Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 launches free Tuning DLC

The relaxing fix ’em up Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 has added options to fancy-up cars with custom cosmetic doodads as well as fancier mechanoparts, coming in the free ‘Tuning’ DLC on Tuesday. I’ve not played a load of Car Mechanic Sim but in all my time playing Viscera Cleanup Detail, which has that similar ‘follow a physical process until something ruined becomes good’ vibe, it had never occurred to me that I might want to actually improve things too. A new career awaits as a mechanic helpfully adding undercar lighting, turbochargers, wheel spikes, and harpoons.*

The Tuning DLC is out free on Steam. Yes, it’s basically a content update, but it’s classified as DLC.

On the cosmetic side, Tuning lets mechanics customise vehicles with loads of different bumpers, bonnets, lights, and such. No, sadly harpoons are not included. On the zoomier side, players get to whack in high-performance parts. Red Dot Games plan to add more cosmetic and performance parts over time.

To test your snazzed-up cars, Tuning also adds a dynamometer to measure performance. Graphs!

Car Mechanic Simulator was proper wonky when it launched in August but Red Dot quickly got it roadworthy and said launching when it wasn’t ready “was our great mistake..” They’ve kept patching since then – my Steam seems to download a new update or two every week.

This new DLC makes me want to helpfully improve things in Viscera Cleanup Detail too. Polish floors for a nice shine and hey, if it becomes so slick someone slips and lands on the button which opens a portal to hell, hey, more cleanup for me.

* And in the game???


  1. Chaoslord AJ says:

    With games like this and also Truck Simulator I wish they had a huge team and lots of ressources both in people and skills to make the game really big, expansive and full of features.

    I’m buying all the iterations as I love the concept but I know CMS will probably be always limited in scope and never reach what it could be, sadly.
    Lots of cars, more detailed car parts, more of a management sim and in-depth use of the spare part market.

  2. Tuidjy says:

    When I was younger, I spent hundreds if not thousands of hours tinkering with my cars. I worked for an aftermarket auto-manufacturer, and had full access to our Tool&Die shop. Since my daughter was born, I have not changed anything on my cars, so you’d think that I would be the target audience for this game… but I would like to be able to test the game against my experience, to see how close it mirrors reality.

    Somehow, no list of the cars I’ve found online includes any of the cars I have worked one (or any of the cars I own, for that matter) Given that three of them are most definitely tuner cars (1990 Toyota Supra Turbo, 1997 Acura Integra Type R, and 2004 Volvo 60R) their absence is puzzling to me.

    How can such a game lack those cars?! Or am I looking at incomplete lists?

    • celticdr says:

      They don’t have licenced cars expect in paid DLC content, though the made up cars are relatable to real cars.