Day of Infamy gets one of those free weekends on Oct 12

Infamy, infamy, they've all got it: infamy

More like days of infamy. A whole weekend of infamy. A holiday of infamy. The team-based world war II shooter Day of Infamy [official site] is seeking to dig some trenches in your Steam account with a free weekend from October 12-16 . Perhaps developers New World Interactive are aware that Call of Duty: WW2 will be parachuting into its territory come early November and are seeking to set up some resistance to this invader. Or perhaps they are just seeking to rescue the last lovers of realistic shooters from the beaches before the wacky warriors of CoD show up to capture them all.

As an enticement, they’ve updated the war-haver with a new map set in Brittany, France and have added a few things since I last died in a forest, including the African-American Black Panther tank battalion and Australian troops, among some other maps like Dunkirk.

The fight for WWII shooter fans may soon get harder, but I say godspeed. I enjoyed the realistic slant of DoI’s combat, the lack of radar, the sudden deaths from unseen rifles or machine guns, the confusion, the frightening artillery barrages. I was awful at being a commanding officer and only a little more effective as a radio-toting support troop but I like the way it paid homage to the likes of Day of Defeat and Red Orchestra. There are no ninja knifemen on these beachheads. Just another quick death or a heroic advance.


  1. SirDeimos says:

    Definitely give Day of Infamy a go during the free weekend. Apart from PvP it also has a great co-op mode.

    • Hartford688 says:

      I agree, excellent game, well worth a try.

      Bizarrely, my worst experiences of salty chat abuse came in co-op rather than pvp, which was a bit of a surprise. That said, on the whole the “community” is relatively non toxic for an FPS.

      The upgrade system I like too – you get cosmetic upgrades through play, but no power upgrades. Much preferable (by my thinking) than the Battlefront 2 star cards. I like this since when I get thoroughly owned during play, I can revel in the knowledge that it is purely because of my own ineptitude.

  2. Dewal says:

    I don’t know if i’m being hypocrite but I’m a bit disturbed by the trailer which try to say “Hey come and play, it’s fun” while reminding you of the number of actual people that died during the landings.

    It’s weird how playing a game about a real war is somewhat more fun or immersive, while at the same time I don’t want to think about what really happened.

    • Scumbag says:

      Just to point out:
      The numbers in the trailer are the numbers based on in game stats since launch. Games have absurd death counts compared to reality.

      • Dewal says:

        I’m actually relieved to learn that, it gets a lot less creepy. And after rewatching the trailer I see now that I read the numbers wrong, if I had read 100 millions instead of 100 thousands, I may have seen the absurdity of it earlier.