What are we all playing this weekend?

Shops do take the Michael with seasonal goods, stocking for Easter as soon as Christmas passes and preparing for summer when I still barely see daylight, but I have been quite delighted to see Halloween stuff everywhere. If you have no use for a giant bucket of plastic spiders on October 7th, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on.

Adam: [Adam is in Poland for a games doodad, so he’s likely playing whatever would be at a Polish games doodad. Polish games, probably.]
Alec: I’m still on a Metroidvania high after Samus Returns on 3DS, so I’m going to belatedly catch up a few PC ones I missed, such as Axiom Verge, Sundered and Necrosphere, before my old brain once again loses the ability to mentally map out vast videogame dungeons.
Alice: I’ve developed a bit of a bad attitude in Plunkbat, which is no good, so I’m taking a weekend out for singleplayer games. I’ve still got Infra, the delightful first-person adventure about inspecting structural damage, on the go and am having a great time. And I quite fancy a return visit to the weird hotel of The Norwood Suite to snap pictures and get the groove into my bones.
Brendan: I am playing the part of a international affairs correspondant at a giant Europa Universalis LAN. Currently, the Indian nations are bankrolling conflicts all over the world and laughing about it non-stop. But some of our readers will be glad to learn that Ireland has been united and has a sizeable colony in “Irish Cuba”.
Graham: I have errands to complete this weekend, which means it’s unlikely I’m going to find time to play games. That’s fine. I will pretend as if I’m saving up my time to spend it on Middle-earth: Shadow of War next week, which sounds like a jolly old time despite its dour world.
John: All in Nintendo in my life just now. In any squeaked out second I can find this weekend I’ll be playing Zelda: BOTW and Metroid: Samus Returns. Am I still allowed in the treehouse?
Philippa: This weekend I will be playing No Man’s Sky. I will also visit the local butterfly sanctuary. If there’s time I might try to fit in a spot of racing some anthropologists.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Daniel Klein says:

    Between the Battlefront 2 MP beta and the unexpected delight that Battlechasers turned out to be I’ll probably jump back to Heat Signature and/or my never-ending XCOM2 WotC campaign.

    I’ll also go to Indiecade and play weird things there, but I don’t know if that counts.

  2. NailBombed says:

    Probably going to delve deeper into the Darkest Dungeon. Need to get back into it at some stage – I bounced off it when The Crimson Court came round, as I was getting hammered by the new enemies (which look fantastic, as ever).
    Apart from that…. unsure. Have some kind of an eye thing right now, so probably not going to have much screen time due to THE BURNING EYE OF DOOM WHICH LAYS WASTE TO ALL BEFORE IT (or just my eye socket). Edit: Probably Skyrim – you only need one eye for that.

  3. Morte66 says:

    Finished the Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire story, might do some mopping up in open world.

    • defunct says:

      I stopped playing GW2 a several months ago, and haven’t bought the new expansion yet because I’ve been out of it for so long. What do you think of this expansion? Anything you really enjoyed?

      • Morte66 says:

        Mounts are great, I mean really excellent. They’re glorious.

        Scenery is good even by Guild Wars standards. Great big maps lots to explore and discover, much richer with lore and dialogue and little side quests than the Heart of Thorns expansion (which was a real rush job).

        Story is decent, though it does de-protagonize too much for my liking. Also there’s a thing they do at the end which is good once but will get boring if you do the story on lots of characters.

        Replay value about normal for GW2 — there is some, but nothing to write home about.

        Everything with the new elite specs is is hugely unbalanced ATM and probably will be for a few months. Play necromancer while it’s a powerhouse, for the only time in the history of the game. But they generally seem OK in principle, and should be good given a couple of patches, except IMHO the mesmer spec (Mirage) is poor work and needs a rethink.

        • defunct says:

          Thanks! I guess I’ll start out with my necro, then, after I get it. Mounts sound fun, and I saw the video describing their progression.

    • Morte66 says:

      Got my GRiffon mount! :)

  4. Singular says:

    Playing XCOM, after a few tries I’ve got the ball rolling and have a good roster of troops. Although I’m horribly aware that things could go tits-up at any moment.

    We are all only a squad wipe away from hard times :)

  5. Darth Gangrel says:

    Currently have many games installed that I’m switching between, which is uncharacteristic, since I normally only play one at a time. Played Rise of Triad and Dishonored’s Daud DLC previously, but started playing 2001’s Etherlords yesterday and it’s swell. Manual saves, turn-based combat that allows tactics and gameplay in bite-sized chunks. Just what I need after struggling with console port checkpoint only silliness and other irritating consolish gimmicks from 7/10 games Hunted and Enslaved.

  6. Thirith says:

    I just got started on Prey after finishing Hellblade, and so far I’m enjoying the flashbacks to System Shock. Also, I’ve got an Arma coop session planned for this afternoon; they’re usually gruelling but fun. And tomorrow morning I’ll probably spend an hour or two in Arizona Sunshine, improving my (thus far horrible) aim and/or getting torn to shreds by zombies.

  7. zinzan says:

    Hmmm Combat Mission 2 H2H turns (as always), lots of slither.io (send help), gazing discontently at my Steam wish list (and avaoiding the huge list of games I’m meant to have completed in last few years).
    OTOH in reality I will be spending time cleaning and counting hours until i get to see Blade Runner tomorrow – Wheeeeee!!!

    • Singular says:

      I am totally stoked for that. The first review I read was so gushing I thought “that can’t be right” and then it seemed to be the consensus.

      And then I found out the

      • Singular says:

        (sorry wordpress)

        … director has signed up to do a Dune remake, and that it was a lifelong dream. Can this get better?

      • Thulsa Hex says:

        I’ll probably try to see it this weekend, too. The glowing reviews took me by complete surprise, but then I learned that it was directed by Denis Villeneuve. I’d made such little effort to keep up with the production that I’d assumed it was just Ridley making a pseudo-poignant mess of things, again!

        • malkav11 says:

          Yeah, I had forgotten that fact myself. Makes me way more interested.

  8. Ghostwise says:

    Approaching the end of my Might & Magic X: Legacy playthrough. The game is low-budget and old school, but I find it satisfying.

    It gives me an odd urge to replay Wizardry 6, though.

    • Michael Fogg says:

      I enjoyed Legacy for a while but got bored and gave up around the time I found the second or third ‘elemental rune’ (or whatever the maguffin was).

  9. LennyLeonardo says:

    Playing no Man’s Sky/visiting a butterfly sanctuary: same diff.

  10. Vandelay says:

    I might finally finish off my XCOM (sans WotC) campaign. Managed to get to the last level last night, spent well over an hour getting through it all almost perfectly, until getting completely minced by the final battle. Just got swamped by enemies and lost a couple of mine to mind controls.

    Hopefully finish that quite quickly now though. Tempted to go back to Stellaris, perhaps going with the Trek mod. I did enjoy the couple of games I played of it a while ago, but I always seemed to get hugely outpaced in military by one or two of the other factions, who also happened to be aggressive. I would try to keep up, but never seemed able to match their power. Bolting on the Trek mod might also help me go through the early stages again, which were starting to get a bit sameish.

    Oh and some Battlefront 2 beta. Dipped into it very late last night in arcade mode and it seemed fun. Want to give it a proper go.

  11. dawfydd says:

    Getting around to (belatedly I know) finishing off Borderlands 2. Once that’s out of the way think I’ll see if I can get Westwood’s Blade Runner to work and dive back into 2019 Los Angeles….

  12. Daymare says:


    Managed to make it to World 2, but I’m really getting cupped in the ass by pretty much everything for hours until I manage any form of progress.

  13. Morcane says:

    Coming off my Path of Exile binge, I looked at my backlog and started playing Wolfenstein: The New Order, since I played it for about 2 hours when it came out and kind of dropped it. It’s pretty good too. Perhaps a bit of Heat Signature, and the BF2 beta – even though I find the gunplay considerably improved over the previous one, I doubt I’ll buy it day one.

  14. Thulsa Hex says:

    Today I have a Rainbow Six: Seige date with my buddy back home. Some miracle has given us the opportunity to start playing stuff together regularly, despite an eight-hour time difference (he’s in Ireland and I’m in Southern California). We’ve been oiling our creaky limbs with PvE Terrorist Hunt, but we may just make the jump into proper PvP this time.

    Alone, I’ll probably make more progress with Prey. I must say I’m really enjoying it. It’s a solid mix of some very familiar themes, presented in a now-familiar style, but with enough new tricks up its sleeve to keep it interesting. I like how the Talos space station is broken into digestible chunks that make you feel like you’re always making progress. Very well-designed game.

    Additionally, I’ve been meaning to spend more time both outside and with my Switch, so that can go together quite convinently. I’m looking forward to giving Golf Story a swing (ahem), but also need to resist the urge to buy Stardew Valley just yet…..

    • Agnosticus says:

      Glad to hear, hf with Siege! Stellar game!

      It can be very frustrating at the start though, especially in casual, so start to get into ranked asap. Also I’d suggest to have the maps ready on the 2nd monitor or a print-out. Maps knowledge is key in this game.

  15. stringerdell says:

    Im jealous of anyone that hasnt played breath of the wild yet.

    Ill probably start a dinosaur campaign on total warhammer 2.

  16. ChrisT1981 says:

    Most likely gonna put in some hours into Last of Us on PS Now. It finally is available here in germanland and so far it runs very smooth. Already done Beyond Two Souls. Hope some of the newer PS 4 titles will hit the Service soon.

  17. FelipeCC says:

    I have to do school stuff all day long. As for tonight, I feel like its going to be the same lame thing once again. Ever since brazillian highschool broke me by developing into my soul a little bit of anxiety, low self steem and overall sadness, I have these depressive bits and chips everyonce and a while. Since tonight is going to be a lonely night, I’m feeling it coming. If I can get past it tho, aiming for some singleplayer action in modded Skyrim.

  18. Agnosticus says:

    I have been playing Stick Fight: The Game with some friends locally. Holy cow what a surprise! It sits somewhere between Duck game and Smash, but more chaotic and less precise (in a good way though). Great animations and so much fun! Played it non-stop for 1,5 hours yesterday…and it’s just 5€!

  19. OmNomNom says:

    It would have been the Battlefront 2 beta if it wasn’t so insanely dull.

    • Grizzly says:

      Battlefield 1, which is like Battlefront 2 but significantly less dull and actually quite fun, is part of the origin acces programme FYI :) – I’ve been playing that this weekend, as I too found Battlefront to be rather dull and I was simply reminded how good that other DICE game is.

      Alongside Automobilista, an obscure brazilian racing game that has recently added the Volkswagen Beetle touring car amongst it’s diverse line up.

      • OmNomNom says:

        Thank you, although BF1 is better i still find it quite inferior to BF4/3/2 unfortunately. I had some hopes this battlefront would be more like Star Wars Battlefield but alas i must wait another year :)

      • DelrueOfDetroit says:

        Every time I see somebody posting about that game I immediately perk up thinking that Auto Modellista has been ported to PC. Disappointed.

  20. mukuste says:

    Fortnite Battle Royale! It’s great and, you know, actually works.

  21. Michael Fogg says:

    I’ll be trying to start out a Wizardry 8 campaign. Just realised I didn’t include any thief or rogue in the party! Is it feasible to just multiclass my samurai next time he levels up? I’m still in the starting dugneon.

  22. PanFaceSpoonFeet says:

    Heat Signature fer me. I can only realistically game in short burst just now and it fits the bill perfectly.

    • Ben King says:

      Heat sig for me too- I thought I was getting burned out then I saw some positively crazy gifs of visitor teleporter antics and last night I successfully blew my rescue target into my pod via explosives and space and I’m realizing I have many more tricks to learn. Also something called The Tower at Tortenna on game jolt popped up on my Twitter feed so I’m giving that a go as well. It was made as part of 2017’s Dream Hack Game Jam and looks beautifully eerie.

  23. SuicideKing says:

    Probably play the New Battlefront 2 beta a bit more, get tier 3 ships in WoWS so i can play with the rest of the RPS gang, and both squad-scale and platoon-scale games of Arma 3, as usual.

  24. Carra says:

    25 hours into Divinity 2 and I’ve just started act II. That game should keep me busy until Christmas.

  25. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Having finished some other games during the week, this weekend’s interesting/new game is Echo. I haven’t gotten past the opening yet, but man what an opening! Nice and slow, good conversation between the protagonist and atypical AI, interesting far-future perspective (vaguely reminiscent of Halo, but distinctly different), and French Renaissancey opulence ad absurdum – and I’ve barely just got the lights turned on.

    Other than that, I’ll be continuing to play Lawbreakers. A combination of learning more about how to move with my main class (i.e. the battle medic’s weird bunny hopping and dodging capacity) and finally making a habit of getting a good night’s sleep has seen me playing better and having loads and loads of fun, close matches.

  26. gabrielonuris says:

    I’m still on a nostalgia roll, so after finishing Hexen: Beyond Heretic and Hexen: Deathkings of The Dark Citadel, I’m finishing Heretic 2 now. After that? Maybe Hexen 2.

    • GornValim says:

      Wow, Heretic II ! I have fond memories of that game (weirdly, I still have the sound effects stuck in my head…). I’m wondering if it’s aged well ?

      • gabrielonuris says:

        It depends in how well it needs to be aged! For me it plays wonderfully with a widescreen patch and the soundtrack mod (because those games had the soundtrack on disk, so you need to rip them in mp3 format and tweek with some dll files to make them loop properly in game).

        Funny you talk about sound effects, because I always loved Hexen more, and Heretic 2 has the same sound effects from Hexen 2. Everytime I open a door I have visions of Hexen 2, that’s why I’m gonna play it after I finish Heretic 2!

    • mushufasa says:

      Nice! I was playing some Heretic a month or two ago with the intent of making my way through the series, but it’s proven a lot more challenging than originally anticipated and I haven’t been putting in the time required. Considering a romp through Dark Forces soon possibly.

      • gabrielonuris says:

        They are challenging indeed, but in a good way; in the last months I’ve been playing only those old shooters, so I’m getting used to this kind of challenge. Makes me wonder how in the hell some indie developers nowadays can’t nail the level design and monster placement from that time; games like Doom 1 & 2, Blood, Duke Nukem, Hexen and Heretic will never get old because of that. Actually they get better as the time goes on.

        Can you believe I never played Dark Forces? Well, I remember playing the demo when I was a kid, but still didn’t tried the full version. I’ve commited myself to buy and finish at least one Star Wars game per year, on May the Fourth, so maybe next year I’ll finally try it. Talking of which, this May it was Republic Commando. My god, what a game…

  27. tsff22 says:

    My birthday was this Wednesday, so I was able to pick up a good amount of games, including:

    Prey 2017
    Divinity Original Sin 2
    3030 Death War Redux
    Runic Rampage
    Cook Serve Delicious 2
    Fran Bow
    Heat Signature

    So I’ll have my hands full this weekend, to put it lightly. XD

  28. Sarfrin says:

    I’ll be playing Lifeless Planet in celebration of the Lifeless Moon kickstarter getting funded. Maybe a bit of Pinstripe from a recent bundle for variety.

  29. GornValim says:

    I gave my huge backlog to the Gods of Random, and they chose Star Wolves, a Russian game about spaceships, lasers and very bad voice acting. Very enjoyable so far, though. It’s a mixture of games like Freelancer or Tachyon, with the control scheme (and colourful backdrops) of Homeworld.

    And for mindless action, I’m resuming my playthrough of Mortal Kombat Komplete. What a silly, albeit fun, game. Especially on easy difficulty (I’ve no room left in my head for all those kombos).

  30. NetharSpinos says:

    To be honest, I shouldn’t even be playing anything. I should be painting my models for the campaign, and the tourney, and just to get them finished. But I detest painting. I despise it.

    So instead, vidyagames.

    I installed a free game yesterday called Doki Doki Literature Club- hear me out, hear me out. It looks and sounds like a generic cutesy visual novel, however! On the page is a warning stating the game is not for children and those who are easily disturbed, and the reviews are screaming not to read up on the title and to simply play it blind, so I am looking forward to seeing what the particular twist in the game is.

    Also I’m playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Twar 2, obvs.

  31. shoptroll says:

    Playing a bit of Diablo III and Starcraft II co-op/comp stomping to try and grind out the cosmetic items for the Season / War Chest before the deadline.

    When I’m not doing that… Samus Returns all the way

  32. OneEyeRed says:

    Everspace and my Music Man Axis guitar…

  33. Premium User Badge

    The Almighty Moo says:

    More Heat Signature. I’m really enjoying it as a fun sandbox that I occasionally become incredibly personally invested in. Rescuing your own captured characters so you can continue on as them is great, though I’d love to have to go and steal their stuff back as well.

  34. wombat191 says:

    Fallout 4, the answer is always fallout 4 and not playing the dozens of other games installed and ready to go haha

  35. Unsheep says:

    Beyond Two Souls on the PS4. A couple of hours in, I think it’s a wonderful game; it combines some rather cool mechanics with an interesting storyline and lots of character depth.

    MXGP 3 and ADAC GT Masters 2015 (RaceRoom), just continuing my respective Career and Championship progressions.

    Sam & Max Save the World, the GOG version. I’ll be starting on episode 4; ‘Reality 2.0’. While most of the puzzles are far from intuitive, and thus quite annoying at times, I still rejoice in playing this series.

    I will also be testing the Gran Turimso Sport Beta on the PS4. I was not that impressed when I played it at a friend’s place, but will give it another go. Gran Turismo 4-6 were great games. I just hope GT Sport doesn’t ruin things too much by trying to be too mainstream.

  36. AutonomyLost says:

    I’ll be continuing on with Nioh, as I don’t plan to buy it on PC next month and can’t wait to get back into the DLC. Also, more D:OS2.

  37. mac4 says:

    I was secretly hoping for something of an RPS verdict on whether Humble’s current Stardock bundle link to humblebundle.com contains some must-have’s yes or no, lol.

    I know that as so often, there’s a bunch of games there I wouldn’t mind having; question is will I ever get around to actively playing them. Ah, decisions…

    Meanwhile, battling my way into Amalur’s Alabastra, getting to be end-game’ish, I guess. Some real sense of grand battles there, too.

    And that is to say, for the main campaign; no idea how many hours the DLC’s are gonna add. We’ll see.

    • mac4 says:

      (Too late to edit) Oh, hey, there’s a new Humble monthly, btw. Hmmm, Elder Scrolls Tamriel Unlimited & Quake Champions; not into MMO’s so I’ll pass, but if that’s your thing and not in your happy possession yet, sure.

  38. fish99 says:

    Dunno. Probably Destiny (1). I keep thinking I’ve done everything but then I start it up and five hours later I’m still having fun. I still have at least 10 strikes I haven’t done and some hard missions left. Then there’s the prison of elders and the raids.

    I did buy The Last of Us remastered yesterday, having never played the game, and I also want to start Death of the Outsider and Prey at some point too, plus continue with Witcher 3.

    There’s just too many games. Back in the 90s you’d be lucky to get 2 good games per year, now there’s 5 per month.

  39. April March says:

    Ah, racing anthropologists; the gentleman’s game.

    I’ll try to get back to One shot this weekend. I like it so much that no time I have to actually play it I consider worthy of it. I actually didn’t play it at all during a two-week vacation (though deciding to start playing Mad Max might also have had some influence).

  40. dylan says:

    Probably squeeze in a couple rounds of Friday the 13th (still somehow fun even after the fear has worn off!), and tonight is d&d night. Will the group realize there’s a spy for the Spanish Trade Guild undercover in their ship’s crew?? STAY TUNED.

  41. DragonSlumber says:

    I’ve been sliding in an hour of Prey here and there when I have time (gotta make them games, they don’t make themselves!). I also have a board game night this weekend which will probably be quite fun, some Imperial Settlers and Lords of Waterdeep in perspective!

  42. malkav11 says:

    I started Tacoma earlier in the week and should finish that off. I think it’s pretty incredible so far. Lots of attention to detail, very satisfying storytelling mechanics.

    Of course, I’m also still bouncing between like four different MMOs. The Neverwinter bundle Bundlestars had prompted me to check that game out and you know, it’s not very deep but it is remarkably enjoyable for a very, very Free To Play game. Secret World Legends remains great. I picked up Path of Fire so I should play more Guild Wars 2. And I’ve still got many hours of FFXIV main story to wade through.

    I might also get some Borderlands 2 or some other little indie game purchase going. Or put in a bit more time with Pinball FX3. The 5 minute challenge mode is such a nice addition for someone with limited pinball skills.

  43. Phantasma says:

    I would really like to play Warhammer 2 but due to a veritable showstopper of a bug, i’ll have to wait for a hotfi.. patch (it’s been more than a week already ffs) until i can dive in again.

    Usually i’m quite tolerant towards bugs (often even completely oblivious) but in this case, units regularily forgetting their orders and ceasing to do anything is pretty much a no-go in a tactical wargame.

    So i’m scrying through my backlog, but neither the recently updated Stellaris, nor the admittedly excellent Divinity 2 seem to tickle my fancy.

    So, nothing until i hopefully make up my mind?

    Edit: Ofc. a severe case of First World Problems :-P

  44. Mouse_of_Dunwall says:

    I’m playing Uncharted 4 on PS4. It’s quite good. I thought The Last of Us was great but I had never finished an Uncharted game before.

  45. floogles says:

    Freakin Game of Life man.

    Otherwise, dreaming of finishing Act V Diablo 2 which is so damn fun. Gull dropped at the start of the act which has led to much more exciting colourful things lying on the ground.

    • floogles says:

      NOOOOOOOOO, i lost Gull. Click lag on the gamble screen made me accidentally sell it.

      No worries I’ll just buy it ba..NOOOOOOOOO buy back from the gamble screen.

      Worst click so far this life.

  46. geldonyetich says:

    I’m playing like I’m 26 again and getting embroiled in silly Internet forum slap matches. But, if I manage to get emotionally untangled from that, I’ll probably be playing more Divinity: Original Sin 2. Maybe Elite: Dangerous if I feel like grinding more asteroids (literally and figuratively).

  47. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Been a while since I’ve posted in here. I went back to work this week after having three weeks off.

    Golf Story, Plunkbat and Cuphead are the three games I am most likely to play.

    Destiny 2, Heat Signature, Breath of The Wild and Mario x Rabbids are the ones I still need to play but am less likely to.

  48. welverin says:

    Still haven’t started anything else yet, so still just Destiny 2 and a little bit of SFV and Mass Effect Andromeda MP.

    • mcdreamer says:

      I’m also still on the SFV train. Hyped for arcade edition!

  49. Hao-Sen Lin says:

    I’ll be playing a mix of Combat Mission Shock Force and Final Fantasy XIV. I’m playing through the Marines campaign in Shock Force, I can easily spend 10+ hours on a single scenario, repeating it multiple times and trying to make a good plan for it, so it will probably take me ages to complete all of them. I find myself having to take a lot of breaks from it though because the larger scenarios can be really overwhelming and I genuinely get a bit shaken from playing it due to the subject matter being a bit intense.

    I also pre-ordered Shadow of War after reading the Wot I Think since it was only 35$ on G2A so I’m looking forward to playing that when it releases, it looks like a lot of fun.

  50. Premium User Badge

    Iamblichos says:

    Playing my not-at-all-favorite game of “avoid the Youtube clips and spoilers showing every instant of cutscene, speech and other content from Shadows of War”. I want to buy the game, but WB apparently thinks it is just peachy to have people post every single cinematic before the game even goes on sale. What gives?