Everspace expands in Encounters, out late October


It’s only been a few months since the release of Everspace [official site], the extraordinarily pretty space dogfighting game with rogue’y bits. Resident RPS space-boffin Brendan thought it was quite nice, if a little light on juicy details to really get your teeth into. Being just a few months since it launched, it comes as a bit of a surprise that not only have they announced an expansion – Encounters – but it’s due out later this month. Check out the impressively bombastic teaser trailer after the jump.

Told you it was pretty. Everspace’s trailers have never held back on the explosion front, with giant orbital platforms, giant derelicts and asteroids fields making space feel like a dense and busy place rather than the endless void of nothingness interspersed with statistically insignificant dustings of matter that we know it to be.

Encounters adds a new playable craft – the Colonial Sentinel – a middleweight with a focus on electronic warfare capabilities and double the equipment slots of other fighters. You’ll be stuffing these slots with the usual array of roguelike-expansion-type gubbins; New weapon types, new missiles, new gadgets, consumables and so on. Encounters also promises to bulk out Everspace’s universe with new space station types to find, new enemy types to shoot at (or be shot by) and some extra quest-giving NPCs offering questlines parallel to the main story.

The announcement also mentions the possibility of visiting the Okkar homeworld, presumably for a huge fight. Somehow I doubt they’ll be too friendly after shooting so many of them on the way there. As gorgeous as Everspace is, it somehow flew under my radar at release. Perhaps with the release of this new iteration, I’ll give it a proper look. If nothing else, flying through massive derelict hulls at breakneck speed looks a lot of fun.

Everspace: Encounters is due out sometime around the end of October. The base game is available for Windows and Mac via SteamHumble and GOG for £23/€28/$30.


  1. geldonyetich says:

    I was wondering why they had not updated the game in a month. Looks like they were cooking up a surprise!

  2. JOJOFACE says:

    This game is so, so difficult (or I’m terrible at it, the more likely option here). I look forward to losing over and over again when this expansion releases.

  3. Lobotomist says:

    The game really has no point as permadeath roguelite.
    It should have been diablo like loot progression game. Where you continue to rise levels and build your ship. Not lose everything.

    Right now game feels like most painful grind. Where you go through levels upgrading, only to lose it all on death. And few upgrades you do get based on gold collected, give you 1% like upgrade to skills

    • Darloth says:

      Don’t buy the 1% upgrade things, buy the whole extra slots so you can carry more options! Buy the +20% (at first) energy regen! Buy the new starting gear and random starting pickup options.

      When you have nothing better, then you can get +1% damage, and by then you’ll probably be able to buy it a few times at a go.

      The ingame upgrades are actually fairly small, I found – it’s mostly about what stuff you find along the way, like most rogueic things.

      Compare to a typical shoot’em’up – Those have no out of game progression, and getting hit often drops your entire powerset right back to the base ship.