables of nothing, the un-kept promise’r! a target of 300k to finish. Begging bowls became their thing & they just kept begging! Now Over 100 million dollar begged in free cash for wasting time & uncompleted! A law should be in place by now to stop companies like Star Citizen.
    Star Citizen is truly “THE” embarrassment to begging bowl gaming.

    Good on this game for trying & achieving some things new, so good luck to it.

    • ChrisT1981 says:

      I do not get where all this hate for Star Citizen comes from really. They are making quite the progress. The core mechanics being done and wrapped isn’t far off and after that it is just a matter of content creation.

      And as far as “These games coming to release” goes. The only game out there comparable in scope and fidelity is Elite Dangerous and they have simply achieved that by taking a modular route. Instead of trying to release the full package fully polished. And they asked full Price for each new finished module, whereas spending more money on SC is fully optional beyond the Point of getting a package that guarantees access to the game when it’s done.

      • DodgyG33za says:

        I think you meant to say ‘if’ it’s done. There are no guarantees that the finished product will ever be released.

        Each week I get a detailed update on SC. This weeks started with “the road to Evocati release grew closer and closer this week”. I have no idea what this means. They keep releasing bits of the game but what they lack is a clear release date and milestones to get there. AND they still keep selling additional content. Is it too much to ask them to finish the game before you distract your team with DLC. It’s not as if they don’t have the bloody funding for it.

        Personally I prefer E:Ds approach.

        • ChrisT1981 says:

          Well they keep selling ships. Which are not exactly DLC. They had always planned a vast amount of different ships and when the game is released you will be able to get any of those ships by playing the game.

          As far as a release date goes: If I recall correctly they have been up front ever since the initial backing campaign went far better than expected, that the release would be “when it’s done” because the scope became a lot bigger.

          And any date they stated within the first 3 years they had to shift back anyways. People can moan about having no date as much as they want, but at this point it won’t change a thing about how CIG operates. Because the plain facts are that they still get between 1 and 4 million dollars of additional funding each month, while they backer base does not vastly grow. That to me speaks a clear language of the majority of the playerbase being absolutely fine with how things are done.

          I myself tired and bored out of following development closely about 2 years ago. I watch their yearly gamescom and citizencon shows. But I don’t have any doubt that they will eventually release a finished product. I strongly suspect them to release the single player part VERY soon, because they have been awefully quiet about that for the last 9 months. Didn’t even mention it on the gamescom show. Maybe they even announce it during citizencon.

  5. mukuste says:

    “We can’t wait to see what people are going to build over the next weeks.”

    Dicks. Lots and lots of dicks.

    Want to see that magnificent moon reshaped into penis form? Done.

  6. Bombuzal says:

    I am reminded of Limit Theory again. Does anyone even still care about that? I’d like not to but cannot help myself.