Star Wars Battlefront 2 open beta extended two days

The free open beta test for Star Wars Battlefront 2 [official site] was supposed to end last night but Electronic Arts have decided to continue its mission to explore strange new modes, to seek our new players and new impressions, to boldly go where all those movies and books and comics and toys and cartoons and t-shirts and waffle irons and popcorn makers have gone before. The open beta will run for another two days and now end on Wednesday. You might fancy a go, as young Matthew Cox declared that “while Battlefront 2 surpasses the audio visual spectacle that was the only exceptional feature of the first entry in the series, it’s also a deeper and more interesting game.”

The open beta includes four modes and four levels, covering everything from spaceship battles in urban infantry action. It’s focused on multiplayer, not including any of the game’s singleplayer game, but does include a bit of the Arcade mode which is played solo.

I downloaded the open beta but didn’t get round to playing over the weekend, so I appreciate the extension. I mostly want to see some nice explosions and hear good lasers then I’ll be happy, though Matthew will tell you it is fun to play too:

“Star Wars Battlefront 2 has gone from a game I had next to no interest in to one that I’m excited to play more of. With more satisfying gunplay and a class system that provides some much needed variety, it’s miles ahead of the disappointing first game. If the maps in the full game avoid the clumsy corridor brawls that undermine sections of the beta, it’ll be one of this year’s best multiplayer shooters.”

You can download the open beta through Origin. The beta will end on Wednesday then the full game will launch on November 17th.


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    distantlurker says:

    Saving Matt’s ass by switching it up to the text crawl.



  2. Meat Circus says:

    It’s pay2win.

    It can go fuck itself.

    • Zelos says:

      It’s got a reasonable crafting system and the power boosts are minimal. You can buy power, but only up to a point and any player not spending the money can achieve the same thing in a not unreasonable amount of time.

      It’s kinda annoying, but this is a much better system than selling maps or other expansion content. It results in a much healthier, enjoyable game for everyone and you’d be able to see that if you would just stop being a superficial moron.

      The other alternative is to have no post-launch support, and nobody wants that.

      • Shadow says:

        People want post-launch support? Does EA give post-launch support? I would’ve never guessed either, considering these games are deliberately killed scarcely a year after release, regardless of DLC, expansions, mechanics, and replaced by a sequel. And people keep buying them.

        I suppose these forcibly limited lifespan games are what people want. We’ll see if this new method of financing this limited post-launch support is better. It’s a good thing the playerbase is no longer divided by DLC, but we’ll see how buying power affects toxicity, regardless of its objective impact.

        • Grizzly says:

          Battlefield 1 is still set to recieve 2 extra expansions (on top of the current two, which already have doubled the game’s content) a year after launch.

          • TimePointFive says:

            You mean the community has been divided twice, and will be divided twice more? Titanfall 2 would be a better example.

      • televizor says:

        “power boosts are minimal” power boosts and differences between cards are huge.
        For example, some basic card for Boba Fett gives you 50% damage reduction when jetpacking. The gold version gives you 100% – you get no damage in flight.

        “in a not unreasonable amount of time” really?
        Angry Joe did a some rough calculations on how much it would take you to get the amount of scrap to craft cards. It resulted in 720 hours.

        • ShineDog says:

          I don’t want to sound like I’m defending this system, but this is wrong. Bobas 100% boost applies when firing his rocket barrage, not when he’s flying. It’s about a 1 second effect. You see this throughout. Anything that’s a short term effect will have a much higher output spike from cards than the persistent ones.

          Joes also wrong about the time to unlock, which seems to ignore that you get stuff in boxes constantly, and assumes you need to craft for everything, you don’t.

          There’s also some stuff in a recent video that shows that you spend your credits on boxes that focus in certain areas, so you can say “i want assault weapons” and not have the complete blind draw that you have in beta.

          It’s still a shitty system, but Joe is way off on some things, and it’s not nearly as bad as he makes it appear.

          • wz says:

            It’s only been demoed for less than a week. Critics haven’t been given space to analyze or reverse engineer systems. Details might not be correct, demo might not show the worst. Even less space when having to review non-money aspects of game design, and being distracted by starting novelty.

            Details matter less. Thrust is clear:

            -Unlocks are locked behind RNG. Impossible to ignore, impossible to dodge frustration.
            -RNG can be sped up through microtranscations. Gambling losses, frustration, addiction, in a sheeps clothing. Exposure to kids. Exposure to casual movie fans.
            -Unlocks affect gameplay. Power behind unlocks. Upgrades, sidegrades for power in circumstances.
            -Unlocks work in PvP. Pure frustration when noticeable power gap present.
            -RNG is RNG: random. Be mindful critics might be lucky: draw unlocks specific for the way they play early. Some statistically will be really unlucky..frustration..gambling incentive. People are busy with other commitments – especially casual movie fans – while it’s a full price game. Probabilties not shown despite being entitled to balance information paying full $60. Lottery drops will be generous early then get stealth nerfed, and new rares added.
            -Like all movie tie-ins, overall motive is a money grab. EA didn’t make a Star Wars tie-in because a huge chunk of developers just happened to come together in one of it’s studios that were at the right stage of exploring gaming possibilities for a SWBF FPS and happened to be extra-ordinary fans. No deep unstoppable well of inspiration, no gameplay invented just to suit the franchise. First game was anemic because of neglect. SWBF2 an incremental improvement. Something like Alien Isolation is an incredibly rare example where inspired RTS devs just happened to be extra-ordinary fans and created new gameplay to suit franchise away from RTS thus furthering game design. Star trek: Bridge Commander is another example of creating new gameplay for the franchise (check out the massive Kobayashi Maru mod).
            -Focusing unlock areas only makes it easier to focus paying for power.

            RPS should send in a balance analyst or two to focus on this aspect and produce a full report (as much as the demo shows, or can be gleaned without seeing end-game level balance).

      • Ham Solo says:

        “The power boosters are minimal”
        Nope, some are quite strong. And even if they were “minimal”, which they aren’t, they’d still exist, wouldn’t they? Loot box gambling and pay2win mechanics. Pull out your wallet, buy a hundred boxes and win.

        • ShineDog says:

          The large % boosters are almost all short duration ones.

          The real issue i see are how the fairly small ones stack, particularly in straighter where the biggest boosts are found to damage and health. 10% damage boost on an epic card isn’t huge in practise in a dogfight. 20% rate of fire epic boost is pretty big, but it’s when you combine those that its really going to get scary.

      • typographie says:

        There is nothing EA (and Warner Bros., etc. etc.) love more than customers who believe the only alternative to loot boxes is no post-launch support.

        If Battlefield 3 manages to pull my attention away from whatever pile of games I still haven’t played by then, I MIGHT give this series another look.

    • Horg says:

      Yeah, it’s quite disturbing how brazenly they embraced buying power in a competitive game, and if current speculation is accurate we haven’t even seen the final form of the unlock grind. Meanwhile, Shadow of War seems to be taking all the impotent anger the internet can muster for a much less shitty (but still kinda shitty) implementation of paid unlocks. I’d quite like to see more people directing their attention at Battlefront 2.

      • ShineDog says:

        Apparently there’s a video briefly seen that shows a more final version where you can at least focus your unlocks on a class. From what I’ve seen high end cards are not infrequent drops in crates and you get lots of an so it won’t be so hard to get… something decent.

        It’s still fucked fhatvyou can just shortcut to straight better stuff. If it had been a system of sidegrades id be much happier about it.

  3. Godwhacker says:

    I liked the space battles but the ground level stuff is a mess- you’re supposed to stay with your squad but after 15 seconds it’s impossible to tell who they are. Basically it seems a race to see who can get a hero quickest, with that team then steamrolling the other.

    Just remake X-Wing guys.

    • haradaya says:

      Can’t believe Battlefront 2, like BF1, doesn’t have flight stick support. Absolutely disgraceful.
      The space battles made me yearn for a remake. But it’s gonna be oversimplified for the masses if they do, and not live up to its’ semi-simulator roots.

      • Godwhacker says:

        Cockpit-only view, limited torpedoes and power management, that’s all they need. Well, and limited cutscenes with decent acting, and ideally some Order of the Emperor analogue but for the Rebellion, and so on.

      • Det. Bullock says:

        There is joystick support but it’s very barebones, it doesn’t even support sliding axles for the throttle just centered ones, I ended up using joystick and keyboard and it worked well enough apart from the times it bugged out and decided the joystick was a mouse ending spinning around out of control until someone mercy-killed me.

        PS: you can’t even rebind the buttons apart from the trigger and the button for first person camera I tend to use the keyboard because I can’t tell what most of the buttons onmy stick are supposed to DO. And the config interface seems to assume you are always using a gamepad for some reason.

    • GrumpyCatFace says:

      I cannot understand why we haven’t been playing X-Wing II and Tie Fighter II for years now.

      Oh right. Corporate design teams.

  4. Bostec says:

    I’ve watched a few hours of this on Twitch. The ground combat is basically a re-skinned Battlefield 1 with lasers. Add some shenanigans with lootboxes and its a pass for me. Same old same old.

    • Donkeyfumbler says:

      Dumbed-down Battlefield with no proper squads, less distinct classes, no medics or supply and far less impact to any of the weapons. The group I play with all downloaded it, played an hour of it and then uninstalled it. Looks nice though…….

      • ShineDog says:

        It’s me, the one guy in the world that hates squad spawning and is glad it’s not here.

        I agree it’s battlefield light by design, but not sure I think the classes are less distinct – Officer does the medic role but his turret sets him heavily apart, assault and heavy map closely to assault and support in field, but the various shield, sentry, and bullrush abilities on just those two sets them very much apart compared to dropping ammo and different gun types

        • Donkeyfumbler says:

          I’m not convinced that Battelfield 1’s squad spawning is a good or bad thing – sometimes I think it would be best to only being able to spawn on the squad leader, but the fact that in Battlefront2 you can’t choose your squad and just happen to be spawned with a different couple of randoms each time – ones that you lose track of almost immediately – destroys most of the team play that a MP-focused title like this needs (imo). It certainly makes it far less fun to play with a bunch of friends.

    • Kirudub says:

      Agreed, it was NOT good. I downloaded the overly-large IMO beta “demo” to check it out, and I uninstalled it after about 15 minutes.

      The gunplay felt off, for one (as it was in the first game – I guess they didn’t listen to their critics), and aside from the admittedly pretty environment used for the ground MP map, the gameplay itself felt completely uninspiring.

      It’s obvious that this will be a repeat of it’s predecessor: pretty yet vacuous.

  5. Maxheadroom says:

    I didnt touch the loot boxes or star cards (or whatever they’re called) but i definitely felt less powerful than everyone else – i seemed to go down in 2 hits but people i was shooting seemed to take hit after hit and keep on going.

    Only played a couple of matches so its fair to say I didnt give it a fair shake, but what I did play didnt compel me to play more

    • ShineDog says:

      There aren’t really cards that just make you tougher or killier as an infantryman. (In space there are, and how)

      The game isn’t super obvious about the fact that heavies and assaults have more hp than the scout and commander noodle boys, and the heavy with his gun shield up can take a massive kicking.

      With the beta boosts available if expect it’s stuff like that, since they are things like ability swaps or better weapon cooling.

  6. Pulstar says:

    Next year when the whole thing sells for a fiver, maybe.

  7. GrumpyCatFace says:

    All that time and money spent in development, and they still can’t spell “defenses” correctly… what a shame.

    • Ryos says:

      Yeah, Defences is a tricky word to spell.

    • Gomer_Pyle says:

      Hat to be that guy, but ‘Defences’ is the British (and sometimes Canadian) spelling of ‘Defenses’.

  8. racccoon says:

    I like the waffle iron & popcorn, :)

  9. Gomer_Pyle says:

    I actually found it to be quite good. Now there were obviously some things that could be improved, such as the support vehicles in the ground battles, but overall it is a big improvement over the first Star Wars™ Battlefront (2015). That one was quite literally Battlefield with a Star Wars skin. I also see people talking about the crate system, and I can say that it honestly isn’t that bad. It is true that the drops are up to RNG, but you can at least choose which type of crates you want ( right now Trooper, Vehicle, Hero).