Night In The Woods getting director’s cut in December

The wonderful Night In The Woods will receive “a whole bunch of new content” later this year with its ‘Weird Autumn Edition’ update, developers Infinite Fall have announced. Promising “new weird”, “new crimes”, and “old tales”, they say to “think of it as the Night In The Woods director’s cut.” I’ve just about come to terms with the initial coming-of-age crisis so sure, I should be up for more when the free update hits on December 13th.

What exactly the update will bring is something of a mystery for now. New and improved things? A good game getting better? Okay!

The Weird Autumn Edition will also give folks the two little side games Longest Night and Lost Constellation. Those two are currently pay-what-you-want from Itch, with no minimum price, so you can play them right now anyway. But I guess they’ll be bundled together tidily.

Night In The Woods is very slightly on sale on Steam, down to £12.59/€16.79/$16.66. People in the USA get to rock out with a pure kvlt price for Halloween, see. 1259 is, I’m told, a highly cototient number – which sounds pretty spooky to me. Apparently 1259 is also the year when Japan’s Shōka era ended, which is a right shocker. We’re having some good clean spooky fun here today, aren’t we gang?


  1. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    I never played this game, despite hearing lots of good things about it.

    I guess I’ll wait for the director’s cut goty edition or whatever.

    Looks cute and furry.

    • LearningToSmile says:

      It’s super good.

      It’s not very cute nor furry.

      • MikoSquiz says:

        It’s very cute and furry.

        It’s also very sad and a little disturbing in addition to being cute.

        • Hyena Grin says:


          It features a full cast of anthro characters and many, many cute conversations and situations.

          It just also has some pretty dark and spooky things going on.

          But definitely cute and furry.

  2. Faldrath says:

    Well, Thomas Hobbes died in 1679 and Isaac Newton formulated the theory of gravity in 1666, so the other prices are pretty spiffy too. Do people still say spiffy?

  3. nattydee says:

    I hope they retcon the ending a little bit. I absolutely loved this game but the first 90% and the last 10% felt like they were written by people who wanted to tell completely different stories.

    Nah honestly if they left that last bit alone and just added more of the rest (walking around town and talking to people, basically) I’d be pleased as punch. Can’t wait!