Clickuorice Allsorts: behind the scenery of Silent Hill 2

In just under sixteen minutes, this video shows you more of Silent Hill 2 than you’ve probably ever seen before. I know the game back-to-front and still saw new things. In fact, this is very much aimed at people who know every detail of the game and if you don’t, it’s going to spoil everything.

Shesez’s Boundary Break series uses camera hacks and other tricks to look at all of those scenes and models that you were never supposed to see. Here, you’ll see what happens to Pyramid Head when he exits stage left, what James really has in his car, some dog secrets, and in a thematically fitting piece of technical short-hand, learn that there really are no roads leading out of Silent Hill.


  1. corec says:

    Came here to just comment that this headline made me crave for these. Oh well, I guess it’s time to head to a store and fix the problem.

  2. Raelalt says:

    In regards to unlicensed imagery (e.g. the Levi’s button): on the dumpsters in SH2 you will see the logo for Norcal Waste Systems. They were the garbage company for San Bruno, CA. where many of the outsides shots were patterned after. I noticed it right away when I played SH2 right after it was released as I worked for that company. I did not bring it up to my employers but apparently someone else did as Norcal later sent a “Cease and Desist” order. Don’t know what effect it had as my game did not get recalled, maybe all later publications of the game had it removed?