Jurassic World Evolution shows off napping dinosaurs and an angry Tyrannosaurus

jurassic world evo

I enjoyed Jurassic World. There, I said it. Apparently I have bad taste, but gosh, I’m a sucker for anything involving dino shenanigans and Chris Pratt. If I had better taste, I’m still pretty certain I’d be looking forward to Jurassic World Evolution [official site], however. Frontier showed off the park management game at their Frontier Expo, letting us watch dinosaurs just hanging out.

You can check out the trailer below, and while it doesn’t show off much, Frontier devs were on hand to explain what you’ll actually do in the game, from picking different development paths to managing disasters inspired by the films.

Jurassic World Evolution will contain five tropical islands, meaning plenty of opportunities to start fresh and experiment with different types of park. See, while you’ll ostensibly be trying to attract guests, keep them safe and bioengineer different dinosaurs, there are multiple ways to create a successful park, split into three paths: entertainment, security and science.

So you can build a park that’s all about showing guests a great time, but you can also focus on studying the dinosaurs and tweaking their genomes, or making fierce, dangerous dinos and then making sure they don’t eat all the tourists. It will also be possible to balance all three to try and create the perfect tourist trap.

These paths also compete with each other through experts that demand more money, resources and attention, so you’ll need to make choices based on not just their advice, but also how you want your park to develop. And then there are disasters to contend with, running the gamut from devastating tropical storms and dinosaur attacks.

The small amount we’ve seen is pretty striking, and looks uncannily like the movies. There’s a reason for that: Universal gave models to Frontier that the artists and animators have transposed to the game.

Jurassic World Evolution is due in summer 2018.

You can watch Frontier breaking down the game at the Frontier Expo below.


  1. LeiHarper says:

    If this has the same degree of park customization as Frontier’s Planet Coaster then I can’t imagine the user creations that are going to be posted on YouTube.

    Despite the issues with the management side of Planet Coaster it is truly amazing for the customization options. I think they could have a real hit on their hands with Jurassic World if they go the same route and tighten up the management side of things.

    • ludde says:

      I’d much rather they make an actual game than an asset editor.

      • ColonelFlanders says:

        Oh my god a thousand times this. Frontier’s communication strategy is fucking awful, and while all of the apologists will tell you ‘they listen’ because they let you paint a wooden bloody rollercoaster, they are clearly simultaneously ignoring the mounting criticisms about the game’s complete lack of actual game.

        I think what makes me maddest of all, what makes me really seethe with fury, is that they have dropped the ball ONE FRICKIN INCH before the bastard finish line. The creation tools, the audio-visual design, the sheer child-minded joyful creativity it allows you to express; all of these things are industry-leading levels of fucking amazeballs! Why did they have to fuck it up by forgetting to put any cake under all that icing? GAH.

  2. DeltaVictor says:

    Those dino models looked so good! But then they proceeded to walk through immovable vegetation… sigh.

  3. montorsi says:

    Quite excited for a good Jurassic Park game. Please don’t suck.

    • FurryLippedSquid says:

      I can live with that!

      Besides, there’s nearly a year before it’s chasing our jeep so y’know, might happen.

  4. GenialityOfEvil says:

    Is it too much to ask for an open world game where we can play AS the dinosaurs (with the hotswap mechanic from Driver San Fransisco)? Every time we get a dino game it’s just dude with gun or something like this.
    I’ll probably still get it, but given the hard-on game developers have for open worlds and dinosaurs, you’d think one of them would try something new.

    • Ghostwise says:

      There was this game where you played a raptor… IIRC it was this year or last year, and it cratered hard.

      I’m sure I’m a-gonna remember the name any second now… ah yes – link to rockpapershotgun.com

    • Binho says:

      Check out an game called Saurian. It’s an in development game by a small studio, but that’s their goal. Also, they aim to make their dinosaurs look as accurate as possible, based on current evidence.

    • 3man says:

      The Isle gets played regularly in my dwelling, it looks pretty (prettier than this) and is basically a third person dino sandbox.

      The biggest problem is the lack of stuff to do beyond killing other dinos.

      You can also play Ark with a mod that allows you to play as a dino.

  5. Someoldguy says:

    It’s going to need to be a lot more game and less complicated construction sandbox than Planet Caster to get my money.

  6. Justoffscreen says:

    For the love of God just give us mod tools. Those dinosaurs are movie accurate, but if we really want to go the scientifically accurate route they are most assuredly naked.

  7. Binho says:

    Those models and animations look great on a technical level. I’ve always loved the concept behind Jurassic Park, and this seems like a cool game.

    But man, those JP dinosaurs designs are looking super outdated. You can tell they are *24* years old now – plucked chicken “raptors”? Bunny hands?

    • Behrditz says:

      Well, they ARE purposely splicing them together to look like that. Jurassic world has their scientists explicitly state that “real dinosours look nothing like these. These arent dinosaurs. We frankensteined together DNA to make these things look like our childrens books, but scarier.”

      • Binho says:

        Sure, that’s the in universe excuse they gave in the movie. Doesn’t stop them from looking super antiquated though! JP1 made all 70’s and most 80’s Dinosaur reconstructions look antiquated when it came out, now it’s suffering the same fate. Unfortunately, mainly because of its own fans.

  8. gwop_the_derailer says:

    New Jurassic Cretaceous Park managers, remember: Raptors don’t respond to negative reinforcements.

  9. shocked says:

    They should allow to construct these and the RCT parks in gigantic space stations, and then make them accessible in Elite Dangerous.

    Ride a rollercoaster through a dino park… in SPACE!

  10. Ham Solo says:


  11. SuperCaffeineDude says:

    Always loved Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, my cousin and my brother used to enjoy it as well.

    Fingers-crossed this isn’t crap, but I’d bet on a framework where you pay for additional minor-assets (DinoNerd Pack: With fossil-hall, dino-bookstore & the Therizinosaurus).

    Ideally it needs mod support, and though it looks nice I worry the the fidelity might be a tad too high for the large simulation I’d be after buying.

    Where they might improve over JPOG in my opinion is in simulating staff, though JPOG had good animal-ai for it’s time, it really lacked that “Theme-Park World”-like management.
    After all, the IP tells a story of human-error and hubris, it’s not just animal-welfare and the majesty of it all in my opinion.

    Prison Architect kind of pulls that off best right now, but if this game doesn’t work out I’d like to see an indie-studio take on a dinosaur/monster/alien theme park as it’s a great premise.