Everspace expands ship roster with Encounters

"Come in Admiral! I've encountered some kind of giant biscuit."

Exploding time. I found the controls of roguelite sci-fi dogfighter Everspace difficult to absorb but respected the combat-heavy feeling of it. Fwooping from star to star and blasting everything as my weapons overheated and hull cracked. It’s got a new expansion today, called Encounters, which adds a new ship, weapons, abilities and tools, as well as new space stations and planets to orbit, like the Okkar Homeworld. They’re the space lizards who like to kill you on a regular basis. Perhaps you’d like to visit them.

Most significantly, the new ship, the Colonial Sentinel, is an electronic warfare specialist. It comes with an EMP generator that stuns enemies and has perks for the faster hacking of security doors. But the real meat is in the batch of new weapons. Here’s the most sci-fi of all the passages from the press release:

The Lightning Gun deals damage that arcs to nearby enemies, and the Neutron Cannon devastates enemies with increasing area damage and bigger projectiles the longer it is charged. The Seeker Missile Battery aims to please pilots who want to barrage multiple foes at once with explosives, and the Plasma Thrower does not make any false promises, either: it creates a massive spurt of plasma which deals a ton of damage over time.

Nothing says “you throw plasma with me” like a weapon called “the plasma thrower”. There’s also emergency shields, a decoy generator and a damage converter that turns some of the gunfire hitting your ship into precious energy. No, not that much. Okay, stop taking damage. We’re not “absorbing” any of this. Abort. Abort.

Exploding time.

It’s on Steam and GOG for £6.99/$9.99.


  1. percydaman says:

    I gave the game a try. But even though I already knew it was a roguelite game, I still found having to start over to be too punishing. Other roguelites you’re back in the action and deep into the game after a handful of minutes, so it’s not that big a deal when you die. With this game it just takes too long to feel like you’re progressing again after you die. 10 minutes in and you can still be puttering around in the first area. Anyways, I used a trainer and played through the game to the end. I had more fun that way anyways.

    • Pogs says:

      I found the same initially so I lowered the difficulty and was soon making progress and enjoying it again.

      Its a good game and well worth spending some time with.

    • Lobotomist says:

      I think they made mistake in making the game “roguelite”.

      It should have been ARPG type game like Diablo, where you go through random areas, collect loot, level up. The game would retain all the fun, but feel less pointless and tedious.

      However I feel that all this “hardcore” permadeath style, is only there to hide that these games don’t have to much content ( so they force you to replay first part to nauseum )

  2. Ericusson says:

    I really loved Everspace in early access but they began to lose me when restricting some modules to some ships.

    I then waited release and felt the game had lost something compared to earlier versions and really did not like how they tied he story at all and lost the humor of it all somehow.

    I don’t feel the rogue lite grind went along well with the game in the end and only completed it once after release.

    Kind of a bummer as I really really really liked earlier versions. Still a beautiful game to play when removing the cockpit and a nice (but too smoothed) mouse interface control in space.