World of Final Fantasy catches ’em all on PC next month

We’re seeing more of the main Final Fantasy games on PC these days, and a fair number of the strange spin-offs and side-games too. Square Enix today announced that the next round our way will be World of Final Fantasy, a spin-off which is a bit like Pokémon except you collect cute versions of FF characters and stack them on each others’ heads. Yup. Initially released on PlayStation 4 and Vita in 2016, it’ll hit PC in November. And it looks a little something like this:

See? Cute versions of Final Fantasy characters and enemies from across the series, captured, stacked on your head, and used as weapons. Is a chibi Cloud Strife you’ve captured still classified as a person and a soldier or would it be some sort of… military animal? And more importantly: can I breed them?

The PC release will come with several bonus DLC characters included, such as Sephiroth, a Glow Moogle, and other things I am broadly aware of through cultural osmosis but am hazy on the specifics of. Hey, I’ve never properly played a Final Fantasy before but you bet I’ll join the anime boyband road trip that is Final Fantasy XV when it comes to PC in 2018.

World of Final Fantasy is due on Steam on November 21st. Hit the game’s site for more info.


  1. Vedharta says:

    Is this’s new take on FF?

  2. klownk says:


  3. shoptroll says:

    Yay! This is definitely an underappreciated spin-off although it takes a really high tolerance for stupidity to not bounce off the story.

    Also, Alice, there’s never a bad time to give the series a go!

  4. racccoon says:

    This is great, is it going to Gog?
    It looks so..really nice.
    I got no idea about the stacking as I thought we’d progressed to plastic bags to carry stuff & dumping them in the ocean so we can eat plastic fish. :(
    The game does look awesome & i will hope I can play it.

  5. Unportant says:

    Lovely battle mechanics (like, Pokemon, minus the inexplicable slowness, plus parties) … terrible, stupid, pointless world. It’s like a soulless Wizard of Oz that thinks it’s clever because it’s shrouded in metaphysical nonsense.

  6. Relkin109 says:

    Awwww poops! Just bought it over a week ago on PS4. Think I’ll gift my unopened copy to my roommate, he’s more of a console gamer. Hate it when companies announce something like this weeks before the launch.