Killing Floor 2 launches Halloween Horror event

As you’d expect from a series about shooting monsters, mutants, and Einsteins, Killing Floor parties hard at Goth Christmas. The party starts today in Killing Floor 2 [official site] with the launch of its Halloween Horrors update, which adds a new map, extra weapons, and new(ish) enemy variants. And for people who enjoy dressing up, the update also brings Halloweenie cosmetic rewards and a way to receive extra pretties by completing daily and weekly tasks. The new map is some kind of clown nightmare with zones themed around different phobias, from spiders to… bad teeth? Have a look:

The new monster-mashing weapons are Seeker Six, a six-rocket launcher for Demolitionists returning from the first game, and the Hemogoblin, a medic weapon which sticks into enemies and drains their blood out in a torrent.

The new enemies are King Fleshpound and the Quarter Pounds (which would be a great band name), who debuted in the ‘Poundemonium’ event mode but are now in regular modes too. They have been rebalanced a little to fit.

As for the Dosh Vault, developers Tripwire Interactive explain:

“Players will receive a random set of missions each day that can be completed to earn Vault Dosh. While it won’t be usable to purchase items during matches, players will receive free Vault Crates containing cosmetic items at various milestones as their Vault Dosh accumulates.”

Full patch notes are over here, also detailing changes like rebalancing wave spawn times (largely by increasing the spawn rate but decreasing the maximum possible number of enemies alive at one time).


  1. peterako1989 says:

    Like killing floor needed it

  2. GravityBoom says:

    Loved the original Killing Floor. This sequel is wearing on me, and this Halloween event and the daily missions was just meh. I want to play to have fun not grind out dailies.