Eldritch studio release short explore-o-story Eponymous

Look, I support art as much as the next person but these oh-so-meta walking simulators like The Magic Circle and The Beginner’s Guide need to understand that there are rules. These rules are clear: every video game must have a double-jump. No exceptions. Thankfully, Minor Key Games understand this. Their newly-released Eponymous: In Which a Work Is Known by Its Reading has a narrated story guiding us through seemingly an in-development game, but we’re also double-jumping – and even mantling! Allegory is more fun for everyone when we follow the rules.

Minor Key describe Eponymous as “a short-form narrative about unreliable infrastructures” and I’ll not say much more than that. I enjoyed it, and not just for the double-jumping.

Eponymous is the work of J. Kyle Pittman, the Minor Key brother behind Super Win The Game and Gunmetal Arcadia (David is the Pittman man who created Eldritch). It seems to be built in the gameguts of Eldritch and whatnot, which are always nice guts to mantle around in. Minor Key are good about respecting the rules.

You’ll find Eponymous for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam and Itch. It’s £2.09/€2.99/$2.99 on Steam, about basically the same on Itch with minor tax fluctuation.


  1. DantronLesotho says:

    Picked it up; Minor Key always makes really interesting games. I’m curious to check this one out as well.

  2. April March says:

    The subtitle intrigues me, so I’ll probably check this out. Frankly, the trailer turned me off – looks like a generic Slender-em-up the likes of which flowed out in torrents about three years ago. But the themes alluded and the devs’ pedigree make me interested.

  3. grandstander says:

    0451 was the code contained in the first datapad you pick up in the original Deus Ex. I think they may have cribbed it from System Shock 2?