Quake Champions available in this month’s Humble Monthly


Now that we’re a significant way into October, Humble’s got a new set of games to offer up as part of its monthly subscription service, Humble Monthly. Those games are Quake Champions, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited and a set of content for the card game Elder Scrolls Legends.

The games each come with a kind of starter kit of resources to play with. For Quake Champions, along with the game itself, you get the following extra bits: 50 Shards, 100 Platinum, 2000 Favor, and two characters to play as, in a Ranger Champion and, most excitingly, a BJ Blazkowicz Champion.

For Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, you be getting the game alongside 750 in-game crowns, 15 days of ‘ESO Plus’ and an in-game pig vanity pet. Because who doesn’t want to run around Tamriel, fighting demons with a Bristlegut Pig but their side?

For those who don’t know, Humble Monthly is a rolling subscription service which delivers a new batch of games each month. Selected games unlock at the beginning of a month while the rest of the batch will be unveiled and sent out at the month’s end. If that sounds like your kind of thing, you can sign up now and get the above now. The rest of the games will be unveiled when they land in your inbox on the first week of November.


  1. Mokinokaro says:

    Keep in mind it’s a version of Quake Champions with only three of the characters available. It’s basically what the free to play version will be

    • Jalan says:

      Three? From what I had read, it’s two – the default/everyone gets him Ranger and the “Quick, we gotta throw in someone else to make this seem like an actual deal” B.J. Blazkowicz.

  2. mitrovarr says:

    Anyone who plays any of these games know how significant this stuff is? Like, is that a relevant amount of currency for any of them? I’m only interested in Quake Champions but I suppose other people might appreciate insight into the other games too.

    • Uncle Fass says:

      That amount of currency really isn’t worth it. You can get more than 2000 Favor after one match (provided you do a daily challenge). You can get 50 shards by crushing a common loot item (easy to find in boxes), plus 50 shards will buy you absolutely nothing.

      You normally can only pay real money for Platinum, but the 100 they’re giving you here won’t let you buy any good cosmetics.

      Also, you only get two characters. If you’re getting this monthly just for Quake Champions, it’s better to just buy the champions pack to get all characters now and forever.

      Even then I’d hold out, because if recent updates are anything to go by then the developers are blatantly not listening to feedback.

      • Jalan says:

        Redeeming the key in the bundle also prevents purchase of the champions pack afterward (from what I’ve read of people who have used it), which should make for a fun experience to be had by all. Nothing says “bargain” like being subjected to the siren call of gambling that are loot boxes hoping you’ll be lucky enough to get a champ.

      • mitrovarr says:

        Thanks! So, basically, you get the f2p version ahead of time. Pfft.

        I’m already subscribing, so I’ll probably just let it ride and hope there’s a lot of good stuff in the rest of it. All of this f2p/MMO junk probably cost them little to nothing to include so they might have loaded up the rest of it to compensate.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      In ESO’s case, 750 crowns will get you one fancy dress, a couple hairpieces, or some scruffy RP pants or the like, if memory serves. 15 days of ESO Plus is rather nice if you plan to steal everything not nailed down since the inventory size is small (especially if you get into crafting @_@), and Plus gives you infinite pockets which become finite but retain their contents once the subscription’s up. I suspect you can’t just begin the Plussening at your leisure, but it’s still pretty nice, and there are also experience boosts and stuff involved for those 15 days. The pig is worthless because it is not a cat.

      I’m burnt out on the game now myself, but I had many fun times with it.

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        Edit: The pet cats are apparently 400 crowns each, so it’s not a complete loss. ;) Rideable cats tend to be much more expensive, but being a cat person is free once you have the game. You could even be eight separate cat people all sharing a pet cat with this bundle, if that’s your thing.

  3. shinkshank says:

    While I don’t particularly care for any of these games in specific, I can say that while I was skeptical at first, Humble Monthly has really paid off. For a trifling amount of money, you get a bunch of games each month, at least a few of which are gonna be something great. This month’s had Furi, Scanner Sombre and The Shrouded Isle, three games I was quite keen to try out, along with a bunch of other cool looking stuff (and also Tomb Raider I guess, which I might give a shot later).

    The only problem with Humble Monthly is that now I’m kinda scared to get anything, at the risk of devaluing future Monthlies. But on the other hand, I can always use more games in my emergency birthday gift stockpile.

    • Risingson says:

      The problem I have with Humble Monthly is the same problem I guess everyone has: as much as I try, I don’t play every videogame genre, and some of them will stay forever in my backlog. And you never know what genres it is going to feature.

      And I am terrible at strategy games. Simply terrible. This month looked awesome.

      • shinkshank says:

        Well, again, you can choose which ones you redeem for yourself, and which ones you can save for later, generally for gifting purposes. And they’re usually varied enough that it’s a safe guess that there’s gonna be at least _something_ in there that you’ll like.

        • Risingson says:

          You know that you get tired of doing that eventually. My backlog of games to trade/give is also huge.

          • shinkshank says:

            I’ve never gotten tired of giving my friends gifts.

            Or, if you mean saving keys for later, also no. You just get a bunch of keys, and the ones you don’t reveal are all stored in a handy list you can go back to later on your humble account. It’s hassle free, unless you _really_ hate having to log into your humble account.

      • April March says:

        The problem I have with Humble Monthly is that I’d rather have an okay deal on a game I want than an excellent deal on a game I don’t.

      • Carra says:

        The problem I have with it is that I have way too many games.

        Rise of the Tomb Raider, Pillars of Eternity, Inside, Solaris? Already played those.
        The Witness, X-Com 2? Bought those with the idea to play them but they’re on my to-play list.

  4. Morat Gurgeh says:

    I love Humble Monthly. For 9 quid a month I’ve got tip top games pouring out my arse. Total Warhammer, Stellaris, Tomb Raider etc. I always let it ride. Not this month though. No time for Mmorpgs and already have Quake.

    If you’re yet to use it, then have a look. Great games, dirt cheap.

  5. Banks says:

    The game is great but bear in mind that is much better to just buy the 30€ steam version, as you have all current and future characters unlocked. This “humble edition” only has two and one of them is the f2p one.

    Also if you are on the fence I think it’s better to wait until it’s in a better state, as of now it has multiple problems that aren’t easy to ignore.

  6. SaintAn says:

    Shame we have to boycott Humble Bundle now. They throw their hat in with a corporation that is ruining gaming means I’ll just pirate their bundles from now on. That they would sacrifice donations to promote anti-consumer practices that are ruining gaming shows how little they actually care.

    • Jalan says:

      Humble has, for years, too often been given a hand-waving pass for everything they’ve done. Often followed with the “I think this is an entirely unassailable defense” regarding it all being for charity.

      Not to call them a scummy business, or even insinuate it, but people shouldn’t be that surprised by this. They even tried to pull similar tactics when they offered The Banner Saga: Factions as a bundle.

  7. Vilos Cohaagen says:

    I paused my Humble Monthly sub this month as soon as I saw what games were coming. F2P and MMOs are definitely not my thing. Last month’s was disappointing for me.