Podcast: Guilty pleasures and Opus Magnum


It’s a simple theme this week with the Electronic Wireless Show. We’re talking about guilty pleasures – the games that make us feel a wee bit embarrassed but not so much that we won’t squirrel away at them while grinningĀ  like idiots. Alec feels a bit sheepish bringing his toy steering wheel to work when planning to play American Truck Simulator. Meanwhile, Matt remembers how he enjoyed the passage of time while picking flax in a Runescape field, and Brendan attempts to explain the relaxing sea-based boredom of Sailaway.

We’ve also been tinkering with alchemical puzzler Opus Magnum from Zachtronics, fiddling with small machines to produce precious metals, hangover cures and the kinds of “stamina potions” you might find spamming up your junk folder. Come listen, guilt-free.

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Assassin’s Creed: Origins hands-on

Have you played… Runescape?

Have you played… Dofus?

Is Destiny 2’s story fun junk or hot trash?

Sailing the Northwest Passage in Sailaway

Alec’s baffled office mates and American Truck Simulator

Opus Magnum’s gorgeous alchemy machines


  1. corroonb says:

    Assassin’s Creed and Bethesda games are good choices for guilty pleasures.

    Football Manager would be mine. I spent on average 300 hours per game for years. I also save-scummed relentlessly. I haven’t played one in four years. I just haven’t got the time anymore.

  2. shinkshank says:

    Zachtronics games are crack to me, and Opus Magnum is laced with cocaine.

    Observe, the disgustingly sweet march of optimization, from the staggering lows of attempt #1… link to puu.sh

    To the dizzying highs of attempt #4!
    link to puu.sh

    • Hoot says:

      These two pictures have sold the game to me.

      Now all I need is some spare Queen Heads :)

    • Otterley says:

      Fantastic, those gifs sum up Zachtronics game so well ^^ Cocaine-laced crack, here I come!

  3. Morph says:

    My favourite part was Brendan’s utterly bizarre game baffling the others.

  4. legopirate27 says:

    Christ Brendan, who’s prescription meds did you swipe before you conceived of that game? For an otherwise smart guy, that was just baffling.

    Alec is great on the show. Definitely needs to be a regular.

  5. heretic says:

    ALLLLLLEEEEEECCCCCCCC, thanks Brendy for bringing him back on! Now where’s Alice…

  6. barelyhomosapien says:

    Just wanted to say that I am really enjoying the podcast. It’s kind of a shame you’ve gone for a family friendly format, as the slightly more natural flow of conversation prior to that was really enjoyable, but the decision is also understandable!

  7. bill says:

    Brendy, why do you never mention the RPS forum in the spiel at the end of the show?

    It’d be a good place to solicit questions and comments, and to start discussion on the show.
    At least for those of us who aren’t active on Facebook or Twitter.