Dota 2 adds two new heroes in Duelling Fates update

Two brand new heroes have arrived in Dota 2 with the launch of version 7.07, the long-awaited Duelling Fates update. Please welcome to the battle arena Dark Willow, a spoOoky nuker, and the zippy swordsman Pangolier. They’re the first new heroes added since the Monkey King way back in December 2016. The update is far bigger than just this pair, also adding new items, a new model for Ancient Apparition, seasons for ranked play, and oodles of skill changes and balance tweaks.

So! Dark Willow and Pangolier. She was a nuker with root and fear spells as well as the ability to become untouchable and deal some nasty damage, he was a pangolin with dash attacks who could curl into a ball and roll around stunning people, can I make it any more obvious? I can with these videos from DotaCinema:

Nifty! I didn’t get to play last night but do fancy giving these two a go. Well, after the initial “OH MY GOODNESS NEW HEROES!” novelty wears off and they stop appearing in every match.

There’s oh so much more in Dota 2 v7.07 so let’s go started. For serious folks, ranked matchmaking is going to six-month seasons, the first of which will start in two weeks. Every season, you’ll earn a medal for your performance. Some medals will basically say “I am bad at Dota” so wear them with pride.

On the less serious side, Dota Turbo has been added to the search queue as a full mode. It’s meant to be a faster and friendlier version of Dota. Kills give more gold and XP, towers are weaker, players respawn more quickly, and you don’t need to be near a shop to buy items.

Oh, speaking of buying, Couriers are changed. They’re more expensive (going from 100 gold to 200) but move faster and will automatically upgrade to Flying Courier form for free at 3 minutes. And their dash ability is replaced with a two-second shield. Couriers can no longer refill Bottles, mind.

Couriers get to ferry new toys around, as five new items are in too. The Meteor Hammer can cast an AoE meteor strike stun, the Aeon Disk can give temporary invincibility, the Nullifier is a damage-heavy item which can also mute and slow targets, the Kaya gives extra spell damage while reducing mana costs, and the Spirit Vessel is an upgrade to the Urn of Shadows which gives better stats (including extra movement speed) while boosting its healing and damage.

Also, the third Roshan kill drops a single-use, consumable refresher orb. And all hero Talent Trees are reworked. And many skills and items have been rebalanced. And… the update changes so very much so hit the Duelling Fates minisite for full patch notes and more details on everything.


  1. muki0 says:

    I played dark willow a couple times on the test client since yesterday. even though she’s labeled as a support, I think she has potential as a core. phase, hurricane pike, maelstrom/mjollnir (+ spell lifesteal), shivas and she does ridiculous damage with her w and her d. heroes just disapear. her 25 +200 attack speed talent is bananas, it’s like having focus fire on all the time

    linkens is probably a must on her as a core.

  2. Horg says:

    There are a couple of major changes to the game flow this patch. Denying got a lot stronger (more xp denied), lane creep bounty was increased, and the mid lane no longer has an extra creep. This will accelerate game pace in uncontested lanes(more lane gold per wave), promote contesting all lanes to stop carries running away with the game, and promote denying especially in the mid lane. Expect to see more lane domination picks and a return of tri-vs-tri lane early game brawling. Jungle heroes also got some nerfs, Iron Talon is gone and the first creep spawn is now at 1 minute, focusing more attention into the lanes. Jungle creeps killing lane creeps no longer automatically denies creep xp, which is a potential buff to offlanes (you can still pull and deny manually, but it’s easier to contest). Finally, hero kill gold bounty was severely nerfed for levels 1-5, making it borderline worthless to rotate for early kills. This also seems to line up with the intention of promoting static fighting lanes and deny battles.

    Big hero changes include Beastmaster, who can now summon a semi-random big neutral creep at lvl 4 call of the wild (alongside boar and hawk), combined with wild axes now giving a stacking debuff that increases damage from Beastmaster and his minions.

    Broodmother is no longer invisible on web, but no longer looses free pathing when hit, is slightly slower and spiders have less HP with more armour and magic res.

    Clinkz got a new strafe, 280 AS for 3 seconds combines with up to 3 projectile / spell dodge charges, which should improve his role as an assassin.

    Invoker new talent: ”Cataclysm (Launched when Sun Strike is doubled tapped. Puts it on a 90 second cooldown. Creates 2 visible Sun Strikes within 175-250 range of each enemy hero)”.

    Mirana now has 3 leap charges, attack and move speed buff significantly increased but only affects Mirana.

    Morphling, minor change to have both Adaptive Strike skills available simultaneously (3 second CD for skill not cast), major change to ultimate, renamed Replicate to Morph, now causes Morphling to become an exact copy of an enemy hero with all basic abilities and attributes. Lasts 30 seconds, can be ended prematurely. The possibilities are endless.

    Pudge, Meat Hook can now pull runes to you : |

    Riki, Smoke Screen reduces enemy vision to zero and back stab can now work on procs like crit.

    Shadow Demon, units that die under Soul Catcher now generate a 75% damage illusion for Shadow Demon that lasts until the hero respawnes or illusion killed. Soul Catcher only affects 1 target in area.

    Slardar now gets 700 move speed along the river with lvl 4 sprint active.

    Tiny. Aghanims removed, Craggy Exterior removed, Grow bonus damage nerfed, gained ‘status resistance’. New abilities, Tree Grab lets you pick up a tree for 5 hits, roughly the same as old Aghs ult, goes on cooldown when attacks used up. Tree Throw uses all remaining attack charges and performes an area melee attack with cleave at target location. RIP Tiny.

    Vengeful Spirit, aura changes, whenever allied hero under Vengeance Aura dies an invulnerable 100% damage illusion is created that attacks the killer for 10 seconds.

    Viper, Corrosive Skin no longer slows move speed but damage and attack slow increased. Poison Attack now has a cooldown from lvl 1 to 3, deals bonus DPS based on how much health target is missing. Nether Toxin reworked, no longer passive, now creates 300 aoe ground DPS zone that applies Break as long as targets remain in could.

    Visage, Familiar DPS now constant value, charges removed, Familiars can benefit from Grave Chill if they are within 900 range of Visage when cast.

    Windranger, Focus Fire now allows you to attack while moving, attack speed bonus reduced by 150, Shackle Shot now shows you indicator of target area when it fails to latch.

    Wraith King, Mortal Strike now fixed 300% crit damage, has 9-15% chance based on lvl to instant kill a creep and grant a charge, charges can be consumed to summon skeletons (maximum 7) dealing 35-40 damage each. Skeletons not bound, will attack on own aggro priority. Hellfire Blast now orders all Skeletons to attack that target.

    Additional interesting changes, courier now upgrades automatically for free and can only be purchased once (no more courier feeding), cliffing restrictions removed, no free pathing if cliffed by Pudge or Venge, and neutrals now sleep at night (FINALLY).

  3. Neutrino says:

    Seems like quite a few heros and items have been messed around with for no obvious reason. Did Viper, Mirana and Crystal Maiden really need nerfing to hell?

    The update page also doesn’t mention when we should expect this to go live. Anyone know?