N64-y platformer throwback A Hat In Time is now out

hat in time

Hats are brilliant. I primarily use them to disguise my massive fivehead, for instance, but hats can also bless their wearers with amazing powers. At least they can in A Hat in Time [official site], Gears for Breakfast’s crowdfunded N64-style collectathon platformer. Hats that blow stuff up, hats that let you gaze into other dimensions — is there anything they can’t do? A Hat in Time is out now.

In A Hat in Time, you’ll control Hat Kid, a wee spacefaring girl whose journey comes to an unplanned stop when her fuel gets scattered across a planet. Gathering up all of that fuel again will require some hat magic, of course, as well as a liberal dose of climbing, clambering and jumping around.

The quest for fuel will send Hat Kid through seven areas, each with their own neat hooks. On the Owl Express, for example, Hat Kid will need to interrogate her fellow passengers to solve a murder, much like a tiny Poirot in a top hat. In another area, she becomes a band marshall. And in another, she’ll need to sneak through a studio run by birds.

During the Kickstarter, Gear for Breakfast added a co-op stretch goal, which was surpassed, and in June last year announced that the game would launch with co-op. Unfortunately, it hasn’t. According to the developer, it will be added in a post-release update. It has launched with full modding support, however, which is a nice surprise.

Here’s what you’ll be able to mod:

-Full level editor
-Full script access
-Full Steam Workshop support
-Add a hat
-Add two hats
-Add a lot of hats
-Add new chapters
-Add new enemies
-Make a game inside a game
-Make a game inside a game, that is inside a game

So pretty much everything.

A Hat in Time was one of the first seven games in Humble’s publishing portfolio in February as it launched its plan to be more than just a shop. It’s available now from GOG, the Humble Store, and Steam for £22.99/€27.99/$29.99.


  1. takfar says:

    “Hats are brilliant. I primarily use them to disguise my massive fivehead, for instance”

    Don’t you need five hats for that, tho? How do you go about picking and matching them every morning? Or is that kind of a weekly schedule thing?


  2. Impermanent says:

    Very disappointed you aren’t mentioning the controversy over including white supremacist JonTron as a voice actor in this game.

    • Martin Hawkins says:

      Thank you. That had passed me by.

    • geldonyetich says:

      I’d say odds that Jontron is a white supremacist are lower than the odds you’re unable to tell the difference between what he said and that.

      Anyway, the reason why it was not mentioned was because they knew to keep politics off the gaming blog. Your dragging it back onto the blog was a bad move.

      • dog2 says:

        Very sorry to demean his intelligence. He’s not a WS, he’s just a very stupid man who gets taken in by open falsehoods and misstated statistics, and who clearly has little education concerning the latter. What would he do if he ever got called a WS, oh no.

        • geldonyetich says:

          You seem to be having arguments with things neither me nor JonTron said.

          • dog2 says:

            No, I am having a cogent, but mean point against both your statement (“there are meaningful differences between JonTron and WSs”) and your tone (“I am just so above it, I have to tell everyone how above it I am”). You are being above it, which I can respect, but doing so in a way that implies you know nothing about what’s being discussed and won’t go halfway, which I can’t.

            Like, you are being intentionally abrasive, dude. I could cotton to you disagreeing with Jontron being called a WS, sure, but you won’t even acknowledge the merit of the arguments for, or acknowledge it at all, even. You dismiss it, and hint very angrily that you disagree, but refuse to have the rather anodyne argument outright. It is rude. And I ask myself, why are you being rude, and all I get is that you’re doing this to get people clicking on your blog. And you won, I guess, because I’m reading it and I think it’s very interesting. Whatever.

          • geldonyetich says:

            @dog2 Oh, I was a little annoyed at the fact the comment decided to drag JonTron into it an straight up called him a white supremacist when he wasn’t, as it rankled of ridiculous drama addiction.

            Aside from that, though, most of the emotional ramifications you seem to be deriving from what I said are extrapolations. Just look how short my statement was. How could I have possibly been implying all of that?

            You greatly overestimate the written word’s capability to accuracy convey undertones. Where the written word falls short, your imagination has been filling in the vacuum. Stick to the literal interpretation of the words, that is the fact, not the fiction.

          • dog2 says:

            ‘Ramifications’ does not make sense in that sentence. Neither does ‘adopting’ nor ‘extrapolations’. Your sentences clank and clutter. Instead of adopting faux-academical English to appear more haughty, why not come down to Earth with the rest of us.

            I said your blog was very nice, and written really well. Why not talk about that instead of trying to diagnose strangers with ‘drama addiction’. Or, instead, why not discuss why exactly you feel JonTron is unfairly maligned. I have watched his videos and I am aware of where he sources his statistical information from. Either argument would be preferable to your, if I can be honest, really insufferable posturing and puffery (of JonTron).

          • geldonyetich says:

            I appreciate your honest opinion about how poorly-wrought my sentences are. In truth, my blog doesn’t get many visitors, at least if Google’s stats are telling the whole story, so perhaps this is why.

            I feel it is more honest to write from the heart, so I suppose my appalling tone will remain, thereby giving the world adequate warning of my haughtiness, or perhaps outright megalomania? Certainly a level of humanity well outside acceptable norms. I will never be popular, and I think I prefer that to being insincere.

            As for getting deeper into the JonTron controversy, the truth is I’m retired from Internet sophomorism. It is forever a battleground of eager young men looking to sharpen their wits and prove themselves by establishing someone is wrong on the Internet. However, after decades if such battles, I have come to a more important conclusion: virtually no one on the Internet is truly right enough to argue.

            I have only to watch a video if JonTron’s to know he’s not truly a racist. Such an occupation requires a greater level of ignorance than his cleverness exudes. That is the start and end of my argument, and I shall not go further, for I know such a battle is ultimately futile for all involved parties.

          • RabbitIslandHermit says:

            Boy, there’s some stiff competition in the most pretentious white supremacist of 2017 category but I’ll be damned if you aren’t making a hell of a run at it.

          • geldonyetich says:

            Really? Well, I am doing an amazing job considering I didn’t utter a single word against any race or creed and I’m already an obvious white supremacist to you.

            Ironically, this is the very definition of prejudice. Except instead of drawing false conclusions about me based off of the color my skin, you apparently are doing so because I don’t sound right to you? Not even audiably, but the tone of my words?!

            What a fascinating new demographic of discrimination you’ve discovered. Virtually no one is immune. You get the rope, I’ll find a tree, and we’ll see which lynching party hangs themselves first.

          • RabbitIslandHermit says:

            You defend one white supremacist and insist he’s not white supremacist and people start thinking you’re a white supremacist. What an injustice.

            Anti-racists are the real racists, a real classic. Keep it up, man.

          • geldonyetich says:

            You make the assertion that someone who expresses doubts that someone is something must be an example of that something themselves, and believe yourself to be the voice of justice and reason tearing down a haughty intellectual elite asshole?

            Sorry, dear fellow Internet denizen, I caught you. You can swallow that bitter pill or live on in ignorance, but be aware that ignorance is where discrimination lives.

            I’ve learned it doesn’t really matter what I say, though. People can and will live on in ignorance when you argue with them on the Internet. Because they can. Frankly, every time somebody actually agrees another fellow on the Internet has a point, I do a double take. Did I read that right? Someone is right on the Internet?! This virtually never happens!

          • RabbitIslandHermit says:

            I’m comfortable calling anyone who thinks assertions that minorities are less intelligent than whites and that the United States and European states should be white-dominated and white-run states aren’t white supremacist a white supremacist, yes.

            I assure you that I don’t see myself in this interaction as tearing down the intellectual elite. Pointlessly mocking whatever the UK-equivalent is to a freshman College Republican, yes. Or just a plain old College Republican, as the case may be.

          • geldonyetich says:

            Ah! So now I’m a member of the UK as well. No, I’m afraid I’m a west-coaster United States citizen, much to my shame with our current state of paranoid politics gone mad.

            That’s two strikes of you believing I was something I was not simply based off of how I sound. But I’ll be fair and say that I do write a bit like a UK citizen, chalk it up to too many hours on the Yogscast.

            I suppose technically it’s a third strike if you believe me a conservative as well. Nope, I’ve never voted red, and I don’t plan to start any time soon. Goodness, but your false prejudgements are piling up.

            In the entirety of what I have written here, the basis of my argument that JonTron is not a racist was simply that I do not believe anyone who can make videos as clever as his can be a proper racist, as it requires more ignorance. That is all I argued. As such, you cannot use anything JonTron might have said as an assertion that I an a white supremacist. So your talk of statistics and whatnot is more or less a desperate attempt to save face.

            But let me throw you a bone. I will go deeper into why I don’t think JonTron’s stance was truly racist than that so you have a legitimate front to attack me upon.

            1. I do not believe it is racism to make claims of general trends of characteristics found in races or creeds if you have adequate scientific facts to back it up. In fact, I believe unless you have counter-data to refute those facts (and I’m sure you do have those counter-facts because everything does) it’s more prejudice NOT to side with the facts. Because, as we seem to be coming back to, true prejudice requires ignorance, and ignorance works counter to the truth.

            2. JonTron does humor, and therefore most Twitter comment he may have made should have been taken with a grain of salt because chances are it was sarcasm that carried poorly in text form.

            So, technically speaking, I guess I do agree with at least part of his sentiment, at least when I don’t think he’s kidding. He made a very unpopular stance, but as long as we can’t determine it’s factually incorrect, it’s a fair one, and I think the stigma is justified. Though said stigma might be convenient for those who capitalize on ignorance to garner popularity, like irresponsible members of the media.

            I now leave the floor so you can tell everybody how right you are about how much of an ignorant white supremacist I am for finding science and context more important than the hurt feelings of individuals who might have been born into minorities.

          • RabbitIslandHermit says:

            You can’t be racist if you’re clever? Uh huh. That is some truly weak stuff, my man.

            There’s is no scientific basis for racism and your belief in it speaks volumes. I’m not going to walk you through the many, many reasons that is, if you’re not yet another full of shit alt-righter and are actually interested in learning about the subject I recommend reading any one of the dozens of articles and several books refuting The Bell Curve. Read Letters From Birmingham Jail while you’re at it, pay special attention to the section on white moderates.

            In the meantime, hurry along to your CSU Bakersfield Racial Realists club. Hopefully you grow out of this, and if you, kindly fuck off and let the rest of us live in peace.

          • geldonyetich says:

            I think what I literally wrote made plenty of allowances that false statistics can should be criticized. It is when the statistics are correct that I feel the enlightened would be wise to shed their cognitive bias.

            Seriously, your rapid tendency to label me as everything you hate is sickening. You have a bad habit. Knock it off.

            That said, I appreciate you’re attempting to alleviate your perceived ignorance in myself by providing educational material. Good! Educate the world, that’s the cure for ignorance.

            But here’s the thing: I go the library and I see plenty of reading material to support both perspectives. To tell me to go read a specific side that supports your point of view is telling me to go and get prejudiced correctly. How is that not becoming less enlightened?

            You know what perspective I only care about as pertains to this thread? The perspective where this is an adorable hat platformer and the fact that JonTron voiced a bit part in it is completely irrelevant. This entire deviation was stupid and unnecessary, just as I said on the very first comment on this thread.

            But I’m not without bias. I’m definitely a fan of his comedy works.

          • RabbitIslandHermit says:

            OK, full of shit alt-righter or dumbest person alive then, got it. Sorry for being so prejudicial in assuming that someone who writes like the spawn of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nigel Farage was British (no offense to the many non-pretentious Brits of goodwill here), that must have been incredibly hurtful for you to hear. I guess I was just hoping against hope that for once the incredibly pretentious racist was some other country’s problem.

          • geldonyetich says:


            RabbitIslandHermit wrote
            OK, full of shit alt-righter or dumbest person alive then, got it. Sorry for being so prejudicial in assuming that someone who writes like the spawn of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nigel Farage was British, that must have been incredibly hurtful for you to hear. I guess I was just hoping against hope that for once the pretentious racist was some other country’s problem.

            Lets count the labels. I am:
            1. full of shit. (Well, I do have a large intestine, so that’s technically accurate)
            2. an alt-righter. (So a righter who is not a righter and therefore “alt”? Maybe you’re a prejudice person who is not prejudice and therefore an “alt-prejudice” person?)
            3. dumbest person alive. (Amazing such a person can even type, but I guess my missing neurons had to go somewhere.)
            4. someone who writes like the spawn of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nigel Farage was British. (I got to give you props for this one, if I ever read Jacob Rees-Mogg or Nigel Farage I would probably be rolling on the floor here.)
            5. someone who would have found point #4 to be incredibly hurtful. (Well, I guess you just assumed too much about my literary experience. But, give me a break, I’m the dumbest person in the world. Reading is hard.)
            6. pretentious. (Guilty as charged, to be honest.)
            7. a racist. (Can someone who tries not to be racist be racist, or is it asserted if they weren’t racist they wouldn’t have to try? Hmm.)

            And finally:

            8. some other country’s problem.

            Woah! Hang on a second. HANG. ON.

            So JonTron was put on the spot, and you hate him for it, because he asserted he doesn’t want people to come over from other countries and be a problem over here.

            And you just told me, YOU HOPED I WAS SOME OTHER COUNTRY’S PROBLEM?!

            Golf clap. A hearty golf clap for you, my friend.

          • RabbitIslandHermit says:

            The difference here is that I don’t consider non-whites to be problems for being non-white. It’s a difficult point to grasp, I know.

          • geldonyetich says:

            Sorry, you just dropped a major deus ex machina of how easy it was for you to fall into hypocrisy of the very core of the debate behind JonTron, you’re not going to get out of it by splitting hairs.

            Especially in this case, where the hair you’re splitting is actually not the core of what’s at stake. It’s not about skin color, it’s about immigration and the idea that little immigrant restrictions can have a negative cultural impact.

            The only point where skin color comes in is in the sentiment that America is predominantly white.

          • RabbitIslandHermit says:

            Oh no some racist moron on the internet thinks I’m a hypocrite because I made a pithy comment, whatever shall I do. Truly, the highest form of intellectual debate is inane gotchas.

            Weren’t you going to leave a dozen comments ago?

            Stellar use of deus ex machina, bro, you totally used that term correctly.

          • geldonyetich says:


            Sorry, I guess you didn’t understand. A deus ex machina is derived from its utilization in plays where (and I’m pasting from Wikipedia here), “The term has evolved to mean a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly resolved by the inspired and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability or object. Its function can be to resolve an otherwise irresolvable plot situation, to surprise the audience, to bring the tale to a happy ending, or act as a comedic device.”

            Now, the unsolvable problem in this case is that we’re debating on the Internet, where nobody ever agrees on anything. The plot device introduced was the event where you suddenly told me you sincerely hoped I was some other country’s problem, when actually you had placed yourself counter to JonTron specifically because he made comments that were suggesting people coming in from other countries could be problematic. So, by this event coming forth, the conflict of the “play” was resolved.

            I mean, it’s possible you can’t imagine how that would be applicable. But I’m honestly not here to broaden your imagination.

            You might have a few good points scattered throughout this thread, but you’ve proven yourself less rational and probably wrong from the getgo.

            Another point of interesting hypocrisy is how you want me to leave, but are unable to leave yourself. But you know, this is how Internet debates among sophomores work. The two dumb sides are too stubborn to leave. They both want the final word. In the end, either they lose patience or somebody gets banned.

            Personally, I think it’s classier just to duck out and leave the other guy flapping in the breeze. I could be the flapper or you can by following up. I’ll leave it to you.

          • RabbitIslandHermit says:

            Look, dipshit, you said that the answer to racism was enlightenment and education and then literally refused to read anything about the subject because you could find books that argue differently. How could you possibly know that the theory of evolution or gravity was correct under that standard? How could you know anything under that standard? But then, you’re not interested in science or actually knowing anything, are you? All you want is to cherry pick sciency-sounding shit to wrap a thin film around your pre-existing prejudices.

            You’re not arguing for rational debate, whatever that means, you’re arguing for intellectual nihilism, and I politely invite you to take your fascist pseudo-intellectual apologia and shove it up your aryan culturally correct asshole.

          • geldonyetich says:

            Duly noted. Now, personally, I do have another problem with these Internet debates, and it goes something like this:

            1. I sound like a haughty jackass because I’m apparently unable to resist putting on airs.

            2. Somebody else gets entangled in a debate and really, really wants me to submit. It’s important to their sense of well-being as a budding intellectual that I acknowledge how wrong I am.

            3. I know that this is pointless debate, I’ve been on too many on the Internet to have any hope of convincing anyone of anything, and besides this guy thinks I need to be defeated all costs so it’s not like there’s anything in it for me, so I try to disengage.

            4. But, oh no, they’re invested now. I better not fucking leave. To keep me interested, they start insulting the hell out of me. How dare I leave? Don’t I have any integrity at all? They tell me how little integrity I have.

            5. Well! This is a fine pickle. Not only am I debating with a fellow who believes I must be defeated at all costs and am therefore automatically wrong no matter what I say, but he’s made it a thoroughly unpleasant and uncivil environment for me. However, he doesn’t really want me to leave, because he has a stake in seeing me defeated.

            Rest assured, I am indeed thoroughly defeated. There is nowhere I can go from here but down.

            I’m sorry, fellow countryman. Continue to refine your critical thinking skills and you’ll be fine, I assure you. Take a deep breath and remember that the important thing here is that little girls wearing hats are adorable.

        • MajorLag says:

          People like you make me hate the internet.

      • dog2 says:

        You won’t even functionally admit the difference between a supremacist and an identitarian are both functionally and philosophically nil because it wrecks your argument! You people always act obscure like that because you’re genuinely baffled at the idea someone could understand your entire worldview and realize it’s dumb as shit without being paid! God.

      • nattydee says:

        “Anyway, the reason why it was not mentioned was because they knew to keep politics off the gaming blog.”

        while RPS doesn’t exactly hold court on the intersection of gaming and politics, the site has never really hesitated to comment on these things if the writer feels like it.

        Plus, the whole notion that ‘subjective videogame journalists’ should avert their eyes from political nuances in the industry reeks of a certain toxic mindset ;)

        • geldonyetich says:

          Sure, I guess they could, if I wanted to rapidly have it devolve into a conversation about something other than an adorable platformer featuring cute hats.

      • GeoX says:

        I dunno…I had no idea about this controversy until I read these comments and googled him, but he certainly SOUNDS pretty darned racist.

        • Bluestormzion says:

          90% of the stuff you’ll find through google are misquotes, misrepresentations, and other peoples’ thoughts on what someone else told them they he said.

          • geldonyetich says:

            That’s my interpretation. People just don’t have the time to tell the difference or investigate sources, I guess.

            That, and a lot of media is about sensationalism these days. They figure the furor over sleights real or imagined makes for more attention, which means traffic, which means money.

            There’s a lot of paraonoia and drama-loving in politics lately, but precious little reason. This is how we end up with a casino mogul and reality TV star in charge of a huge nuclear stockpile.

          • GeoX says:

            You mean apart from all the verbatim quotes that were super-easy to find?

            EDIT: Also, the connection between “people get het up over some random youtube dipshit” and “we elect a malevolent toddler president” is…not obvious.

          • geldonyetich says:

            I’ll admit it’s a bit of a stretch when it comes to establishing a concrete cause and effect relationship in its more intricate details. However, in general terms, a society that lets sensationalism drive their decisions is understandably prone to insanity.

      • Orazio Zorzotto says:

        I’ve never heard of the this guy before now, but it took me literally 30 seconds to find this.
        Destiny: Do you think that it’s okay for a country to stifle its growth a little bit in order to maintain a homogenous cultural identity?
        Jafari: Yeah, I think it’s fine. Japan does it.

        This is EXACTLY what white supremacy is. The guy is a fucking scumbag.

        • geldonyetich says:

          Since you’re taking that quote out of context to prove that point, would it not also be fair for me to assert from what you said here that you’re saying Japan’s foreign policy establishes they are, “fucking scumbags?”

          No, it wouldn’t, because that’s a polarized conclusion. Something either totally is or totally isn’t. JonTron’s either a total white supremacist or not one at all. You’re either calling the entire nation of Japan a fucking scumbag or not at all.

          Truth isn’t that simple. Fighting racism isn’t that simple. Defeating prejudice cannot be done when you are so prone to prejudiced judgements yourself.

          Lets move the goalposts to something more rational. How much of a white supremacist is JonTron? Well, if our assertion is that anyone who wants to encourage a strong national identity in the United States is a white supremacist, more than 0%. However, if we put the metric of 100% at, “Would happy murder everyone of color if he could, would ever attend a KKK meeting, dislikes black people, wants to deport your beloved uncle Rodriguez”, I don’t think any of those things are true.

          So, what, maybe 5%-15% white supremacist? Wow, he’s somewhere between Greg Brady and the Boy Scouts of America. What a fucking scumbag. Totally ruins this game about adorable little girls wearing magical hats.

          • Sheng-ji says:

            1) Why would we take an obvious racists word about Japan as fact

            2) While I’m sure there are some Japanese scumbags, who believe in purity of race and Japan for the Japanese or somesuch, why are we going with the definately incorrect assumption that this extends to all Japanese people?

            You are coming across as a bit racist, or at least so blinded by your fandom for this guy that you feel you need to write essays on how the guy who makes very racist statements regularly isn’t really a racist (and to be fair, maybe he isn’t, I certainly don’t know)

    • Phasma Felis says:

      The guy who played Jayne Cobb is a Trumper now, and that sucks, but I’m not gonna throw away my Firefly DVDs.

      Fuck Jontron, but life is too short to vet the political opinions of every voice actor, playtester, and second assistant programmer on every game I play. If the lead dev is talking bullshit, yeah, okay, I might reconsider, but this seems excessive.

      • bob26 says:

        This exactly.

        Maybe if the whole Dev team were a bunch of Nazis I’d feel differently, but I’m not going to let the opinions of a single, minor, VA dictate what entertainment I enjoy, especially when it’s this good.

        Dig into the opinions of the large teams of people that make most games and you’d find equally unsavoury thoughts.

    • mitrovarr says:

      I’m disappointed that either the dev or the publisher would work with him in any way. It would have stopped me from buying the game, had I have been inclined to in the first place (not my sort of thing).

      Ironically I’ll probably end up with it at some point as I’m currently getting the monthly. Maybe someone will make a mod to patch him out.

    • tsff22 says:

      Probably because he’s not a white supremacist and condemning the entire game and its entire staff over one freaking voice actor is kinda a shitty thing to do.

      • milligna says:

        Not nearly as shitty as giving a creep like that exposure and targeting his increasingly loathsome fanbase. It’s not like actors are a rare commodity that you’re forced to go for racist shitheels.

      • gummybearsliveonthemoon says:

        “Probably because he’s not a white supremacist and condemning the entire game and its entire staff over one freaking voice actor is kinda a shitty thing to do.”

        Is he not? Suuuuuure. Well if you swear he’s not, then he is just a garden-variety useless POS racist scumsucker then. Either way, I won’t buy a game with his stain on it.

        I will gladly condemn the entire game and its staff if they release a game with that guy’s voice work in it and don’t turn around and remove it, saying “oh, sorry people, that guy’s a useless asshole, we’ll replace him with someone less asshole-y”.

        Not sure if you’re a whiner from the game’s devs, or just a racist-lover, but do kindly get bent, tsff22.

        • tsff22 says:

          Your loss, pal. It looks pretty fun.

          • gummybearsliveonthemoon says:

            It sure did, Pal. Buddy. Sport. Tiger. Chief. My man. Dude. Brah. Skeeter. Pup. Chuckles. Chimpy. Cap’n.

            I was totally gonna buy this. Never heard of it before, and was totally gonna buy it asap.

            But I ain’t puttin’ a cent in to the pockets of that POS JonTron, nor in the pockets of people who give him work.

            Have fun supporting and/or financing racist turds though, pal!

        • tsff22 says:

          Wow, you certainly sound like a pleasant person to be around with.

          • gummybearsliveonthemoon says:

            What, couldn’t decide which response to make to my last post so you made two?

            I guess if you’re a racist asshole or a supporter of racist assholes, like you clearly are, no, you wouldn’t find me pleasant to be around. Perhaps you’d prefer the company of some UKIP skinheads? Or JonTron, and his racist diatribes? That’s more your style it sounds like.

          • tsff22 says:

            Hey, how about you fuck off with accusing me of being a racist just because I’m showing interest in a kid-friendly platformer game, asshole?

          • dylan says:

            This went really well! Let’s call it a tie. 🙂

          • username7 says:

            i know this is a stretch, but maybe,
            just maaaaaaaaaaybe,
            he’s calling you a supporter of racist assholes because you appear to be supporting JonTron, who has said things that definitely at the very least appear to be racist (eg link to polygon.com ), and not because you’re “showing interest in a kid-friendly platformer”?

            … you can have your opinion, whatever, but do you really need to be intentionally obtuse about it?

          • DarkFenix says:

            @gummybearsliveonthemoon: Honestly, the way you’re behaving here, I’d quite honestly prefer the company of said UKIP skinheads. JonTron does seem to be something of a piece of shit, but being an extremist in the opposite camp doesn’t paint you in the best light either, an arse is an arse, whatever their beliefs.

          • RabbitIslandHermit says:

            @username7 Welcome to the so-called alt-right, an ideology distinguished from plain old fascism largely by its love for intentional obtuseness!

    • Deadly Habit says:

      link to clips.twitch.tv

      This is what you’re getting upset over a minimal voice clip?

    • RichUncleSkeleton says:

      You know, the word “controversy” used to mean something. Now it’s just internet shorthand for “literally anything that offends me, no matter how obscure or insignificant”.

      • Jay Load says:

        “Literally anything”

        No, it seems in this case to be pretty specific. And it isn’t just “offense”. It’s standing against White Supremacy and Extreme Right Wing veiwpoints. You know, the things the entire world went to war over twice in the last century.

        Quit trying to make it some dumb, illogical rant against over-sensitivity. This shit is important.

        • MajorLag says:

          I have seen exactly one quote that people seem to be offended by, and at best it can be taken as anti-immigrant, but is quite obviously more anti-“people who get offended over everything and start calling people nazis”.

          There are days I really wish children were not allowed on the internet.

          • DelrueOfDetroit says:

            That’s because as soon as his views started hurting his bottom line he put his tail between his legs and backed off like the coward he is.

        • RichUncleSkeleton says:

          You’re not “standing” against anything. You’re just making an ostentatious display of liberal zealotry which is less about condemning the involvement of some marginally famous Youtube screamer in a game about magical hats and more about broadcasting your social justice bona fides to anyone who will listen. Some people call this “virtue signaling” but I think that description elides the evangelistic fervor with which its adherents practice it. It’s really more like the internet equivalent of street preaching.

          • Jay Load says:

            Pfft. Whatever, dude. All you’re doing is muddying the discourse by shifting the discussion into the long grass hoping your opponents will waste time and energy pulling themselves out again or worse, defending themselves, and attacking those who pull you up on it with baseless assaults on their character. Your assault on me is also incorrect, but for you it doesn’t have to be accurate to provoke the response you’re seeking, does it? Hooking into outrage will do as the end result is the same – into the long grass. Your refusal to even touch my statement about the World Wars speaks volumes. Far easier to shoot the messenger that get involved with the message (where you would probably lose).

            Whether JonTron associates himself with the Extreme Right Wing or is just a coddled idiot with a flawed understanding of racial identity, the fact of the matter is he’s put himself into the limelight expressing similar ideas to the real and genuine Right Wing threats out there. People are right to be cautious about him.

    • MrUnimport says:

      As disappointed as I am in JonTron’s comments, they have absolutely nothing to do with this video game, which arguably doesn’t deserve to have its discussion monopolized by politics in this way.

      • Jay Load says:

        You let a known White Supremacist into your video game, you take responsibility for how people feel about that and react to it. Simple as that.

        • Premium User Badge

          FhnuZoag says:

          A potentially important context is that (by my understanding) JonTron’s controversial comments are from this year while he was working in voice acting on this game from 2014. While an argument can be made that the devs could potentially have replaced him and so made a stronger stand against his attitude, it’s not true that they consciously involved him while knowing him to be a white supremacist.

    • Janichsan says:

      Up to now, I didn’t even know that JonTron was voice-acting in another N64-y platformer other than Yooka-Laylee.

    • PancakeWizard says:

      I wasn’t really that interesting in this game, but your mewling dog whistle has pretty much guaranteed I’m going to buy it.

      I can’t stand the recreationally outraged.

      • DelrueOfDetroit says:

        Hey, I got some Chris Brown albums and Woody Allen movies you might be interested in.

        • bob26 says:

          Shit maybe he’ll buy this Rolf Harris painting I can’t shift.

    • Scumbag says:

      I’ve avoided Videogames for a little while and popped on this site to see what was happening in the world of PC gaming.
      This game looked cute and was curious so I clicked.
      Oh, hey what do the comments say? Maybe there is some weird bug or mechanic that has been glossed over?

      Oh yeah, the internet is full of very angry people.

  3. Scurra says:

    The game is a joy. Sure, it’s got all the same old faults of every 3d platformer (irritating camera, annoying bosses, mostly terrible voice-acting*), but it also has all of their virtues, plus the script is pretty funny and the level design is pretty friendly. Oh, and the music is superb.
    (Much as I enjoyed Yooka-Laylee, and it appears I’m perhaps the only person in the world who did, the music there was definitely only ordinary.)

    For a genre that has been notoriously underserved on the PC, it’s been great to have had a year or two of generally pretty decent titles – I’d give a shoutout to the lovely Poi as well – but this is definitely the best of the bunch. And that’s without the potential of modding and future DLC.

    *I was unaware of the controversy over one of the voice-actors. I somehow even managed to avoid learning about it in relation to Yooka-Laylee too, although apparently everyone on the Steam forums for this game (and now here!) wants to tell me about it. I am, however, more repelled by the idea that there are folk who are actively buying this game precisely because the inclusion of this particular voice actor upsets what they like to call SJWs than I am by his inclusion in the first place (which I think is not really relevant to anything much; it’s not like he’s a major feature of the game or anything.)

  4. Banks says:

    It’s pretty disappointing that the first time in ages we get a decent 3D platformer on PC, people just rage about one voice actor that’s on for 20 seconds who said some questionable shit two years ago.

    It’s unfair for the game, and not a very constructive discussion about politics either way.

    • BooleanBob says:

      Welcome to the culture war!

    • Orazio Zorzotto says:

      So sorry that the crimes of white supremacy, which include the murders of millions in recent history, are ruining the discussion around a videogame you like :(

      • Banks says:

        What is wrong with you? Seriously.

        Do you actually believe that extrapolating politics into everything, simplifying hateful speeches behind gross personalities and transforming all dialogue into mass outrage is helping people understand that white supremacy is bad?

        No one is learning anything, this is not helping any cause nor doing any good for anyone, and what we get is only muddy morality that polarizes communities until the middle ground becomes so volatile that anyone speaking from there is seen as a traitor from either side.

        • TheAngriestHobo says:

          Never stop posting. We need more sane people in public discourse.

        • GardenOfSun says:

          Amen, friend.

          I’ve been considered a “traitor from either side” multiple times in the last few years, and I’m not even an active poster on any social media. It was just because each time I reserved the right to have a nuanced view of the world instead of reducing anyone to either “with me” or “against me”. And I’m afraid that it is indeed true that most of the intolerance tends to come – which is still incredible for me – from supposed liberal or leftist positions. Because sure, there’re plenty of right wing nutjobs rearing their ugly heads all over the western world, but almost no one seems able to even entertain the thought that their rise is directly tied to the hypocritical political correctness that the same left has draped over discussions of *actual* socio-economic issues over the last few decades.

          Call it “culture war” or whatever, but something very wrong is going down in the globalised public discourse, and, frankly, it’s growing to be equally tiresome and ridicolous.

          • GeoX says:

            And I’m afraid that it is indeed true that most of the intolerance tends to come – which is still incredible for me – from supposed liberal or leftist positions.

            Yeah…you’re just gosh golly an impartial Reasonable Person unlike all these other hysterics who get all emotional.


  5. LennyLeonardo says:

    Comments are now closed (I hope this works).

    • Ghostwise says:

      The comments about the game that hired the racist ?

      • Seafoam says:

        He didnt say any racist stuff when the voice work was done (2014 I think). It’s that the developers didn’t remove the voice work when his racist opinions came to light and are now associated with him and his awful opinions.

  6. GardenOfSun says:

    By the way, the game looks indeed quite interesting.

    But, since at this point we might as well stoke the uncontrollable wildfire to see if fireworks come out of it, I’ll also add that if a product sponsored by Hitler was good and well-intentioned, I’d buy it in an heartbeat.

  7. mcgiants says:

    There also might be issues with the developer himself: Seems to have a history of negative behavior. Here’s an accusation of doxxing and making money off other’s work through donations. link to twitter.com

  8. Chaoslord AJ says:

    Agree, idle media rumors don’t belong here.
    This is not HuffPo or Gawker.
    People would do good to discuss opposing opinions with each other instead of throwing labels like left and right around in the internet and hiding in safezones.

    • Chaoslord AJ says:

      Lol this was supposed to be an answer to some comment above, oh nevermind.

  9. SuddenSight says:

    I can confirm this game is pure joy. I bought it back in Alpha for the exhorbitant $100 price. That alpha was a little rough around the edges, but I am overjoyed to see that those edges have been thoroughly sanded down over the past year and a half. This game has excellent production values, draws on all of the best parts of its inspirations, and has a positively fantastic difficulty curve that feels perfect.

    Also the protagonist is simply adorable.