Rust gets spoOoOoky with Halloween frights

Halloween’s timing is a bit weird this year, with the preceding weekend taking the bloodsoaked brunt of the fiendish frenzy, but video games still remember and will still be here for us. Rust is already a game where nude fiends ritually sacrifice each other, making it unsettling at the best of times, but now it’s proper spooky too. The early access survival sandbox’s latest update has decorated the island with graves and spider hives while adding spoOoOoky scarecrows and fire pits filled with burning skulls.

The scarecrow and skull fire pit are new deployable doodads created for Halloween. They’re blueprints just like any other, mind, so a little corner of your murder island can always be spooky if you’d like.

Note: you can buy ceramic skulls to toss on your own fire at home. They won’t burn but they will look rad with flames curling out their mouths.

Some spookings are only temporary. Right now, Rust’s metal, stone, sulfur, wood, and bones resource pickups are replaced with chilling alternatives. Graves, mostly. Many varieties of grave. Some burials are less dignified than others:

Resource nodes are giving 50% extra until this little event ends too. That should be on Thursday, when the next update hits.

See last week’s patch notes for full details on everything.

Oh, speaking of burning skulls…

Disclosure: Craig Pearson, Facepunch’s marketing man, used to write for RPS.


  1. chudbabies says:

    “Hi guys, I’m Gun Safety, okay? Did you know that it’s dangerous out here, guys? Hey, did you see this?”

    *spits gun out of mouth screaming at the sky*

    “People just leave these things lying around! And,” this is the first time you’ve made eye contact, “this is real important, my mom doesn’t let me swear on the computer, alright? but,” a child’s baby glow from the forced chemical bath shines from naked child now craning itself to comb the land, grabbing and running and shooting ammo into it’s howling enemy, the sky, “I’m going to keep looking for guns and weapons to keep everyone safe, alright.”

    You watch this buttered child careen around a pile of naked brown people outside of a twig hut, “Yeah, yeah, that’s a good idea,” this child mimes, hatcheting a corpse for bone fragments.

  2. Pogs says:

    Glad to see Alice has been resurrected in time for Halloween.