PUBG will hit v1.0 (inc. new desert map) in late Dec


They’ve talked before about getting it down before the year’s out, but we’ve now got a more precise window for when industry-disrupting death circus Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds will become a full-fat PC game release. The devs last night made the spooktacular announcement that they’re now planning on putting out version 1.0 in late December. In other words, it’s sayonara to Steam Early Access after what (by December) will have been an eyewateringly successful 10 months in open development, and hello to whatever the hell ‘gone gold’ means in terms of game development means these days.

No doubt we’ll see various known and unknown tweaks and additions come the day, but of course the Very Big Deal for PUBG 1.0 is the release of the new desert map.

PC Plunkbat 1.0 roughly coincides with the planned release of the game on Xbox One on Dec 12, although that is happening via the Xbox Game Preview program, aka Microsoft’s own console equivalent of early access. The Steam version 1.0 is due ‘late’ December and, as PUBG Corp CEO Chang Han Kim states in this here announcement, will follow a slightly different roadmap to the console edition. “Various Xbox One features and functionality will change and come online over time just like they have on PC, with our goal being to have both versions align to each other as soon as possible,” he says, the implication there being that PC will generally get new stuff first. AS IS ONLY RIGHT.

He also notes that “We’re approaching development on Xbox One with the same community-driven focus that we’ve taken with the game on PC. As a result, the ultimate battle royale experience that fans play on Xbox One will be slightly different than what players know today on PC.” I.e. console players are likely to respond differently than PC players, and that may drag development down alternative but parallel paths.

More importantly, PC v1.0 of Plunkbat is due to bring with it the much-anticipated and surprisingly colourful new desert map. It’s Mexico-inspired and not afraid of a few outlandish details, such as wrestling arenas and settlements built inside meteor craters (more details of that over on jaunty RPS fansite PC Gamer).

Ahead of that, we should see the new climbing and vaulting skills added to test servers at some point this week.

In terms of the Xbox release (and with a little bit of talk about v1.0), here’s Playerunknown himself chatting on-stage about it to Microsoft folk at the currently-ongoing Paris Games Week.


  1. HeavyStorm says:

    Don’t care about the desert map… What I need in 1.0 are the necessary optimizations to run this thing with a stable and decent framerate!

    • Rituro says:

      What system specs are you running on? My own rig is far from state-of-the-art and I can still run along at a respectable FPS and graphics level. I’m curious how much better (worse?) your PC is to mine.

    • Viral Frog says:

      Well, now that they’ve basically gotten the game feature complete (is vaulting on the test servers now? If not, scratch my statement and re-apply it when vaulting hits test servers), they will likely be focusing purely on optimizing it so it runs better.

      I’m not sure what did it for me, but the game went from being nearly unplayable at 15-20 FPS and insanely long load times (I’d usually load in AFTER having been booted off the plane by force), to suddenly getting 50+ FPS consistently and having next to no load times. My rig is far from optimal, but after one of the larger patches, the game suddenly became very pleased to play at my not-so-great specs. I’m running a 6.5 year old CPU even.

    • jayflash.pubg says:

      I got under the MINIMUM requirements got a gtx 950 and 8gb ddr3 get over 70 fps, its the server internet that makes it lag cause me and mate glitched the game and got on a server with just 2 other people (4 in total) and i was getting a solid 200 FPS ! i got video proof

      • Swampymonster says:

        You’re very fortunate then. I can barely get 40 FPS and I have a GTX960, and an FX8350 and it barely runs. All while also having 20 gb of ram too. My PC struggles terribly.

  2. Massenstein says:

    What’s with this “pubg” business? I swear, when Alice is gone the RPS treehouse turns into a madhouse.

    • Mahaku says:


    • Viral Frog says:

      I hear that “PUBG” is some cheapo knockoff of Plunkbat that literally rips every single piece of Plunkbat off without discretion. They’re literally identical games. Plunkbat is, of course, the original and the better of the two.

    • Premium User Badge

      Kiwilolo says:

      I hope they never use it again. I don’t even know how to pronounce “pubg.”

  3. thischarmingman says:

    I’m frankly stunned, the hours and amount of fun Ive had with this unfinished mess – hopefully 1.0 will be smooth and glorious

  4. jman420 says:

    runs okay for me, and I have also sunk a fare share of time into it, no doubt. I’ve never enjoyed any of those survival games, and I would also say I don’t “enjoy” pubg all the time either, but I keep going back to it and have sunk a lot of time into it for sure.

  5. KayGeeBee says:

    PUBG runs fine for me nowadays. The odd frame hick-up and occassional failure to load textures aside, which honestly doesnt come close to the cluster**** that was say OG BF4 or wildlands.

  6. hungrycookpot says:

    Can’t wait for the vaulting system, it looks really well done. The desert map will also be a really nice change from Erangel. I’m sure there are more performance fixes to be done, and I for one think that a lot of the complaints about desync and lag would be solved by ping/region-locking servers, but it’s still early days, and the game runs without complaint for me. Lag is pretty infrequent and the game runs at a steady 70-80 frames on my 1070 with settings maxed (AA medium), I think a lot of the complaints are unfounded.

    • theallmightybob says:

      issue right now is the games horrid tick rate on the servers. you might be running just fine on the client side, but the server still does a slot of crazy stuff when its tick drops bellow 10 (getting hit by “more then one bullet at once” warping) . they need to get their servers up to a good tick rate to make this game shine.

  7. Jabberslops says:

    Is there any word on how much PUBG will cost when it leaves early access? I had a bad experience with lag when I first bought the game, so I got a refund and decided to wait a few months to see if the issues got fixed (also waiting for vaulting) before I bought it again.

    I had some interest in playing Ark, but couldn’t get any friends interested in it, so when it finally left early access I lost all interests when I saw it had shot up to $60. I’m hoping PUBG doesn’t have the same thing happen because I still want the game, but again, I can’t get my friends interested enough to also buy in.

  8. nightknight says:

    Love the content, but it would be excellent if you could refrain from using the term “Plunkbat” to refer to this beloved game. Replacing the terminology with instead the far more popular and widely accepted “PUBG” would make my eyes happy to read more articles!