GTA Online expands next week with Transform Races

GTA Online Transform

Grand Theft Auto Online [official site] has been growing steadily for a good long while now, adding new missions and competitive mini-games since launch. Only fitting, then, that the multiplayer crime-o-thon is sustained by shameless and continued thievery, with the most recent update – Smugglers Run – adding a Battlegrounds-esque Battle Royale playmode with an up-armored vehicular spin. Previous expansions have introduced Trackmania-esque improbable stunt racing on player-made tracks and Splatoon-y colourful competitions of turf control among other such delights.

Go on. Take a look at the trailer after the jump and tell me what game they’ve nicked the wing-mirrors off of this time.

Give up? Well, perhaps I’m being a little cynical, but that looks more than a little like the central gimmick of the excellent Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. While clearly not as charming due to its lack of Nights as a playable character, and definitely inferior for its shortage of Panzer Dragoon-themed tracks, it does look to have some appeal of its own.

Putting snark aside, GTA Online does boast a huge range of vehicles to ride, drive or fly, and the vast majority of them are surprisingly fun to use. This new mode looks to capitalise on that in the most direct way possible, and I can see some fun mental gymnastics involved in switching between air, land and sea control systems.

The Transform Races update will be rolling, flying and floating its way into Grand Theft Auto Online on October 17th.


  1. Rugeon says:

    Ahem, I think we’re forgetting the real grandaddy of transform-em ups: link to

  2. April March says:

    It’s amazing how Rockstar is on a quest to make GTAV every game ever. There certainly are people who buy no games other than GTA; this must be an attempt to convince them there’s no reason to buy anything else.

    • MartyJ says:

      or an excuse not to make anything else for another 5 or so years.

  3. ulix says:

    A dedicated street-racing update would maybe bring me back to the game. None of that gimmicky shit that other games do better. Street racing is where it’s at! GTA5 could be the best street racing game on the market, sadly it’s marred by a bunch of issues that could easily be dealt with.

    They haven’t dealt with them in 3+ years, so I don’t expect them to in the future…

  4. OscarWilde1854 says:

    What even is GTAV anymore? I really wish they’d stop all this shit. It went from one of the best games of all time (the Singleplayer Campaign) to some whore-ish pay-to-win mashup of a bunch of other online games done poorly… All I wanted was some Campaign DLC.

    Every time I see one of these updates I just shake my head and wonder how long these people will keep paying for this shit… It’s really scaring me about RDR 2 as well, because if R* is learning from this experience it means RDR2 is going to be 90% about the online experience and 10% campaign. I still hope the campaign is fantastic but I’m definitely concerned that R*’s priorities might be a little skewed by all the money GTAV is still making them. Why make a real game when people will just keep paying for tiny injections of pointless shenanigans in the same game?

    • Sic says:

      Hear hear.

      I don’t blame them for spending time developing their MP version of the game, but what about a little balance? What about spending just a little bit of time on the single player version as well?

  5. Cerebulon says:

    This is the original central gimmick to Multi Theft Auto (The Vice City turned San Andreas mod) races. Weird custom tracks made out of 3D models from the game and checkpoints which change your vehicle into other vehicles to add unique challenges to segments on the track.
    I have absolutely no doubt that Rockstar took inspiration from there. Nice to see it in GTA V but it’s still something that’s been around for well over a decade now thanks to insanely dedicated fans.

    • Paranoid says:

      Thanks, I was trying to rememeber which multiplayer mod had this. It also had a great level editor and I actually made a few of these ‘transform’ maps back in the day.

  6. MartyJ says:

    Ok so they’re not going to make single player DLC, but would be nice to at least get some of the features that Online gets.

  7. racccoon says:

    Surely this game co. Rockstar isn’t that desperate to throw everything possible at it? I would of thought the game alone would made mammoths amounts of cash!
    Why keep trying to ruin it by placing in copy cat material. Seems Rockstars main goal these days is just…money.

  8. Jabberslops says:

    Slash Rant

    What good is even more races when there never seems to be enough people available to fill any of the Rockstar released races and activities? Anyone that is at all interested in this kind of thing are already playing the player made custom everything modes and activities.

    GTA Online is one big shit show of a game because Rockstar refuses to fix anything and instead just steal everyones ideas and release it as “free” content”

    The loading times for entering a lobby or joining a game are so long now that I sometimes wonder if I’ve timed out so I don’t even bother to play anything but heists since that is all people are playing that gets you good money.

    Also, not even joking, every single time I log on to GTA Online there is always at least 1 person using scripts to shit on everyone in a lobby, so it’s not even worth trying to do business missions anymore.