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Warm-up Foxer (What am I?)

I’m about the size of a playing card. I was created in the first half of the Nineteenth Century. I have something in common with The Venus of Brassempouy. I was given to a politician famed for his oratory. I’m currently in North America. My creator shared a first name with a notable Gallic thespian, a Doctor Who sidekick, and one of Winnie’s children. I sound like the strapline in a cosmetics ad. I’m possibly NSFW.

Roman is in a foul mood today because someone whipped a jerrycan full of scrumpy from the back of his Austin Gipsy while he was in the Co-op buying Gypsy Creams. When I asked him for the theme of the following enlargeable geofoxer he said ‘Work it out’.

Identify these twelve linked locations…

*       *       *


Last week’s warm-up foxer location: the roundabout next to ‘Dora’, Trondheim (defoxed by KarolisLive and mrpier)

Last week’s collage theme: Janes (defoxed by phlebas)

a Jane Marple (Syt)
b Ki-21 ‘Jane’ (AFKAMC)
c Jane Russell (Gothnak)
d Fred T. Jane (phlebas)
e Jane Seymour (phlebas)
f Jane Grey (phuzz)
g Jane Jensen (AbyssUK)
h Jane Austen (Rorschach617)
i Jane Doe (phlebas)
j Jane
k Jane’s 688(I) Hunter/Killer (phlebas, Gothnak)


  1. Stugle says:

    B is the Spice of India restaurant near Warrington:

    link to

  2. Stugle says:

    C is definitely in the Netherlands (the bike path and the blue license plates on the taxis are a dead giveaway), but I don’t know the location yet.

  3. Gothnak says:

    E. is in Bratislava i think…

  4. Premium User Badge

    Matchstick says:

    H is the view under from M Ste SE under the John Philips Souza brige (Pennsylvania Ave SE) in Washington DC
    link to

  5. JB says:

    Warm-up Foxer: Unless I’m very much off-track, the first name is Sarah (Sarah Churchill, Sarah Jane Smith, Sarah Bernhardt). Other than that, I’m still working at it.

    • Shiloh says:

      Lincoln was famed (perhaps more so post than ante mortem) for his oratory. Then again, so was his contemporary Edward Everett. And Churchill.

    • phlebas says:

      How about ‘Beauty Revealed’?
      link to

      A miniature painting on ivory (The Venus of Brassempouy is made of ivory), painted by SARAH Goodridge in 1828 and given to Senator Daniel Webster (known for his powerful oratory according to Wikipedia)

  6. Gothnak says:

    I: Biosphere in Genoa

    link to

  7. phuzz says:

    H is in Washington, next to the John Phillip Sousa Bridge (here) crossing the Anacostia river

    (Doh! Too late!)

  8. Stugle says:

    For L, Eurokangas is a Finnish company, so perhaps that narrows down the choices of train stations?

  9. Stugle says:

    D: is that a Type 45 destroyer in the background?

  10. chuckieegg says:

    h is the John Philip Sousa Bridge near Wahsington DC over the Anacostia river.

    link to

  11. AbyssUK says:

    A: Is Marienplatz, central munich in front of the city hall

  12. phuzz says:

    K: Are those flags red with a gold star in the middle? Because that would make it the Vietnamese flag, but they usually go for more of a yellow star than these. It would also explain the French on the warning sign.

    • Premium User Badge

      Matchstick says:

      I was wondering if they were the Moroccan flag rather than Vietnamese ?

      • KarolisLive says:

        That would explain the French AND the Arabic!

      • phuzz says:

        Yes, that is much more likely (I kept thinking it looked more like Morocco), now to find the border post (?)

        • phuzz says:

          I’ve just realised how many watch lists I’m going to be on for my Foxer searches.

          • Stugle says:

            True. There’s a group of internet people from across the world, they meet on the same ‘computer game’ website every Friday, and they combine for a hugely suspect internet search history, involving various weapons, wars and other political crises, and highly sensitive strategic locations… Good thing I just renewed my permanent resident card in the States, otherwise I might be looking at a rather prolonged interview. :)

        • Gothnak says:

          Angands Airport in Oujda.

  13. Premium User Badge

    Matchstick says:

    G is Trianglen in Copenhagen

    link to

  14. Gothnak says:

    In F: Who is Steve Nic??? playing live music on the 2?-26th March? I don’t think it’s Stevie Nicks.

  15. Rorschach617 says:

    The tourist train in J looks like one in Kilkenny, Ireland.

    Trying to narrow it down.

    • Gothnak says:

      I found it parked up :)…

      link to

      • Rorschach617 says:

        That’s the right train, right?

        I’m not going mad on a virtual tour of Kilkenny for nothing, right?


        • phuzz says:

          I can’t spot that church spire (on the left) anywhere in Kilkenny, and the road looks a bit too wide too. There’s only a few buildings in Kilkenny that are as big as those red-brick ones.
          Are you just going by the tourist train? Because they have those all over the place.
          It’s somewhere in the British Isles though if that narrows it down ;)

    • Gothnak says:

      I followed the route, sort of… I think it went on holiday somewhere…

      link to

      • Rorschach617 says:

        I need to take a break from Kilkenny. I’ve followed the route as far as I can, gone past the Abrakebabra, the Kebabish, a fudge shop and a “Man’s Shop”, which I assume sells toolbelts, viagra and more kebabs!

        • OoooOoOOooh says:

          The train looks right, but I don’t think there’s a church in Kilkenny with the steeple you can see in the background. I don’t think there’s a church in Galway like that either (although they do have a similar train, but not as similar as the Kilkenny one is to the image above). Could also be Limerick or Dublin, although searching Dublin could take a bit longer.

          • Premium User Badge

            Matchstick says:

            I’m wondering Dublin – St Patricks Cathedral does look right for the spire in the background.

            There was a company called Dublin Road Train Tours which looked to use identical looking buses (and maps – so I’m presuming there were related) but their website is now dead an I can’t find a good picture of their route map to really work out where the image could be taken

          • OoooOoOOooh says:

            It’s St.James’ Gate, you can see it on Streetview here.

            Very disappointed I didn’t get that one quicker, it’s the home of Guinness.

          • Gothnak says:

            Maybe the driver just took it for a tour to the Guinness factory :).

          • Rorschach617 says:

            Thank you!

            At one point I was googling “Kilkenny 2014” in the hope that something would turn up.

            I’ll admit, I saw the security guard and assumed it was a council office or courthouse, but the home of Guinness is probably of equal importance :)

    • OoooOoOOooh says:

      It’s St.James’ Gate, you can see it on Streetview here.

  16. phuzz says:

    OK, by my reckoning we have:
    A: Marienplatz, Munich
    B: The Spice of India restaurant near Warrington
    C: ??
    D: Cornet Castle, Guernsey
    E: Bratislava
    F: ??
    G: Trianglen in Copenhagen
    H: John Philip Sousa Bridge in Washington (which I think everyone got)
    I: Biosphere in Genoa
    J: ??
    K: ??
    L: Sello Tube station, Helsinki

    As for a link, well, hmmm…

  17. Gothnak says:

    I have no idea what the connection is, but depressingly, the only thing Sello is famous for is a mass shooting and there has also been two in Marienplatz and one a 6 min walk from Trianglen.

    I dunno if that is an answer to the Foxer theme or just a statement about modern society :(.

  18. Stugle says:

    Found C, it’s outside the DAF (truck) museum in Eindhoven: link to

  19. Gothnak says:

    K: Angads Airport in Oujda, Morocco

    link to

    So if someone wants to work out what this instrument is, and what the one in Bratislava is, we’re done :).

    I’ve found an Oud, but that’s all.

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