The Mummy Demastered crawls out of its sarcophagus

The Mummy Demastered

I passed on watching the recent attempt to reboot The Mummy, although friends tell me I didn’t miss much. While sad that it’ll probably be flying under the radar thanks to the film’s less than sterling reputation, Wayforward’s official game of the movie looks to be a far better product than its cinema counterpart.

While some have compared The Mummy Demastered [steam page] to Contra as much as Metroid, the closest point of reference (for me, at least) lies with Wayforward’s little-known Aliens: Infestation for the Nintendo DS. Come see what I mean in the launch trailer.

Aliens: Infestation was a short but sweet tribute to the films with some gorgeous art and great ideas (death put you in the shoes of the next living marine in your squad, new dialogue and all), so it’s no surprise to me that The Mummy Demastered looks lovely in motion. After all, the same studio also recently brought us Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. Even with some of their best and brightest splintering off to form Yacht Club and develop Shovel Knight, Wayforward still seem to be going strong.

If there’s anything holding this game back from the spotlight, it might be difficulty. After taking a quick peek at the Steam user reviews for the game, it sounds like it might be a couple notches harder than your average Metroid type thing, with health and ammo both being precious resources, easily wasted during boss fights and harder to re-stock than some are comfortable with.

While personally enticing, I can see why that might be a turn-off for some. Have any of you grubby lot braved any ancient Egyptian curses to try this game? I’ll probably be trying it at some point, but with Destiny 2 just out and Wolfenstein 2 due tomorrow? Probably not this week.

The Mummy Demastered is on Steam for $15.49/$20 now.


  1. oyog says:

    God damn, that soundtrack is fantastic.

  2. K_Sezegedin says:

    That does look pretty solid, the license isn’t going to do it any favors though.

  3. Cerebulon says:

    It looks and sounds very nice, but I do feel like they could have given the protagonist a sprite with… Any kind of personality whatsoever rather than a generic faceless soldier you’d expect to be a baddie in level 1 of a game like this.
    I suppose that might have involved coming up with an original character for the game and maybe the license didn’t allow for that?

  4. ShadGandel says:

    I’d recommend this game for that pricetag. I finished it 100% in around six and a half hours, and had a really good time with it. A shame it doesn’t have extra difficulty modes or a new game+ feature, cuz it’s definitely on the short side. It’s not very hard as long as you’re used to Metroid-style games and play a bit conservatively. Lots of rooms with deliberately annoying enemy placement though, but that makes it all the sweeter when you walk back through old levels with a bigger gun. Kind of lame you have to let yourself die to get all the achievements, but oh well – after finishing it without dying once, I did wanna see what the corpse run aspect would be like.

  5. calmforce says:

    The music, the animation of the main character and even the power up items somehow remind me of turrican on amiga.

    • calmforce says:

      Just listened to the whole OST on youtube and it´s awesome easy listening!

  6. syndrome says:

    Really well done.. Hmm, I’m fascinated with the pixel art quality.