Something terrible has happened but you’re still here, and… now what? EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK [official site] is the answer. It’s a loud, colourful, surprising, earnest, funny, and devastating “interactive zine” from Tetrageddon developer Nathalie Lawhead, with dozens of scenes feeling around the aftermath and ongoing situation of living with bad things. Receive terrible and patronising advice, have even your desktop virtual pets run screaming from you, and tell yourself everything is going to be ok. It’s the cheeriest and most awful thing I’ve played in a while.

The pages of EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK see adorable little bunnyfolk and other creatures thrown into terrible situations. They fall from the sky, get impaled on spikes, boil in lava, and generally have a bad time. But they try to stay positive about it, chatting, bouncing, chasing people, and getting on with things.

Like many of Lawhead’s games, it captures that old feeling of computers as mysterious and surprising boxes rather than known and predictable systems – and it’s very aware it’s inside a computer. It slowly expands into a desktop environment with virtual pets, a chat stream, and other oddities, and many of its pages let us save our results. I now have a copy of a story I wrote while it interjected, a motivational poster celebrating my winner status, and a fine collection of generated presentation slides with advice that’ll surely solve all my woes.

It’s great. I adore Lawhead’s smooshing of animations, glitches, film snippets, and noise. It’s funny. It’s exciting. And it’s gut-wrenching. But moving through it builds a sense that maybe it will be ok – maybe not great, but ok is achievable.

Lawhead says in an accompanying artist’s statement:

“A lot of it is presented via humor, or creates ridiculous circumstances, because I feel like life is ridiculous. It’s one damn thing after the other and after a while there’s nothing left to do but laugh at it. Humor is what helps take the edge off, perhaps even create a platform for transcendence. Either way, it has been cathartic.”

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK is out now for Windows and Mac, available pay-what-you want from from Itch and Game Jolt. This has half-been out before, first for an ACLU fundraiser and then to pay for server costs, but it’s now complete, bigger and finished.


  1. Seafoam says:

    Fascinating game, but it is slightly too nihilistic for me.
    Not nihilistic in the philosophical meaning of the word, but nihilistic as in not having matured enough to move past the initial angst of it all.

    Just babbling about acknoweledging that the house is on fire, but not making the effort to do something about it.

    • Seafoam says:

      I decided to check the game in more detail, and I wish to retract my statement.

      The bunnies suffer horrible events, but still survive and pull trough in the end apparently. There appears to be a theme of optimism even in the face of hardship, it is no more than the phrase “this too shall pass”, but the point is much better than my initial impressions led me to believe.

      • ancipital says:

        That’s refreshingly cool and straightforward of you, chapeau!

  2. and its man says:

    Hey, great! I already own it from last month’s Hurricane Relief Bundle on itch.io. Glad I haven’t tried it before since it’s now “complete, and ready to be played as originally intended.”

  3. Don Reba says:

    After Hellblade, this game feels downright cheery.

  4. MajorLag says:

    I think I’m in love with the imaginary version of Lawhead that my subconscious has constructed based solely on the snippets of her work that show up on RPS. I really ought to make time to actually play some of them.