Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s latest video breaks down the combat system


Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the historical RPG set in the 14th century, will feature rather a lot of brawling with grunting, armoured men, so Warhorse Studios has put together a detailed video on how the game’s combat system works. The studio is going for realism, basing the fighting techniques on medieval martial arts, so it looks a bit more involved than simply swinging your sword and hoping for the best — my favoured combat style.

There’s quite a lot to take in during the five minute video. Fights are physics-based, meaning that when you start hacking and slashing, your sword will smash up against your opponents’ weapons and slide along armour when you strike it. The game actually detects over 30 target zones on every character and several layers of armour.

When duking it out against a heavily-armoured character, you’ll want to keep your eyes open for weak spots, where the armour isn’t protecting them as much, and use your directional attacks to hit those tender areas. If there isn’t an obvious weakness, you can also just keep hammering away at the same area, reducing the armour’s effectiveness. Of course, your opponent is bound to notice that, and they’ll start protecting that spot — that’s where feints come in. You can trick an enemy into thinking you’re about to hit their right side, for instance, before quickly switching it up and catching them off guard.

On top of that, there are different weapons, like spears that allow you to keep some space between you and your foe, or bows if you don’t want them to see you coming at all. You’ll have a bag of advanced tricks, too, including counters, parries, knockbacks and other skills that should keep your enemy on their toes.

The story trailer might have been a bit awkward, but combat seems anything but. And while it seems pretty elaborate, Warhorse says that it’s goal is to make it as easy to pick up as a first-person shooter.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is due out on February 13, 2018.


  1. Ghostwise says:

    With the screenshot I thought for a split-second it would be a For Honour article. And then I used my accursed ability to read.

  2. Rince says:

    Ah, the Realistic Medieval game.

    Not really interested. I’m waiting for the Fun Medieval game… which will be released in the year 20XX.

  3. wombat191 says:

    I sort of gave up on this after seeing the story trailer.. I swear I have seen the exact plot dozens of times by now

  4. Eightball says:

    Where are all the women of color? Seems pretty racist and sexist. I thought this was bash the fash friday, not perpetuate the fash friday. #YesAllMen #YesAllWhites

    • Rince says:

      Sexist and racist. No, for God’s sake. Boring? Yes. Very.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      Depicting a non-fantasy setting that was historically fairly homogeneous: nothing wrong with that. Preemptively responding to straw-men in the comments: pretty dumb.

  5. drivebysjwing says:

    Disclaimer: This game’s being made by Gamergater/Trumpist types. (I don’t really care about the whiteness of early modern Bohemia, I just don’t want to reward these people in the current geopolitical climate.)

    • NotOscarWilde says:

      Do you have any actual references for your claims besides their cultural background (Czech people are on average more conservative than Western Europe) and that silly “how many non-white people were there in 14th century Bohemia” stuff?

      • drivebysjwing says:

        NotOscarWilde: Google “kingdom come deliverance gamergate” (without quotes) and read articles from sources you trust. Adjust keywords according to your interest. Go as deep as you care to. Decide for yourself and spend your money accordingly. I’m not going to hate on you for being hungry for some early modern swordplay.

        I’m also not hating on this period of history. I recently purchased Wilson’s “Heart of Europe” (Holy Roman Empire). Bohemia’s pretty interesting, especially within the context of this weird empire. I haven’t read much “ground view” history of the period/region, although I recommend Camporesi’s trippy “Bread of Dreams” if you want to experience the “imaginative world of poor and ordinary people” in pre-industrial Europe. Camporesi makes me think we could do some great psychological horror in such a setting.

        As for “historical accuracy”, the level of in-game whiteness doesn’t bother me. But speaking in general, it is possible for historical fiction to be both “diverse” and “accurate” if the creator wants it to be. We can include a Joan, a Mulan, a foreign mercenary, an Ottoman agent, etc. After all, protagonists (especially in videogames) are usually exceptional people in exceptional circumstances. It’s probably a different story if we’re talking about Northern European Agricultural Simulator 1300.

        • Dead In Hell says:

          I love all of the in-depth complaints about racism and sexism that people make about games they haven’t played, that haven’t been finished or released.

          At least wait until the thing is gold before you use it as a pulpit from which to force your narrow idea of “diversity” on other cultures, you bigoted hypocrite.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      Don’t know about Trumpist, but some of the devs were vocal supporters of GG. Whether they’ve since changed their minds on any of that or have just stopped talking about it I don’t know. It was enough for me to ask for a refund on the Kickstarter. I think it’s fair to separate personal politics from creative works but when someone representing a dev team is loudly advocating for something you really disagree with it’s a little harder to justify supporting that.

      The controversy about the ‘whiteness’ of the setting though was really unnecessary in my opinion.

    • lordcooper says:

      I require that everyone involved in building my house share my political views.

      • trashmyego says:

        If it was revealed that a prospective contractor went down with the ship for a movement that encouraged misogyny and abuse because they were losing their safe space. Yeah, that’d definitely factor heavily on whether or not I would take their bid and give them money.

  6. notcurry says:

    I don’t care about the poor story or the political views of the developers. What puts me off is the godawful music. It is so obviously MIDI. To me it sounds just like a cheap WWII RTS from the 90’s. I’m sure everyone with a musical background will agree.

    • Kiview says:

      Everyone with a musical background will agree, that MIDI is a data format for controlling (virtual) instruments and has nothing to do with the actual sound.

      • wr0ng1 says:

        Everyone with an electronic music background might be able to infer from the context that in this case, Midi is likely shorthand for General Midi, which was used in a lot of ’90s games.

  7. Dead In Hell says:

    Has anyone else actually played this dumb game? Because I have, and the combat is absolutely horrible. It’s clumsy and awkward and broken. Just like the story, the character designs, the animations, the dialogue, and the music.

    Can’t say this one is shaping up to be the game I had hoped for. In fact, the only time I find myself defending this turd is when people start whining about the fact that there are too many white people in it. I heard the same thing about The Witcher, and it was just as stupid then. You don’t get to decide the race of every character in every work of fiction.

    It’s alarming to me that so many people, people I ostensibly agree with politically, have decided to embrace their most authoritarian impulses and attempt to censor and stifle any project that doesn’t have the correct race of people in it. Seems like the exact stuff we complain about when the conservatives do it.

    • Dead In Hell says:

      Since my edit time expired, I had to repost in order to laugh at this properly:

      “And while it seems pretty elaborate, Warhorse says that it’s goal is to make it as easy to pick up as a first-person shooter.”


      The curve for this stupid broken fighting system is far more difficult than the average FPS. But even after that, it will never be as smooth or as playable as a mainstream game from a given genre. This is pure niche. No one is going to play this beyond a small cult of dedicated fanboys, who will spend years defending the derpy combat system against others.