American Truck Simulator shows off New Mexico

Canyon crossin'

We still don’t have a release date for the upcoming New Mexico expansion for American Truck Simulator [official site] but developers SCS Software have said they are putting on the “finishing touches”. Eager to show off the sights of this map expansion, they’ve also released a trailer “to whet your appetite”. It’s got canyons, creeks and plane crashes.

Maybe the plane crash is someone from Flight Simulator X, who got too cocky and had to make an emergency landing into a totally different sim. Ha ha, wouldn’t that be silly. Ha ha ha.

You can also see a spaghetti junction from Albuquerque, a big chunk of real-world detail that was hard for the developers to squeeze in, they say.

This giant crossing of interstates proved to be a major challenge for our map design team. A huge structure in the middle of a city, combined with flat landscape not allowing us to use any limited-visibility tricks, it makes it really difficult to get enough fine detail into the scene. Too much detail is the enemy of high framerate, and finding the right balance is never easy when we build cities in our games.

But they managed it in the end. Good on ‘em. They’ve also included Roswell and a road that plays America the Beautiful as you drive, using rumble strips. Previous expansions, like Arizona, have been free for all you mothertruckers. But SCS have said that future DLC are likely to cost money.


  1. Shiloh says:

    Cool game, but I’ve always had real difficulty playing it with keyboard and mouse – the steering just seems way too sensitive, not such a problem on the highways but in the towns, I’m forever over- and then understeering to correct.

    • Premium User Badge

      Arnvidr says:

      Have you played the Euro version? Is there any difference between them? I always used the keyboard in Euro, but I haven’t tried American yet.

      • doodler says:

        I’ve played both, I’m not sure if there is a sensitivity difference but I know on American Truck Simulator you can’t bind multiple things to the same key which is extremely frustrating for my steering wheel. On Euro you can which allows me to bind my recenter camera forward and go into drive(I play automatic transmission) to the same button. I have to reach to keyboard to do it on ATS, can be frustrating when driving at high speeds.

    • fish99 says:

      It plays well on a controller if you have one.

    • GrumpyCatFace says:

      I had the same problem, until I turned mouse sensitivity down to around 20%.

  2. dystome says:

    “Previous expansions, like Arizona, have been free for all you mothertruckers. But SCS have said that future DLC are likely to cost money.”

    So wait, does that make New Mexico the last one that’s free or the first one that’s not? It might say so at the link that was intended to be there but actually it just leads back to this page…

    • Premium User Badge

      Arnvidr says:

      Arizone was the only one they promised for free, but as far as I can find they’ve not said anything about New Mexico yet.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Why isn’t it 1:1 scale for the entire US, those lazy developers.

    • Linfosoma says:

      I’m not sure calling such a small team “lazy” is fair.
      It would be insanely hard to make an entire country on a real scale.

      • patrickpeppers says:

        My sarcasm sense is tingling. It’s kind of like Spider-Sense, but way less useful.

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      It is already a 1:1 scale, you just don’t notice because the vehicles go 7x faster.

  4. wombat191 says:

    Considering they rescaled the map for free I don’t mind supporting them with paid DLC and all the map extensions for eurotruck have been worth it

  5. tafoya77n says:

    I’ve never been too interested in this series so I haven’t paid too much attention to previous articles about it. But I have to say they did a wonderful job of recreating the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge there in the first picture.

  6. AngelAtTheTomb says:

    Oh man. I grew up in New Mexico and this trailer brings a tear of joy to my cold cheek. The Taos Gorge Bridge, the Big I–I even remember the incident the “plane crash” is referencing, when a Cessna landed on the interstate outside of Santa Fe. My dad and I saw the thing, wings cut off, being towed back down the highway to the airport.

    Not a mothertrucker myself, but they may have convinced me to try it.

  7. fish99 says:

    I’ll definitely go back to this when there’s a few more states.

    • GrumpyCatFace says:

      Waiting until they make it to the Midwest. Programming will be pretty easy – just an unending palatte of brown/green.

  8. Saarlaender39 says:

    I just wanted to ask if the “markings” on the road (1:11 to 1:13 in the trailer), are supposed to be the “musical road”…then I read your description:
    “They’ve also included […] a road that plays America the Beautiful as you drive, using rumble strips.”

    Wonderful detail. :)

  9. Spacewalk says:

    Whatever happened to old Mexico?

  10. April March says:

    You can also see a spaghetti junction from Albuquerque,

    Make sure you don’t take a wrong turn there…