Hand of Fate 2 deals delights and disasters in November

“I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW,” Alec shouted in his Hand of Fate review, proper riled by its personification of procedural generation. He is the Dealer, and it’s his gnarled hand laying out our hardships in the action-RPG. All locations, enemies, items, battles, and decisions of an adventure are represented by cards he deals from a deck, see, and he’s a right smug git about it. Well, we’ll soon be cursing him again, as developers Defiant Development today announced that Hand of Fate 2 [official site] will launch on November 7th.

Hand of Fate is, at heart, the combination of an adventure card game and an action game with basic Batman: Arkham-style brawling. Cards determine where we go, who we face, and what we find, then we slip into third-person action to dole out beatings. But the conceit of the Dealer papers is so wonderful, a masked face and a smug voice turning a random number generator into an arch rival. At least you get to give him a right drubbing at the end.

He’s back in the sequel, seeking revenge on the hero who toppled him – and has turned out to be a wrong’un themself. This time, players will face new enemies, have new companions fight at their side, use new fighting styles, and generally fight a lot of monsters and baddies as they collect cards and build decks. Expanding the real-time combat does sound good, as it was fairly simple in the first. And I’m sure the Dealer has a few more tricks up his sleeve.

Hand of Fate 2 is due on November 7th, priced at $29.99/€24.99.


  1. caff says:

    Very much looking forward to this. I’m hopeful the combat is better this time around.

    • Ghostwise says:

      I find the combat to be fine when playing in short spurts, but I can see how it’d get repetitive otherwise.

    • morganjj says:

      Obviously we’re biased, but the combat has been completely overhauled, and it’s definitely a huge step up from HoF1. We’ll be putting up a bunch more gameplay footage over the next couple of weeks, so you’ll get a chance to check it out. Everything in the trailer is actual gameplay, so there’s some indication of the rhythm of the new stuff and scale of enemies.

      • caff says:

        Hey there, I’m guessing you’re one of the devs ;)

        The card game itself was always the core that drew me back into HoF so even if it were worse in the sequel I still would’ve bought the game! But pleased to know it is improved.

      • Xzi says:

        It’s looking fantastic, keep up the great work!

    • CitizenX3639 says:

      Yea, only problem with the first game was combat. Loved the first game a lot.

  2. Baines says:

    One person’s “basic Batman: Arkham-style brawling” is another person’s “poorly copied Batman: Arkham-style brawling.” The combat sections of Hand of Fate were one of the game’s two weakest things.

  3. Lily Fox says:

    Your hero can be a woman (essential), and looks like customisable to some extent (nice to have)? Tick and tick, that’s all I needed to know.

    Also holy heck apparently it’s been 5, 6 years since I logged in here!

  4. geldonyetich says:

    Hand of Fate was an underrated game, I am happy to hear it’s getting a sequel. Though I mirror earlier sentiment that the combat in the first game was kludgier than was ideal.

    • Ghostwise says:

      How to manage/build your deck could also stand to be better explained. It’s rather opaque in the first game. Less so if you have experience with other deck-building games, I guess, but I haven’t played one in yonks.

    • Crafter says:

      I loved the idea of the deck for building your character and events but was less of a fan of the successions of events where you basically had to be lucky several times in order to pick the right cards

  5. racccoon says:

    This has just given me a great idea for a new simple never before seen game! :)

  6. Alien426 says:

    “Hand Of Fate” will always mean Kyrandia 2 to me.

    “Faun… Faun… come in, Faun.”

  7. Red_Fox says:

    I hope the ending is better than the first one. Great game but the end after the torture/challenge the game puts you through wasn’t worth it.

    • morganjj says:

      You’re not wrong. The ending is too hard, given the boss battle takes about 40 minutes to get to and then if you fail you have to do the final challenge all over again.

      Sorry about that. We’ve hopefully made up for it with this one.

  8. Vacuity729 says:

    This may well be one of my only full-price purchases this year (Endless Space 2, and a couple of DLCs being the only others thus far).
    The original was great fun, though forced me to buy a controller. The combat was unspectacular in the original, so I’m happy that there’s been improvements made there. I actually never did complete the original; the last challenge (is it still a spoiler to talk about it after all these years?) proved too annoying after numerous tries. The game as a whole was excellent though!

    • Vacuity729 says:

      As one of the devs seems to be responding, can you tell us if Jeff van Dyck is doing the soundtrack again? I love the man’s work!

  9. Captain Narol says:

    I can’t help feeling such a game would be so much better with tactical turn-based combat, but that’s just my personal taste…

    • morganjj says:

      I guess our take on that is that there’s plenty of people making turn-based tactical games, and if that’s what people want to play they’ve got some really solid options in the genre.

      Not everyone wants an action/tabletop genre mash, but if they do we’re pretty much the only people making it. So hopefully we can give those people a really good time.