Dawn of War 3 gets an update and a free weekend

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War… war has changed. The latest (and largest) Dawn of War 3 update, “Endless War”, is now live. It adds new multiplayer maps, new elite units and new cosmetics to the Warhammer RTS.

If you don’t own DoW3 but want to get in on the action, there’s also a free weekend running from now until 9pm on Sunday, along with a 50% discount if you want the game for keepsies.

Here, have a trailer featuring all of the new stuff:

Let’s take a look at the three new maps. There’s “The Shrine of Asuryan”, which takes place in a snowy Eldar temple. “Serpent Chasm” is a sand-swept plain surrounded by water and skeletal sea serpents, and “Da Extractor” is an ‘Ork fuel rig…crusted with rust and algae’. Excellent holiday destinations, the lot of ’em.

I haven’t played any of the game, which puts me in a great position to tell you what each of the three new units does!

Lifta-Droppa Wagon


A JCB digger, retooled by the Orks to harness the souls of their enemies and use them for entirely peaceful construction tasks.

Wraithseer Kayduin


The Wraithseer is an Eldar gardener, and an excellent late game choice for dealing with pesky overgrowing marigolds.

Ironclad Dreadnought


Probably some kind of Space Marine IT assistant.

The update also adds customisation options for matches, allowing players to toggle Elites, Doctrines, and faction super abilities on or off.

You can take part in the free weekend by going through Steam, where it’s currently discounted for 50% off at £15. The free weekend ends at 9pm on Sunday the 22nd, and the deal is available until the 23rd.


  1. Ethaor says:


  2. TotallyUseless says:

    No thanks. Not only is DoW III a horrible game, its lore is also outdated already since we have the Primaris now.

    • Arcanon says:

      Which are the same as regular Space Marines, only made to sell new miniatures -_-

      • DarkFenix says:

        I hate to break it to you, but 40k as a whole was made to sell miniatures. Not that I’m a fan of 8th edition myself, bit of a clusterfuck really, throwing out many good things from 7th along with bad.

    • Asurmen says:

      Well that’s a bit silly. It was released before 8th edition which revealed Primaris marines, and first dev news well before the edition was announced.

  3. fuggles says:

    For the sake of Relic, why not give it a try? I hope to one day out of curiosity and to make my own opinion, although I have read the novel!

    In other news, if you still play Soulstorm (the most content filled wh40K game ever) both the betas for Space Wolves and Chaos Renegades remakes are about done and the tyranids are edging towards a new release. The unification mod which will bind all the races together is also fast approaching release.

    For those not familiar with soulstorm it has 9 races in the box already and for the race mods soulstorm, please see the below:
    link to moddb.com

    Or there is some sort of mod about an apocalypse I guess.

    • DarkFenix says:

      Why would someone buy a bad product “for the sake of Relic”? If Relic were still in the habit of releasing good games I’d be more than happy to give them a pass on a less than stellar game, but they haven’t made an even decent RTS since CoH1.

      • fuggles says:

        Because it’s free and people who are not invested in Dow seem to like it. I said try, not buy.

      • Asurmen says:

        Didn’t say buy did they? Try it to find out whether it is actually bad or not?

        • DarkFenix says:

          I, uh, somehow managed to completely miss the free trial thing. Can’t really argue with free.

  4. awry says:

    Been waiting for this update, I’ve put over a hundred hours into the game playing, and I’m interested to see how meaty this update really is. I highly recommend for people to pick the game up and give it a spin if they haven’t.

    It’s a damn shame so many 40k fans are so nitpicky and entitled. The gameplay is fun, customization is there, and it handles better than the originals. People cleave to Dawn of War 1 because of its base building and massive unit count, its macro; others cleave to DoW2 because of the lack of base-building, and small squads/point capping micro gameplay/last stand. Sad to see so many people clamor for a good 40k game, we get one made with love and polish, and it’s pooh-pooh’d in silly puerile ways (like the buffoons who called it a MOBA), the same way DoW2 was DOA to a lot of people on release.

    Oh Emprah, it only has a 77 on Metacritic, how horrible. DoW2, 3, and Space Marine all suffered as a result. The 40k fanbase will never be completely satisfied by these games because they will always compare it to an earlier one they’ve seeped in tiresome nostalgia.

    • fuggles says:

      Pretty sure everyone loved space marine. Damned shame it a) finished on a qte and b) never had a sequel.

      Dow2…. Not for me, too whack a mole. Relic should solidly commit to single player dlc
      – Really play to their licence. Why compete with other RTS in terms of game play, leverage your USP.

      • awry says:

        – Space Marine’s QTE ending was a damn shame to be sure. I also saw a lot of hate when it first came out, but perhaps this has waned? Absolutely terrible, made the boss battle into a trite affair.

      • MisterFurious says:

        I didn’t like Space Marine at all. I thought it was boring and linear plus I just hate Space Marines. They’re zealous, fascist, xenophobes. I don’t see the appeal at all.

    • Titler says:

      It’s not a good game, it was a MOBA, people already picked it up and saw it for themselves because it there was a free Beta to play with, and you’re just a sad little person insulting others because you can’t deal with the fact they don’t think the game is as good as you do.

      You even use the tedious fanboy excuse of “entitled” as if people aren’t allowed to ask for products that satisfy them, and after listing all the valid gameplay styles missing from DoW3, call people buffoons for wanting what you just listed.

      But I’m sure somehow this childish sulk that the game isn’t as rated on Metacritic as you wish it was will encourage people to play the game again… surely it will!

      • awry says:

        – I specifically called people who said it was a MOBA buffoons. I was also saying that a score of 77 is good. Please understand. Was WC3 a MOBA? Is it difficult to take down hero units with normal squads? Does it include items or have 3 lanes or a plethora of heroes to choose from? Just because a game has some hero units and they have abilities doesn’t make it a MOBA. I just don’t understand this narrow-sighted view, but maybe that’s because I’m a sad little person. :'(

        • DarkFenix says:

          Placing an insulting label on people with a certain criticism of a game reflects more on you than it does on them.

          DoW3 was trying to be all things to all people, it was trying to appeal to the entire spectrum of RTS fans (which is already impossible), while simultaneously trying to grab ARPG and MOBA fans. The game was a confused mess that ended up having no identity whatsoever, an unfortunate Frankenstein’s monster of a game that should serve as nothing more than an example of exactly what not to do.

          • awry says:

            Don’t think so. Again, there’s not much about the game that is more MOBA than RTS. Mostly all of it has been done before, and no one was calling WC3 a MOBA (maybe if the genre had been invented at the time, we would have heard the same nonsense). Calling it a MOBA is invalid criticism as it makes no sense. See my first reply to him. Those were all things people said on launch about the game; I don’t know how many times I need to state that RTS did heroes and hero abilities before this game. Did you guys play Red Alert or Command and Conquer Generals, in addition to WC3? Were those MOBAs? Do units drop gold? Do you buy items?

            There are valid criticisms of this game (as highlighted by other users), which is why it deserves its review scores. Saying it’s a MOBA is not one of them, and is a profoundly lazy repudiation of the game.

          • Asurmen says:

            How can it be trying to grab fans of genres that the game isn’t even slightly like?

          • DarkFenix says:

            I can’t help but feel you’re being wilfully blind in dismissing the MOBA comparison. Sure, RTS games had hero units before DoW3, and they were strong, but still just a part of the army. MOBAs take that further by making the heroes basically the whole point, the rest of the army is virtually just decoration. This is what DoW3 has done, your army is there to stand around looking pretty while your hero units do the legwork.

            The map design has also screamed MOBA to me since DoW2, the aggressively simplified lane-type design (which they quite keenly showed off in DoW3 trailers).

            And last up, what makes it entirely clear that you didn’t even care to read my comment, is that I never once called it a MOBA, nor did I say it’s more MOBA than RTS. I said the game was trying to appeal to MOBA fans among others, which given the similarities it clearly is (unless you think it was coincidental, in which case you’re horrifyingly naive).

          • Asurmen says:

            But it doesn’t clearly have similarities at all.

            Lanes maps have been in every DoW so far. They were often the most popular maps.

            If the rest of the army is virtually just decoration, try and defeat the enemy with just heroes. In a MOBA, you absolutely can win without the creeps.

            All units have abilities and have in every DoW so far, include hero ones which can change a battle.

            The only thing that’s actually similar is the three objective layers, but tbh it isn’t really any different than Destroy HQ objective types in the previous two.

    • Chromatism says:

      Or, speaking from personal experience, I could say that I simply don’t find Dawn of War 3 fun or compelling. I put hundreds of hours into Dawn of War 1 and all it’s expansions, I put a good number of hours into number 2 and decided it wasn’t for me but appreciated what it had accomplished…

      Dawn of War 3, on the other hand, forced me to go down the route of progression and unlocks in some ham fisted army builder that, in my estimation, is worse than say Company of Heroes because at least there I could choose in a match where I wanted to specialise. Not out of it. Plus I’m simply not interested in what very nearly is MOBA level unit ability management with lack lustre base building.

      I feel that DoW3 strives for the middle ground between 1 & 2 and pretty much fails because of it, while leveraging some MOBA style stuff into the mix. If I’m wrong, or if things have changed, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts. But not liking a game I’ve tried and therefore not playing it? Not sure that makes me an ‘entitled’ WH40k fan…

      • awry says:

        – The complaint about the progression system is the most valid here. I would have also preferred no progression system, and it stands in testament that the game was not perfect and deserved its flawed score. Weak single-player is another good reason, and I love the idea of including an SP expansion DLC (I’m hoping if they have an expansion, it will include beefed up SP). But while the skull system shouldn’t have been included in the first place, I do honestly feel it was easy to unlock what you wanted to play with relatively quickly, if not everything (there were a good amount of trash doctrines that couldn’t hold a candle to others, another flaw in their design).

        I don’t think you sound like an entitled 40k fan either. I apologize if I caught you in my blanket statement.

        • Torashuu says:

          Own both DoW 1 & 2 + expansions, pouring way to many hours into them (more then a few hundred). I did try the beta of DoW3, and the silly thing is that they really did squarely aim at all the things the previous two were lacking in features. And in scale it sits right in between. Technically and mechanically I found it very polished and well done. They only thing it lacked in my opinion is, for lack of better word, soul. While mechanically it probably is a fun and engaging RTS, the minor mechanics didn’t mesh with what I expected of a DoW game. Things like unit scale + move speed + sound scape. The combat was too high speed for me, units too lethal and too many skill shot abilities. Combined with a base defense mechanic that works well, but really doesn’t fit the narrative universe. The combination of all these things is what grated me enough to stay away.

  5. Hunchback says:

    That is the biggest update yet?
    Really not overwhelming, is it now?

  6. Bing_oh says:

    If they added a proper single-player campaign, I’d probably jump on buying this. I’ve played both DoW and DoW2, along with multiple expansions, but always in single-player…multiplayer simply isn’t my thing in games like this. When the reviews came out for DoW3 saying that it concentrated on multiplayer, I sadly decided to skip it.

    • fuggles says:

      Now you can smash that campaign for free!

    • Xocrates says:

      I found the campaign to be perfectly serviceable. It’s not their best campaign, but it’s not their worst either – I’m not even sure I would call it worse than Retribution.

      It very much is a proper single-player campaign, it’s just fairly unremarkable.