Oxygen Not Included adds oil – what could go wrong?

Everything is fine and nothing unexpected will occur

The relaxed mining of Steamworld Dig 2 is still satisfying my desire to burrow deep underground but today I am reminded of another (more disastrous) subterranean delight. Sci-fi management sim Oxygen Not Included [official site] has recently been given an earthy update, bringing both oil and petroleum to the cavernous underbelly of your homely asteroid. These fossil fuels are bound to be a safe source of energy for your space colony, and will not result in any of the game’s Rimworld-esque disaster cascades. However, if you are a bit of an Over-cautious Oscar, don’t worry, the developers have also added some hazmat suits.

You can check the patch notes for a full list of additions, but here are the highlights for people who just want to huff the best fumes of the update:

Oil Biome: Journey down into the asteroid’s depths to obtain the valuable Crude Oil that awaits in this new biome. You may even make some new creature friends along the way.

Oil Wells and Geysers: Seek out Oil Geysers and tap them with Oil Wells to extract their precious fuel. You may need to sacrifice some fresh water in the process, however.

Petroleum Generator: Use the new Oil Refinery to produce Petroleum and fuel your new high-powered Petroleum Generator.

Plastics: The Polymer Press will allow you to start manufacturing your own plastics, unlocking a new tier of advanced and germ-resistant materials. Try not to heat them up though; Naphtha byproducts are no use to anybody.

Suits: Suits are heavy-duty hazard gear designed to keep your Duplicants breathing in any environment. With these new additions, you control when and where Duplicants must wear protective suits as they go about their work and keep your base running.

Happy days. There are also sinks with running water, “comfy” beds (a bit too luxurious for my tastes) and a new type of creature called a “slickster”, which naturally turns carbon dioxide into fuel. I don’t want to know how.

My own underground settlement in this playful impending-disaster sim quickly turned into a stinking, gassy hell-colony but I nevertheless enjoyed my time there. Even if we had a dead body floating in our only well of fresh water. It’s mostly a silly game of pumping gases and balancing air quality with vents and futuristic machinery, but the problem of housing frail cartoon human beings ensures there are some darkly funny misadventures. I’m happy to see Klei tinkering away at it.


  1. shoptroll says:

    So how long will it take for an out of control fire to either scorch your base or asphyxiate everyone?

  2. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    I liked this game in general, but I never managed to find a balance between all the things and settle into a comfortable existence.

    Maybe that’s the point of the game’s mechanics, but it also makes it feel a bit Sisyphean.

    • jonahcutter says:

      Finding equilibrium is largely the game’s main purpose at the moment. Once you get some manageable balance, exploring how the various gasses, liquids and matter interact, and can be manipulated and altered, would be “endgame”. But the main thrust of the gameplay is to get all these interlocking systems to function in a reasonable, non-death-spiralling balance.

      I recommend youtubers CrypticFox and Brothgar as two excellent ONI players who explore, experiment and explain the game’s increasingly complex systems.

  3. cpy says:

    I don’t like ONI from outbreak update, it’s not that it’s harder or anything with new content or diseases. It’s just you don’t have many water geysers only 1 and 1 NG geyser which makes big bases impossible to have. It’s like they don’t want us to have more than 6-9 dupes. I used to have big bases with 20-40 dupes now it’s hard to get enough water to feed power and make oxygen for them all.

    • jonahcutter says:

      I think you can choose which seeds to use to start a new game with. You could try exploring that on the forums to find a seed that gives you a water geyser closer to your base at the start.

      If Don’t Starve is any indication, Klei will eventually implement all kinds of beginning game modifiers to adjust the experience to your taste.

      • cpy says:

        There is always just 1. I don’t care if it’s close or not, i can route pipes and wires, but being the only 1 is the problem.

        • jonahcutter says:

          Ah well I’ve naturally just stuck with the 8-10 dupe population as it felt good to me. The couple times I went big things get more unstable quickly. I like to take the time to try to better my systems as I go.

          There’s always the water purification route. There’s plenty of polluted water around. Once you get enough of the right systems and more advanced tech in place you might be able to create a closed loop for water needs for a larger pop. But obviously it takes more extensive and maximized infrastructure to do so.

          Check out Brothgar on YouTube. He does a lot of dev mode exploring of how the tech and matter actually function in various circumstances. You might find some new methods that way.

  4. Montag says:

    Do we have any idea of the game’s due date?

    • geldonyetich says:

      They could probably get away with calling it released now if they wanted. It’s pretty dang playable, all that’s missing is an end goal and final balance. Every big new patch is another layer of fun. Go ahead and snap it up in early access, you’ll probably not regret it.