Stronghold HD: Free with every meninist fever-dream

Stronghold HD

We might be drowning in big-budget games this month, but GOG reckon that you should spare a thought for the venerable old gems that brought us here. They’re doing another of their giveaways today, and this time it’s a double: Castle building/besieging RTS Stronghold HD, and A.D. 2044, a Polish point-and-click adventure from 1996 that I must admit no familiarity with.

I know! Let’s make this an adventure in international videogame history: Come join me as we read through A.D. 2044’s plot synopsis after the jump, after a little look at Stronghold HD.

If you’ve never played it before, Stronghold HD holds up surprisingly well to this day, offering a much more technical and defensively-focused RTS than most modern offerings. The upgrade to HD resolutions allows for a wider, clearer view of the battlefield that the original 2002 release and there’s even some gameplay upgrades lifted from the Stronghold Extreme release, including a nearly limitless unit cap.

Alright, now let’s take a look at A.D. 2044!

The future is now, the year 2044 to be exact and the world has changed dramatically. Male civilisation is on the verge of extinction. Genetic engineering has made human reproduction possible without the need for man’s involvement. Women have decided to fight their final battle and to shape the world the way they want it.


But if that’s not enough, women have a new laser weapon which kills only men, and the few remaining men are being turned into “she clones” in the bionic clinics. And there’s more, a rebel feminist has stolen a supply of warheads and intents to start a global nuclear war.


Wait though, there’s a glimmer of hope. You are the last remaining normal male and if you can avoid these female superpowers, you can reverse their domination. But hurry, you don’t have much time, the clock is ticking, your fate seems sealed, unless…

Yeah… No. 

My first reaction to that dunderheaded wall of text was bafflement, then rationalisation (it can’t be THAT bad). But a quick peek at some footage reveals a world of awkward CGI fembots, stomping on the player’s face with their stiletto-heeled feet.

Picking up this bundle (even if it is free) feels almost like some kind of Faustian pact. Sure, you get Stronghold HD for free – a game well worth playing – but your GOG account will forever bear this mark of shame. So just how badly do you want it?


  1. Seafoam says:

    Christ that’s pathetic.

    You can always say: “That’s just science fiction! It has nothing to do with feminism!” Sure, and that web-comic character that looks exactly like the author, is always so cool an popular and competent, and has a relationship with the authors video-game crush, is NOT a self-insert by any means.

    • Barts says:

      Chill. It’s an old game based on even older Polish movie that was a metaphore for communist reality and not a jab at ideas of feminism. Attacking it A.D. 2017 is as silly as editing out n-word in Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

      • vand says:

        Look mate, the n-bomb was also racist back then. Editing it out or at least lampshading it is how we confront the reality of our fucked-up history. “It happened some time ago, it’s irrelevant” isn’t really consistent with exploring any kind of social issues. Furthermore, have you actually played the game? Because it’s preeeetty blatantly anti-feminist. Claiming otherwise requires a pretty damn selective interpretation.

        • SuperTim says:

          Hey! I’m really happy you can confront your n-word allergy by editing them out of your books! As someone who suffer from tree pollen allergy, I’d hope you can burn down all the trees in the country so that I won’t suffer from pollen any more. And while you do that, could you also kill all the bees so that my bee sting-allergic friends can live a life without worrying being stung by bees? I’m glad it doesn’t sound silly to you because you admit it’s the best coping mechanism. ^_^

          And for your other question, is the game anti-feministic… well… stories with anti-feminism is sometimes very okay, like this game. I will not dwell on it in order not to trigger more of your f-allergy.

          I wish you good health in the recovering from your f-allergy attack.

          • vand says:

            Uhm, you know that this messaging system puts your username over your posts, right? So when you write something as if it’s my opinion, everyone can still see that it’s actually you writing it…?

            And if you will just lemme nibble this bait a bit, I don’t think your analogy is as clever as you think since racism isn’t really a part of the ecosystem. It’s almost as if it’s a very complicated issue that can’t be boiled down to snappy comments. Hm.

        • icarussc says:

          ‘Confront’ or ‘avoid’?

        • sfg says:

          Ah, the good old…eh.. new liberals… always eager to edit out, censor, forbid and have everyone think the exact same things. Pretty much cheerleaders for a police-state. All in the name of not hurting poor someone’s feelings and of “dealing with problematic things” when what they really wish for is just a totalitarian system they can control.

          • fegbarr says:

            [citation needed]

          • aldo_14 says:

            Do you honestly believe that shit works in any way as a convincing and coherent argument?

            EDIT: for the record, my totalitarian new liberal state would be the one where my wife doesn’t get her car windows panned in for being the wrong colour for the neighbourhood. I guess that makes me worse than Stalin and Hitler combined.

          • sfg says:

            I fail to see how you fix that by editing out words from books, censoring people and accepting only what you think is the right way.
            The only difference between this new breed of liberals and conservatives is their agenda. However, their modus operandi is identical. Both sides look to limit and if possible exterminate everything they don’t like with no regard to opposite points of view. Both are insane radicals.
            And you might argue that your agenda is more valuable than your opponents agenda (like no other insane radical ever thought ever!), but I’ll argue that NO agenda is worth your ways of dealing with it. No agenda is worth the censoring and totalitarianism you wish to institute where the government essentially should issue out little books of what is allowed to think and what not. Absolutely none.

          • sfg says:

            And I’m not sure how getting your car windows panned in or being called the n-word is worse than being fired and having your life ruined for daring to think something else than what the supposed correct way of thinking is. What, you think importing refugees en-masse is the best idea ever? Instant pariah, you should never be hired by anybody!
            But I guess someone’s precious feelings are more important than someone’s life.

          • iucounu says:

            It’s weird, if I say things like ‘I’m not consuming this work of art that has a shitty political message’ people often hear ‘I wish to destroy and exterminate the artist and everyone who enjoys the art’.

            It’s not censorship if I disapprove of a book, game or movie, because I’m not actually a government.

            Oh, and we should let in any and all refugees, as is our legally-binding obligation, and also the moral lesson we ought to have learned in 1940s.

    • zaldar says:

      Except if you go to places like say jezzebel or tor I would argue you can find femminists who WANT the kind of world portrayed in that game. Remember the joy with which people loved watching the misandry of wonder woman?

  2. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    I mean, you get a decent game and what sounds like a shit game. But it’s not like your free pickup is funding some kind of anti-feminist terrorism. You just end up with a shit game.

    • Barts says:

      It is a shit game as of today’s standards, but it was pretty cool in its time. Like many other games on GOG. Remember that the name initially was an acronym for Good Old Games?…

  3. josborn says:

    Oof. Well that’s about as subtle as a bazooka blast. And to think that I’ve gone my whole life as a male without even realizing my gender had its own ‘civilization’!

    • zaldar says:

      Yes this is just because you don’t recognize the male centered nature of the world and your own privilege which makes you worse than hitler or stalin (or at least this is what the new left would like you to believe)

  4. Grizzly says:

    Ooh, I remember playing Stronghold as a young child and being profoundly bad at it, now that I actually understand basic RTS principles beyond “build this massive castle in the scenery editor and watch a massive battle”, might be a good time to revisit it.

  5. fegbarr says:

    Hang on. Why does this rebel feminist want to start a nuclear war now that there are no men left? Surely (by the batshit logic of this lunatic game) she would be happy with the whole situation?

    • napoleonic says:

      It’s a special type of nuclear weapon that destroys only the male genome. Remember that it originally came from a satire on Polish Communism and the Cold War.

      • fegbarr says:

        So why does she need it? There aren’t any men left anyway.

  6. Ghostwise says:

    My first reaction to that dunderheaded wall of text was bafflement, then rationalisation (it can’t be THAT bad).

    Not familiar with GoG’s forums and moderation, heh ?

  7. DocRickShillstein says:

    FYI, especifically for those very unaware of things… MENINISM, or MENINIST is in fact a parody movement and it is NOT a real movement.

    • Fomorian1988 says:

      Having had the (dis)pleasure of having discussions with MRAs and meninists, I beg to differ.

      • Dominic Tarason says:


      • ofthetimelords says:

        They are literally the same bunch of stupid authoritarian idiots as their 3rd wave feminist counterparts.

        • Leafy Twigs says:

          You have absolutely no clue what 3rd wave feminism is. For all you men who want to whine about feminism, let me give you a clue. 2nd wave is the one you want to complain about. 2nd wave had the hardliners against porn, the gender seperatists, the “if you dress femininely, you’re serving the patriarchy”. And so on.

          3rd Wave is inclusive. Believes in giving a voice to the problems of men. To the problems of people of different races. Intersectionalism: we’re all in this together. Very democratic and believing everyone should be free. If you’re calling this authoritarian, it’s just proof that you have no bloody clue.

          • DocRickShillstein says:

            That’s definitely not the 3rd wave feminism. It is a superiority movement right now. The 4th wave, now that is a better movement giving voice to men too.

          • ofthetimelords says:

            No. What happens right now with 3rd wave feminists has absolutely nothing to do with your idealised view of things.

            Can’t say I’m surprised though, when you start with “if you all men want to whine…”. Should I respond with “did you assume my gender and pronouns because of my photo” or should I expect a call for male tears and redirection to a Sarkeesian video?

            This has gone on long enough. They are the same bunch of entrenched idiots like their (initially parodic, now more serious than ever) MRAs. I want nothing to do with either of them and most people don’t want either, irrespective of gender.

          • Risingson says:

            Really, that’s true. 2nd wave is about to fight male patriarchy and always bear in mind that it is the enemy (radfems as the top radical example) and 3rd wave is the one about the reconceptualisation of genre and sex and who oppresses. The 2nd wave is not too kind with trans people, the 3rd wave usually is. However there are a lot of variations.

          • Herring says:


      • DocRickShillstein says:

        MRAs I understand their pledge, MGTOWS I find them extremely stupid, like the feminists of $CURRENTYEAR

        • clockworkrat says:

          “Understand” in a very narrow sense of the word.

          • DocRickShillstein says:

            I think that taking into account some of their arguments, like joint custody of children, to better rights for men who take jobs women won’t even want to touch it(some do, rare) is a good point. Or the higher suicide rates for men, or because men live less…

          • April March says:

            They don’t make these arguments to say “we should worry about the problems men face as well”. They make those arguments to say “look, men have problems because of their gender as well, so how about feminists shut their big mouths ’cause it’s crap out there for everyone?” That’s why their arguments are only that, arguments. Meanwhile, feminists have been making those same arguments for decades while also relating it to toxic masculinity (which is all the same problem) and… well, next time you see a battered men’s shelter, I’ll bet ya it’s not the bloody MRA’s who are running it.

          • CronusAsellus says:

            @April March, surprise, but there is one (literally ONE) male domestic violence shelter in the USA (compared to 2000 female DV shelters). There was another one in Canada, but the owner (who ran the place out of his own money as the government wouldn’t help him out) was harrassed and ridiculed by feminists and friends to the point of suicide (the fact that he was financially ruined by the whole venture also didn’t help). Also, you must not know about Erin Pizzey, the lady who was creating first DV shelters in UK. When she came out saying, that there should be also male DV shelters because “violence is not gendered”, she was ostracized and ridiculed to the point of homelessness by feminists.

            Funny how that works, huh.

            So yeah, MRAs are trying to change things, but they don’t have any sort of funding or government backing that feminist organizations have. So there you go.

        • vand says:

          I’m just gonna go ahead and call you out here: adamantly insisting that anti-feminists are not a real thing and misrepresenting feminists as somehow being against male rights (by denying, ex. custody rights) are debating strategies being circulated and encouraged by anti-feminists. Obviously, this being the internet, I cannot know this for sure, but I’m just putting a warning here for others that you’re /probably/ very aware that what you’re saying is not true and part of an agenda to delegitimize progressive movements.

          Your posts are carbon-copies of templates being shared on /pol/ and (until it was closed) Stormfront, usually attached to a comment instructing to take care because anti-fascists and feminists will recognize the red flags, which is happening to you now.

          So if you’re /not/ actually a fascist, please think about where you got these talking points from and if those people also claim to “not really support any side” and then go on rehearsed tirades about how bad feminists are.

          • Solidstate89 says:

            He’s repeating word for word propaganda from MRAs and MGTOWs. All we need now is for him to use the word “femoid” and I’ll have a bingo.

          • Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:

            Even by the standards of a fourth-tier argument about feminism in an internet comment section, that’s a pretty astonishingly loose use of “actually a fascist”.

          • DocRickShillstein says:

            Let me see what sort of buzzwords and attempts to delegitimize my argument by not really showing any counter arguments to it.

            delegitimize progressive movements(actually regressive, but who is counting?)
            carbon copies of 4chan pol and stormfront.
            Anti-fascist(suggest you may be an antifa supporter or a gobbler of propaganda)

            Now that you got the buzzwords out, and that you didn’t even address my points, can you please do so on your next post? Try to keep the buzzwords to a minimum.

          • Sin Vega says:


            Words mean thing even when you don’t understand them. Using words you either fail to understand, or pretend not to, does not magically invalidate any post they’re used in.

            I suggest for the sake of your reputation that you learn some basic grown up rhetorical skills before you engage in further public debate.

          • DocRickShillstein says:

            @Sin Vega

            understood, next time I will indirectly, or directly imply the person is a fascist or a nazi for holding different ideas, ignore the points of the other person argument and use buzzwords. Thanks for the help! I couldn’t live without people like you helping me.

          • vand says:

            I’m not trying to avoid buzzwords, and I’m not trying to seem like I’m engaging your points in a debate because /I’m not addressing your point/. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are repeating very specific points and arguments that are deliberately constructed to obfuscate. I’m not asking your opinion or trying to convince you of anything, I’m warning everyone else who is reading. I’m not subtlely implying that you might be a fascist, I’m sharing my observation that you /probably are/. That you’re attempting to deflect this accusation with some vague attempt at rhetorical relativism is NOT helping.

            I have no interest in trying to obscure that I am a feminist and an anti-fascist.

          • DocRickShillstein says:


            You SHOULD try to avoid buzzwords.

            Thank you for the friendly to everyone that being guilty of wrong think can label anyone a fascist.

            It is not as if males suffer more suicides, or that men in high risk jobs suffer more(and you don’t see anyone in the feminist side parading to join those fields), or that men lose custody more often, or have less chances of seeing their kids at the same amount of time as the wife. No, it is all “fake” because I can’t demand equal rights, only superiority of one gender over the other.

            I’m not a communist, or antifa to be a fascist. Those who “profess” to fight against fascism, are in fact being fascist themselves. I’m also not a white supremacist(or black supremacist, or asian supremacist), as I abhor identity politics, and I can’t be a nazi because I have Jewish background. But I have to tell you, those “insults” or “labels” are just not as effective anymore. Being called a fascist just lost its meaning to “Anyone who is slight right to Stalin or Mao”, or nazi/white supremacist to “anyone who disagrees with identity politics”. On that note, I think white supremacy is a very open, and diverse group. They seem to be taken blacks, asians, latin americans, and others! Who knew white supremacism was more diverse than say, BLM!

            And you end your message with a virtue signal.
            Thanks for warning others about the dangers of different thought. Orwell will be so proud! And he experienced this during the Spanish civil war!

          • RabbitIslandHermit says:

            Hey, dipshit, men only commit suicide more because they’re more likely to do it using violent methods, the attempt rates are similar. You want to reduce that rate, great, there’s a pretty straightforward method of doing it, but something tells me a reactionary like you would rather whine about women than ban handguns.

            And how deeply pathetic it is that you lot love to invoke a socialist who put his life on the line for equality to smear any movement to the left of that shithead in the White House. Guess you shitsticks can’t find any intellectuals of your own who aren’t explicitly Nazis.

          • zaldar says:

            except that what he is saying is true at least somewhat. If you have spent any time on Jezzebell or tor then you have run into the antisex antiporn complete anti male feminist. The kind of feminist who was upset with the UN’s female advocate for appearing in revealing clothing and celebrating her beauty. The kind who hated the mother daughter sports illustrated swimsuit issue and thinks it is always bad. The kind who thinks men who enjoy looking at and worshiping the beauty of the female form are innately terrible. The kind who want to remove sex as a beautiful and vital part of life. It certainly seems to be the modern type I run into and is usually wrapped up in an anticapitalistic viewpoint I have no tuck with.

            Do not go to the sites you mention but I certianly understand how they would arise as a reaction to the sites I mention. None of this of course means women haven’t and in many places (like hollywood and the middle east) still are treated terribly. But equal treatment and responsibility should always be the goal – when it becomes something else I leave.

    • Solidstate89 says:

      The existence of MRAs, PUAs, and MGTOWs beg to differ.

      • DocRickShillstein says:

        interesting, you are confusing actual movements with a parody movement. Very interesting indeed!

        • mejoff says:

          Sadly, there genuinely are dudes out there who consider themselves to be part of the meninist movement, and take it seriously. No amount of you explaining to us that they are wrong is going to change that.

          • DocRickShillstein says:

            Then i can’t help it but laugh that you are taking it seriously.

            Maybe you think Kekistan and what it is, is true as well.

            Long live identity politics, long live the kekistani people!

          • Phasma Felis says:

            @DocRickShillstein Ah, I see your problem. You think that there’s a difference between being a dick for the lulz and being a dick sincerely.

          • MrEvilGuy says:


            Get your filth out of here.

          • DocRickShillstein says:

            @Phasma Felis

            I’m completely and totally serious, and not sarcastic at all when I say Kekistani lives matter /sarcasm

        • Nickburger says:

          The menninist satirical “movement” is so small as to be irrelevant. Even if they’re using the term incorrectly, you know that they’re talking about men’s rights activists so isn’t arguing over the definition of menninist beside the point?

          • Solidstate89 says:

            MRAs fucking love to “well, actually” anything and everything they can.

        • mattevansc3 says:

          Interesting. This person has an orifice that is both mouth and arse and which allows them to talk out of.

          • DocRickShillstein says:

            Indeed, people who confuse movements, and even after it was explained to them, they still like to be confused… Kinda does it making interesting on how much poop can come out of ones mouth.

      • Zeewolf says:

        Are those related to PUBG and MOBAs by any chance?

        • Railway Rifle says:

          No, and a lot less fun for everyone involved, I imagine.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      The problem with trying to parody deeply stupid people is that they think you’re serious and adopt your parody into their actual beliefs.

  8. Eightball says:

    Gross, a point and click adventure game.

    FWIW it is apparently based off this Polish movie from 1984:

    link to

    Wikipedia makes it sound like it is at least as much a satire of the Polish communist government as it is an attack on feminism.

    • gpown says:

      Am Polish, can confirm – Seksmisja is more about the absurdities of totalitarianism than about mocking feminism, it doesn’t have to confront a lot of the issues because it takes place long after the extinction of men, i.e. kids don’t know what “a daddy” is. There’s also anti-emotion pills and stuff like that.

      It probably wouldn’t 100% pass a sexism review, but it’s quite funny.

      Which is why I’m completely baffled at the connection to that terrible-sounding game

      • GrumpyCatFace says:

        Sounds pretty prescient, actually… Should have called it “AD2020”

    • Barts says:

      Yep, it probably wouldn’t stand to scrutiny by Mary Sue as of today, but in its time it was well received for being rather smart kind of funny. There are some scenes that show two main protagonists as weaker sex, for example. There is also a fairly funny scene in which women of the future state that all major discoveries in the history of (wo)mankind were made by women and that Einstein and Copernicus were women, to which one of the males shouts: “Next you’re gonna tell me that Marie Sklodowska-Curie was a woman too?!”

    • Railway Rifle says:

      The source might be interesting and nuanced, but AD 2044 itself still sounds like it spun off into hilariously sad madness.

  9. Unclepauly says:


  10. ffordesoon says:

    Well. That’s certainly… something. I’d almost be tempted to pick it up in order to laugh at it, but A) I’m sure it’s terrible, and B) money spent sarcastically is still money spent.

    Unfortunately, I suspect that the MRA demographic is a fair chunk of GOG’s clientele. I find that many (#notall) people who self-identify as “old-school gamers” without prompting turn out to be equally “old-school” in their meatheaded attitudes toward those who do not already live in the treehouse. Which is odd, since old videogames (depending on the era, of course) were in many ways more inclusive than most of today’s big titles.

    Ah, well. That’s the insidious little trick privilege plays on you, I guess.

    • Archonsod says:

      Alternatively with age comes wisdom. One of the reasons older titles were much more inclusive was because a lot of people back then considered identity politics in much the same way people view pancreatic cancer.

      • clockworkrat says:

        Wisdom has never meant white reactionary. Likewise, identity politics are not cancerous. “Identity politics” is a pejorative term for trying to understand and be compassionate towards people who are not the same race, gender, sexuality, etc as yourself.

        You’re welcome. :)

        • Cederic says:

          Identity politics are very cancerous. It’s easy to show compassion to others without having to label them, and even easier to show compassion to individuals instead of demonising entire population groups based on arbitrary exclusionism.

          Keep the labels out of my games please.

      • mattevansc3 says:

        Like hell games were more inclusive “back then”. For decades games have primarily been made by white males or published by white males for a white male audience and contain either a white male protagonist or a white male gaze protagonist.

        In the 90’s there were more anthropomorphic male protagonist with “attitude” than there were sole black protagonists (freeform characters excluded). In Baldur’s Gate I had the choice of three different races of elves to add to my party. There was only one identifiably non-white human companion to chose from.

    • rollpapersmoke says:

      I’m sorry but I disagree with you on this ffordesoon. I think it’s important not to fall into a caricaturisation of reality based only on your personal opinion, and you’re not making either GOG or yourself any justice with that statement.

      I’ve been a GOG user for years now and I have a tendency to buy games there because I tend to agree with their DRM policies, sometimes (albeit sporadically) I’ve read and participated on the forum discussions and so far I haven’t read and interpreted any “old-school” attitudes as you say more than anywhere else. Instead, I’ve surprisingly found many interesting opinions and valuable comments on games and other subjects.

      I invite you to go there and have a look for yourself instead of rushingly judging everyone who buys games on GOG just because they’ve offered a free old game. Maybe once you do that you’ll be surprised to see who’s really the one living in the treehouse.

      Cheers mate.

  11. eeguest says:

    Actually with A.D. 2044 you get two additional games:
    Sołtys + Skaut Kwatermaster, inside game goodies for A.D. 2044.
    They are two point-and-click adventures. So, there you have it, another international videogame history adventure.

  12. Kestrel says:

    I find the premise of AD 2044 hilarious and my girlfriend does too. It’s really hard for either of us to say we’re liberals or feminists when both are completely fixated with being offended to the point of ruining humor for the average consumer. Can’t we all just laugh at ourselves for a change?

    • mattevansc3 says:

      Let’s just put some perspective on that. We’ve literally just dealt with a movement of primarily males who doxed, SWATed, harassed, bullied and physically threatened females in the gaming industry because they were threatened by females making the industry less male orientated and chose to fight back.

      And it’s the liberals and feminists wo are sucking the fun out of gaming because they don’t find a game about a male protagonist fighting against a society that is no longer male orientated humorous?

    • Jeremy says:

      When “the lulz” punch down, that’s a problem. The reason we can’t just find it funny anymore, is because we’re seeing that these behaviors have affected real people. Not wanting to change that because everyone is “so uptight” is a part of what being a privileged class looks like. I struck a privilege bingo just by the nature of being born with my genetics. That doesn’t mean I am ashamed of my nature, it’s just who I am, but I do get too choose whether or not I swing that around like a dick and make everyone uncomfortable(or much, much worse as history has shown).

  13. icarussc says:

    I misread that as ‘Mennonite’. Have to say I’m pretty disappointed.

  14. racccoon says:

    Maybe it would make a better port to the squinty eyed mobile users.
    Older games are well worn out & great they were.
    Getting them for free should just be a gimme.
    AD.2044 is so amazing in a video state. Very funny indeed. :)~“

  15. bill says:

    Since none of us have actually played the game and we don’t know how it treats its subject matter or concludes, maybe we shouldn’t get too stressed out about it.

    Why has everyone on the internet become so reactionary and easily upset about every little word/comment/joke/etc?

  16. Strapparer says:

    1. Has the author even played A.D. 2044, or does he reserve the right to pass judgment on it based on the store description alone?

    2. Has the author bothered to dedicate five minutes of research (that thing good journalists tend to do) to find out the game’s history and the context in which it was made?

    3. Where does the author get off judging a 90’s Eastern European game, based on an 80’s Communist-era Eastern European movie, through the lens of a 2017 social-justice championing American?

    • aldo_14 says:

      Wrt 3 – why shouldn’t things be judged in a modern context? That’s part of the evolution of human society, after all.

      (NB: are you intending to imply that championing social justice is bad? And what makes you think the author is American?)

      • Strapparer says:

        Good point – I should have put it differently. I don’t necessarily claim the author is an American, but the attitude depicted seems to me to be distinctly associated with modern American culture.

        And no, championing what passes for “social justice” these days is definitely not something I support.

    • fegbarr says:

      Re 1 and 2 – I’m not sure you can blame people for judging a thing on the marketing blurb. That is, after all, exactly what a marketing blurb is for.

      And re 3 – One can’t help but view things through their own perspective, certainly from a first pass. Yes, with research and context and so on one can attempt to understand things through the lens of the time and place but that’s a much more academic exercise.

      If I’m playing (or reading about) a game I’m going to judge whether it’s fun / interesting / offensive / whatever to me, not to some ideal member of the audience the dev was aiming for.

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      Even twenty years ago I would have rolled my eyes at that game (and especially that *official* synopsis – that’s the text they’re selling the game to people with), and I was a stupid teenager back then.

      I don’t care how high-minded the source material is. When the game follows up that opening text with a ‘Sexy’ Fembot stamping on the player’s face before getting pushed over, splay-legged, I’m gonna call it as I see it.

      • regedit says:

        There is something deeply, profoundly disturbing about proudly judging other cultures through the lens of “I calls it as I sees it”.

        • RabbitIslandHermit says:

          That you see misogyny as synonymous with Polish culture says a lot.

          ETA: This is like saying calling The Birth of a Nation racist is some kind of disturbing slight against American culture.

    • cpt_freakout says:

      So you’d say the new Wolfenstein games are “getting off” because they dare interpret a 1920s-1940s German political aesthetic under the lens that it was pretty fucking terrible? Give me a break.

      Regedit: he’s not judging another culture and you know it, you’re just being obtuse on purpose and it’s obvious, so stop embarrassing yourself.