Clickuorice Allsorts: The Mountain King meets Line Rider

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The Hall of the Mountain King is an excellent piece of classical music. And Line Rider is an excellent videogame. Oho, what’s this? What. Is. This. Someone has put these two excellents together and created something double-excellent, as Classic FM have pointed out. “It took me over a month of my free time to create,” says creator DoodleChaos, who continues a fine 10-year tradition of combining one of the best free games ever made with bumpy beats and luscious illustrations. Happy Wednesday, everybody.


  1. Dewal says:

    Woaw, it gave me chills. Sure, it’s mostly due to the music being amazing but the way the author of the video made its movements in evidence was very well done.

  2. syndrome says:

    This is excellent!

  3. Viroso says:

    Indie game trailers made me dislike The Hall of the Mountain King but this made me like it again.

  4. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Oh neat, glad to see this made it to RPS proper! I saw it last night in RPS Discord chat and thought it was the cat’s pajamas for exactly the reasons, and I got a way bigger laugh out of it than I expected thanks to the barrage of timpani strikes just before the end. Double excellent indeed.

  5. The First Door says:

    Well that’s absolutely lovely. Although, I must admit The Hall of the Mountain King gives me mildly traumatic puzzle-based flashbacks to The Witness now.

  6. Stevostin says:

    OOOOKKKKK that was amazing.

  7. quasiotter says:

    There’s some wild stuff out there! Including one set to the whole album by This Will Will Destroy You: link to

    Also, is “licorice allsorts” just like saying “potpourri”? I’m a non-Brit, obviously.

    • Sarfrin says:

      It’s a bag of quite different-looking sweets that all contain liquorice, except one type that doesn’t.
      Also, that video is fantastic.

  8. Bahumat says:

    Thanks again, RPS, for being so great and for bringing delights like this into my life. <3

  9. notcurry says:

    This is far superior to most things you’ll find at a contemporary art exhibition.