What are we all playing this weekend?

Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
The day of the big Tesco shop;
I know of no reason
Why milk, bread, eggs, broccoli, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, spaghetti, halloumi, olive oil, mustard, tea, Horlicks, scourers, toothpaste, face wipes, and Riesen
Should ever be forgot!

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on.

Adam: I’m hoping to play Nioh on PC. I’ve already finished it on PS4 but haven’t tried the DLC yet, and I want to see if the port is up to scratch. If so, it’s likely to be one of my games of the year all over again.
Alec: Mostly I’ll be continuing to very slowly crouch-sneak my way through Wolfenstein 2, and at my current rate I’ll complete the game in Easter 2019. I also badly want to see the rest of gorgeous, nightmarish indie shooter Midnight Ultra, which was the clear highlight in this week’s Unknown Pleasures.
Alice: Having heard about Brendan’s weekend plans, I’ll be lurking in cemeteries dressed as Bloodborne’s bell-ringing woman. As I do most weekends, to be honest. I’ll also find a good spot to watch the weekend explosions – and not just the red zone in Plunkbat! That’s a joke. See? Because it’s Bonfire Night, where fireworks are common, but also I play a lot of Plunkbat and it has lots of explosions too. Jokes.
Brendan: I’ll be in Edinburgh, which is like a safe version of Bloodborne. Once there I’ll be unable to perfect my Opus Magnum machines, and this is likely to cause me much distress. My tin-based stain remover won’t manufacture itself!
Graham: I’m going to keep plugging away at Wolfenstein 2, though so far I’m not enjoying playing it very much. I am enjoying watching it; the cutscenes are thus far the best thing about it. But stealth seems horribly unforgiving, I seem to go from Fine to Dead in half a second during combat with no opportunity to recover, and I’m struggling to work out how the game wants me to play it. I’ll put a couple more hours in and if I feel the same way divert to watching the cutscenes on YouTube or something.
John: I truly hope to play nothing else but Mario Odyssey and Metroid Samus Returns until my fingers wear down to nubs. And maybe finish Zelda: BOTW.

Sorry, what are these “Pee Sea Games” you keep talking about?

Katharine: I’ll be visiting the big smoke for the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert this weekend, so fitting in any gaming time is looking harder than FFVIII’s Omega Weapon. If I’m lucky, I might be able to squeeze in that last hour of Life is Strange: Before the Storm‘s second episode when I get home, but only if I manage to tear myself away from that 30th anniversary FF pop-up shop first.
Matt: I’m off visiting some friends in Lancaster this weekend, otherwise I’d keep chipping away at Assassin’s Creed: Origins. There are lots of little touches that I like about the new Ass Creed, but overall I have to agree with John that it’s nothing special. Instead, I’m excited to try out the new Jackbox Party Pack, as well as a couple of board games (Inis and Murder: Deception in Hong Kong) that I’ll be lugging up with me.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Grizzly says:

    Mostly, I’ll be trying to steer France trough a very turmullious period of history via Europa Universalis 4, and learn to drive a 60s Ferrari GTO around Road America in Assetto Corsa.

    Aditionally, after soundly eliminating me from galactic politics, I’ll be playing as the empire that destroyed me in the Stellaris Multiplayer campaign we’re running on the discord as that player can’t attend this week.

    • wombat191 says:

      France? I thought I dealt with them in the 13th century. Clearly you are mistaken, that is the greater Norwegian empire you are talking about.

      As for myself a little bit of Warhammer 2 and a lot of Fallout 4

      • MaisieBennett says:

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    • Carra says:

      Playing as France is like putting on the cheatcodes. Go play with Brittany and form France as it’s intended to be.

      • robinwak says:

        You, my good Sir, are sorely mistaken. France is the true owner of the petty so-called british isles. L’Europe est française.

  2. Spacewalk says:

    Serious Sam for the first time in years. I know it’s better in co-op but it’s still really fun in SP and I can still remember where most of the secret areas are which was a real surprise.

    • Konservenknilch says:

      I have very fond memories of that game, and I’m not even an FPS player. The large open maps, interesting hordes of enemies and weapons, lots of secrets, and just so much without a tedious story and endless cutscenes crammed in. I mean, I like story-driven games as much as the next guy, but not really in this genre.

      • Spacewalk says:

        It’s an easy game to like. It still has my favourite minigun oh boy do I love Sam’s minigun I wield it like a precision tool and it kills everything you point it at. Short wind-up and it stops as soon as you take your finger off the trigger and in all my years I haven’t wasted a single shot with it.

    • poliovaccine says:

      Oh damn, now that’s a good idea, I had forgotten that gem of a game. I understand it became a franchise and as such self-inundated with sequels and spinoffs, but I was only ever familiar with the demo and, because the demo sold me on it, the first game. Were the sequels any good? I mean I’m sure they were fun and the graphics were better each time, but did they do anything special?

      • fish99 says:

        If you like the first game, you’d like them all. Second Encounter is especially good. It’s like the first but just more of everything. Serious Sam 2 is good but went with a weird cartoony art style, Serious Sam 3 has more modern graphics but isn’t quite as epic as the previous games.

        It’s a series that really shines in co-op.

  3. Daymare says:

    Finished “Wolfstone 2: Der Neue Koloss”.

    Now I’ll check out what all those Destiny 2 shenanigans are about.

    • Daymare says:

      Played about 6h of De2tiny, I’m only level 8 … Christfuck is the story bad. I read that compared to the first it’s actually got a beginning and end, but that seems to be the most positive thing I could say about it.

      Maybe it’s because I just come off reading the second book of Gormenghast in two six-hour marathons, but it’s so bad I’m having a hard time playing more.

      The shooting’s fine. Enemies got health bars though.

      Not sure if I can articulate what irritates me so much about the whole game. The clichéd lines, how your protagonist seems like they SHOULD be voiced, but aren’t. How boring most characters are.
      How the “Light” is some Force-like source of power that everyone keeps babbling on and on and on.
      It feels empty. It feels like it was designed without any actual creative power, purely out of corporate calculation. There are also remarkable similarities between it and WoW in its themes and some mechanics, beyond what I would’ve considered an MMO-like shooter to be like.

      • Unclepauly says:

        “Christfuck” Oh Lawd

      • fish99 says:

        *minor spoilers*

        Weird thing is – your character was voiced for the first half of Destiny, but the last few DLCs and D2 they just forgot or something. As for the story, well there’s a lot of fan service in there from the first game. There’s definitely some supremely dumb moments though, like when you get your light back, but don’t bother telling any of the other guardians how to do the same.

        I enjoy the game though.

        • malkav11 says:

          Yeah that one bothered me too – okay, so it’s not like a button you push, but it’s seemingly a pretty replicable process given you go back and do essentially the same thing to get at least your second and I assume also your third subclass. And you could absolutely tell them what to do to try.

        • Daymare says:

          As someone who hasn’t played the first one, Cayde-6 is the only enjoyable part of this game’s story.

          I really dislike how they made a sci-fi game, and it’s pretty much Star Wars in terms of how it deals with technology, biology, etc. Or WoW, actually. It was made without any interest, knowledge or research into any sort of science. It doesn’t have to say anything about anything. There was a part where a character wanted to talk about some species’ viariation in dialect or something, and I was like “OH?” And then another character cut them short, because who cares about alien languages, right?
          Very pretty planets though. And I mean clearly, this game’s focus is on visuals and shooting mechanics, so I know most people won’t be bothered by that anyway.

          The shooting … right now I use SMGs for 90% of the time, sometimes an elemental gun, which is usually also an SMG. For a few seconds I get a grenade launcher or shotgun till its purple ammo runs out. Okay.

          I like swords, though, feel snappy and slicey.

          • fish99 says:

            I’m kinda curious what you were expecting though, given that it’s by Bungie. There’s no science in Halo, it’s just a dumb story about aliens trying to wipe out humanity, just like Destiny. Destiny just has a bit of magic super powers thrown in there to liven up the gameplay. As I said the story is fan service for Destiny fans who already know who Zavala, Cayde and Ikora are, and who get goosebumps when they hear Nolan North do his Ghost voice. It’s not a good series to jump in blindly, especially if story is what you’re looking for.

          • Daymare says:

            It’s been more than a decade since I played Halo, but as far as I remember, it was a very basic story about a super soldier, his helpful AI and an alien super weapon. It was very simple. There wasn’t much TO it.
            So on the one hand, I raised my standards. So did many other games, most recently Wolfenstein, Shadow Warrior and even Doom’s story was simple but cool in a trashy way.
            On the other, Halo was pretty purely sci-fi. There was no pseudo-religious Light; no magic; and not much wibbley wobbley goobleydook, because it focused on very basic sci-fi ideas and the story was very straightforward.

            This one has lots of stuff that makes no sense at all, or is just there as a mechanic. It tries to be deep and complex, I guess, but it feels like … lots of empty stuff. Set dressing.

            With the only exception being some likeable if stereotypical characters: Your buddies are okay; there’s not much unique or interesting about any of them, but they’re at least … characters with some traits and agendas.

            You say the second part is just fanservice. Okay, and that’s … good? That shouldn’t also be criticized? There’s no other way to tell this story?
            I don’t even agree, because there’s no complex characters or schemes you need to figure out; the main thread is about an evil alien guy who wants to steal the magic light that makes some peeps immortal. Everyone loses their light, but you get it back, get the old band back together and fight him.

          • fish99 says:

            I didn’t say the story was good, it’s just a lot more enjoyable if you know the characters, setting and backstory. Also I think the reason the game focuses on Zavala, Cayde and Ikora is that they never did anything in the first game, they just sat in the Tower while you saved the world, and their characters weren’t developed. So in the sequel they tried to address that by focusing the story around them and their struggles and getting them out of the Tower and actually doing stuff. In that sense it’s a story to appeal to existing fans, and to appease criticism of the first games story.

            The game doesn’t need science though, just like Star Wars didn’t. Sci-fi is a broad spectrum.

          • Daymare says:

            First you write: „it’s just a lot more enjoyable if you know the characters, setting and backstory”
            But then you write: „I think the reason the game focuses on Zavala, Cayde and Ikora is that they never did anything in the first game”
            So it focuses on characters that didn’t do anything in the first one, but you should have played the first one to enjoy them? This reads like a contradiction. But then again, I haven’t played the first one. (I figure there’s other s tuff that makes more sense if you played Destiny, but 2 focuses a lot on them) And again: Yeah, it’s part two, but shouldn’t the game be able to stand on its own? Shouldn’t it have characters that were enjoyable on their own, here? All of this seems to be worth criticizing as well.

            Right, I agree: It doesn’t need science at all. Was just an idea. Would’ve made the world a bit more coherent or interesting if it did. Halo didn’t need much science either, but then it was much more focused to begin with imo. The only sort of coherence this world has is Light, which can do … stuff.

            Btw, I’ve made it to 20 and up to Power 224. Feels post-levelling, pre-raiding in WoW. Weapons get more interesting and I enjoyed the max-level story about Failsafe and its lost Captain.

      • Ejia says:

        Des2ny, surely

  4. dangermouse76 says:

    Red Faction Armageddon.No idea what it’s like but. I have promised myself to buy no new games. So working through the rather large back catalogue.

    • wombat191 says:

      I used to think having a huge backlog on Steam was a bad thing, but with the crappy practices lately with the AAA companies I’m actually glad now I have years of untouched alternatives :)

  5. GornValim says:

    I’ve just resurrected an old playthrough of Dead Island, and been sucked in again. I’m playing with a mod that changes the game into a survival one, where all the most gamey aspects are removed and where every fight (especially with a controller in “analog mode”) is a visceral struggle for survival. Very good, much more involving than the unmodded game without being insanely difficult so far.
    The idea of mods is incredible, but you can sometimes go totally wrong. Like with The Witcher (the first one), which I stopped replaying after several hours in. I was using a mod that rebalanced the combat and which I realized I didn’t like. I restarted the game, currently in Chapter 3 and way better in the vanilla version. I love that game (only finished it once), it’s getting old but the world is much more vibrant and living than in more recent RPGs.

  6. Thulsa Hex says:

    1.) Mario Odyssey. It’s just brilliant. I was unexpectedly ground-pounded right in the feels, yesterday, with the conclusion of New Donk City’s main quest. What an incredibly-deft and beautiful celebration of Mario’s heritage! The team on this game did Miyamoto and co. proud.

    2.) Wolfenstein II: TNC. I haven’t played it half as much as Mario, but every time I do I have a blast(kowicz). The visual world-building is top notch, the dialog is strongly written and delivered, the gunplay is meaty, and the pacing is pretty incredible overall. Sehr gut!

    3.) L.A. Noire. Coverage of the impending re-release has inspired my wife and I to go back to our hotseat play-through. We’ve about five homicide cases under our belts as of last night. The game is excellent in many ways, but the ambiguity (and subsequent penalisation) on the interrogation side has definitely tried our patience.

    4.) Fire Emblem: Fates. Still poking at the Birthright campaign I started back in February(!). I’ll probably poke at it some more while digesting the new Converge and Bell Witch albums.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      I wish LA Noire was more like Phoenix Wright, letting you try different approaches and proceeding based on reactions (instead of choose the single correct response from three options and never get another chance to ask or dig deeper).

      • Thulsa Hex says:

        Yeah! I wish it had more of a cat-and-mouse approach, instead of the almost binary system that currently exists–especially since the game’s logic can be so hard to read.

        I’d love if it let you press the interviewees more, using a mixture of evidence, appeals, and/or intimidation. This could allow the player to inject some personality into the player character, and even open the door for a malleable ethics or reputation system. I’m sure this would be much more difficult to make, but it would be so much more satisfying to play.

        • Premium User Badge

          Ninja Dodo says:

          I think it would be a scope explosion if you used the same linear performance capture they use here, but if you used a more modular, flexible system like Witcher 3 (link to gameanim.com) it could be done.

          • Thulsa Hex says:

            Good point. It’s pretty obvious that the performance capture would have been the thing keeping the scope so tight, but I didn’t think of that.

            The Witcher 3 did a fantastic job with facial expressions, so I wouldn’t mind something more along those lines!

  7. Tiger666 says:

    My goto game when I’m at a loss as to what to play. Banished with the Colonial Charter mod.

  8. Ghostwise says:

    I finished my main Grim Dawn playthrough, including the DLC.

    I’d recommend the DLC, but some bits were lacking in polish – presumably due to insufficient manpower at Crate.

  9. EgoMaster says:

    I completed Phase III of my The Dark Eye marathon a few days ago. It consisted of two Deadalic adventures: Chains of Satinav and Memoria. I loved them story-wise. “An ordinary man under extra-ordinary circumstances” protagonist was easily relatable. I also loved Nuri. Puzzles weren’t as good as the story itself though, with a few item puzzles suffering from absurditis.

    I immediately started Phase IV, which consists of a single game: Demonicon. It’s painfully mediocre, but there’s no reason to skip it so I press on. After that I’ll take a break from The Dark Eye. The fifth and final phase will start next spring, with two games I’m looking forward to play: Blackguards I & II.

    I’m also playing Red Faction: Guerilla at a much slower pace. That is, until I get EDF control to zero and guerilla morale to 100 in a region. Then I press on with the mission and liberate the sector. Then rinse and repeat. This “Socialist GTA on Mars” is pretty enjoyable.

    And of course, Euro Truck Simulator 2. I can’t help it. It’s so Zen!

    • YogSo says:

      I played Chains of Satinav during last year’s summer, and Memoria earlier this year. I preferred the second one, both story and puzzle-wise. In Chains I constantly felt I was in the brink of getting stuck (in the end I had to resort to a walkthrough only in a couple spots) while I progressed in Memoria at a more smooth and constant pace. As a result, Memoria felt as a much shorter game than Chains, but to my surprise, when I compared both gaming times (as registered by GOG’s Galaxy) there was just a bit over a couple hours of difference between them. In any case, I think they are both very recommendable adventures in the “old-school” point-and-click style, and it’s a shame that they seem to have “flown under the radar”, so to speak, of the gaming community at large.

      By the way, Phase II of your The Dark Eye marathon was the Drakensang games, right? What did you think of them? I’ve had them for the longest time (they are even installed in the computer) but I haven’t come around to them yet; maybe next time I have an RPG itch. I’m kind of envious of your capacity of playing through all these games in such a timely manner. :-D

      • EgoMaster says:

        TLDR: Think Knights of the Old Republic, then make it a 7/10 game.

        Longer version:
        They did some things better than KotOR. The cities felt more alive for instance. Some of the quests and dialogs were also finely written. But the plot didn’t have an “OMG” moment.

        And it doesn’t have to. The main reason I’m calling them “7/10” is the number of special powers, which really limit your options and cause you to more or less do same things in every fight. In KotOR you could have different wielding options, force powers and utterly different fighting skills for long-range, non-Jedi characters. Here, you can build two types: Rogue and warrior. You can add a little bit of mage or ranger flavor to both but you won’t lose much if you don’t. In Realms of Arkania, which had different rules, skills, perks and powers for each class, you had to have balanced party. Drakensang forces you to divide your 4-character party into tanks and somewhat more agile rogues, and they all have pretty much the same skill set. Which makes combat a bit monotonous. That was my only issue with those games, and it was a big one but not enough to turn me off completely.

        I prefer the first one to second mainly because of the characters. Also, the second game was just more of the same. They didn’t even bother to add new skills but it had its moments, especially in the second half.

        I also agree with you on Chains of Satinav and Memoria. They were really great, in the vain of old school Lucasarts adventures taking place in The Dark Eye universe.

  10. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    New faces (with bonus cat), hooray! John’s blood still hasn’t gone all brown and crusty, though…I’m afraid I’ve no other choice at this point but to conclude that it’s been corn syrup and food coloring all along. And to think I trusted you all as my videogames news source for so long. -_-


    This weekend will once again host some Lawbreakers matches. For the curious, a generally good, fun community and the movement styles/options and pace of action are big reasons why I still manage to have fun when only 50-100 people are accounted for on SteamCharts, and when there are a bunch of unbalanced matches mixed in as a result. For those who don’t feel like clicking on videos: The first was of a Team Deathmatch round where we spent the warmup period kicking eachother with feet instead of bullets and explosives, and this foot-to-chest action spilled over into the match proper. The second video is most of the match immediately following that — good but not professional players largely carried over from the footmatch, a pretty even matchup besides the one leaver/disconnection partway through, and lots of fun.

    Also on the playlist is Midnight Ultra, recommended by Alec as an Unknown Pleasure, as well as something decidedly less shooty, I think.

    The grocery list in order of the strategic rampage path through the store is: bread, müesli, jam, olives, garlic, paprika, salsa, cheddar, gruyère, mozzarella, cream cheese, milk, eggs, and ground beef.

    • and its man says:

      So, you still haven’t tried Bokida and Mirrormoon EP? :)

      I might go for Midnight Ultra as well, as an introduction to D.Szymanski&friends’ soonly released Dusk.

      I’m currently playing Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space in the company of my favourite crewedible, railgun specialist Judas Iscarrot. teehee. giggles.

      And I’ll try Don’t Make Love. I recently realized it was made by Maggese.
      Maggese’s doing nice stuff with words. I liked his take on Lem/Tarkovski’s Solaris with A Ghost in the Static, which never passed the Steam Greenlight test at the time. It’s a neat, tiny piece of software where the player chooses the dialogue lines for both the main character and the NPCs, like lonely poetic monologues disguised as conversations.

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        So, you still haven’t tried Bokida and Mirrormoon EP? :)

        Ahhhhh, ya caught me! :) That sounds mighty good today — thanks for the suggestion. I still intend to make good on my Midnight Ultra claim, but I’m just about FPSed out, so at least one of those will be a refreshing change.

        • Premium User Badge

          particlese says:

          Man, MirrorMoon EP is really cool! Another gameplay-as-a-mystery game I played some time ago was Starseed Pilgrim, but I’m getting on with MirrorMoon much better so far.

          Midnight Ultra, meanwhile, wasn’t as satisfying in the movement department as I was hoping, and its gunfeel seems every bit as soggy as Alec alluded to, but I do like the music and the visual aesthetics of the interludes and shooty bits.

          • and its man says:

            That’s one more person telling me Starseed Pilgrim is an experience close in spirit to Mirrormoon EP. That’s cool, because I haven’t played it, but definitely will.
            Cheers for the reminder, you made me realize I had forgotten to put it on my wishlist.

            I loved Mirrormoon EP, both for its coziness and for how it got me in a state of deep concentration.
            The planet surface puzzles may feel repetitive at some point, but no game gave me such a feeling of accomplishment, when I understood its ******* ******* or when I finally figured out a way to use the ***** ******** ** *************.
            Also, gotta love the up-to-10 minutes space travels, and the joys and confusions of navigating with a three-dimensional star map.

            As for Midnight Ultra, I was planning to try it, well, right now.

          • and its man says:

            One hour and a half in Midnight Ultra. Just got through the windmills.
            Yea, everything feels a little stiff but it didn’t bothered me that much. Feels raw but it’s consistent, so it can easily be seen as just a mechanic to deal with. I got used to it and I’m enjoying the game.

            I wish I could take a look at the video interludes without the superimposed texts. The audiovisual coating of the game is really nice. With its psychedelia and apocalyptic-italo-western soundtrack, it’s kind of a friend for Mason Lindroth’s Hylics (-> recommended).

          • and its man says:

            oh well, edit: *didn’t bother

          • floogles says:

            Mirrormoon EP was fantastic, I’d recommend to anyone who desires an atmospheric space puzzle exploration game.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      *textwall mode engaged*

      I ended up playing a whole truckload of Lawbreakers yesterday, including the first few matches of a community-organized set of games (it was a US-centric event, but a few others and I had to leave early, being on the other side of the pond), and that was a blast. It didn’t have the spontaneity of last week’s kickfest, but it was really fun.

      With at least one* actual pro player in the mix and several others who were really good, I was always at or near the bottom of the ladder. However, the custom games went the interesting/absurdist route with e.g. all battle medics (with their grenade spam, heals, and bulletproof shield spheres) in a king of the hill type game, so it was a pretty amusing time, all told. It was also my first major experience with voice chat, which was…enlightening. There was a fair amount of disease-naming but nonetheless good-humored bashing of the chosen game setups, as well as more interesting talk of character balance and dev relations and stuff. And the round with the medics finished up with a very loud, very tongue-in-cheek (but otherwise legitimate-sounding, for all I know) stream of pro-esports callouts. Pretty amusing stuff in the latter case, and overall a totally alien experience for me.

      Somewhere in there, I also found out that there’s another free period coming up for the game next weekend. Should be fun, but the fact I found out from random community chat supports the notion that the publisher is either totally clueless on marketing or that they’re depending entirely on social media, which is completely useless to me. -_-

      *I think there were more than one, but I only recognized one as a winner of the semi-recent official tournament, and I think another from that same team showed up some time after I left.

  11. Thulsa Hex says:

    Quick thought re: Wolfenstein. There have been a fair few mentions on RPS this week about its not-so-good stealth play. I must admit that I’m finding it curious that this criticism keeps coming up, considering the series in question.

    When games like Dishonored, Deus Ex, Hitman, and MGS V are discussed here, there’s not a lot of lamenting over how the non-stealth approach isn’t as fun. The understanding is that these are stealth games, first and foremost–no matter what the devs say about freedom of approach.

    Wolfenstein is so obviously an action FPS, first and foremost. The stealth isn’t great*, but that’s just… to be expected, no? It’s not like the devs are claiming freedom of approach, either.

    It’s just… a bit weird.

    *Unless you’re Alec.

    • Zenicetus says:

      That’s a fair point to make, but the trouble I’m having is that going all-out guns blazing just doesn’t feel that good to me this time around, compared to the last game.

      I’m not sure what changed… maybe just my expectations for the series to advance just a little bit. I don’t like the limited enemy types, or the lack of feedback when BJ is hit. The level design seems much more on-rails compared to the last game.

      Even when it’s balls-out gun combat, I’d like a few options for moving through each level. I don’t feel like I have any options here. The combat just isn’t clicking with me, and it’s probably a combination of all these things.

      • Thulsa Hex says:

        Sorry to hear you’re not having fun. Of these complaints, the only one I’m feeling myself is the lack of damage feedback for BJ. Got myself killed a ton because I didn’t realise I was getting hit. Otherwise, I’m finding it pretty satisfying.

  12. FelipeCC says:

    Overwatch, maybe some Dota 2 (the patch is kind of an offset because things tend to seem op due to not-knowing-what-to-do-against-it)
    Furi speedrun? What else lays in the never ending shelf of shame?

  13. aircool says:

    Just starting out on Shadow of War and I forgot how tight the FoV is. May just stream it downstairs via Nvidia Shield TV Box to play on the big screen.

    Also, DOOM (2016). Just watching the end credits made me want to play again.

  14. StAUG says:

    Realm Grinder. I’ll pay someone $100 to come and shoot me in the head. Just put me out of my misery please.

  15. Cyrus says:

    I finished Witcher 3 yesterday for the first time. Hell of a game, 136 hours it took me. However that is not new to anyone here I guess :)
    Unsure if I should count the re-run of the prequel games to the added time too..
    I still have the expansions, thankfully, to venture through. But I’m saving them for a while and meanwhile have booted up Metro 2033, the redux version this time.

  16. zauberkraut says:

    Holdfast – Nations At War is great and just picked up Osiris New Dawn from Steam sale. Also, slowly making my way through Echo. Incredibly atmospheric game, that.

  17. Iggy says:

    I want to finish Observer. Last time I was playing it, I was inside of mind of dead woman and that was awesomly made part of the game.

    Oh and Ghostory! I’m stuck in this cute puzzle game, so I hope I can get to the next level.

  18. clockworkrat says:

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and possibly Grey Goo.

    Borderlands is comfort gaming. The P-S has a few more rougher edges than BL2, but is still enough fun. I’m only playing with Athena so far (mostly because she and Janey were cute in the Tell Tale game), but her power doesn’t seem quite as interesting as the ones from BL2.

    Grey Goo I just picked up in the HB. For many years I couldn’t be bothered with RTSs, but giving Endless Legend a bash for the past few weeks has encouraged me to try again.

  19. Morte66 says:

    Just had a week off and spent it playing CK2. Conquered the British Isles for the Picts this morning, the Petty Kingdom of Cornwall was last to go.

    Now I don’t know what to do with myself…

  20. NaFola says:

    Heat Signature – PC
    Mario Kart – SNES classic mini
    Zelda (A link to the past) – SNES classic mini

    Just got a SNES classic mini if you hadn’t guessed ;) Reliving the golden days!

  21. kament says:

    Been meaning to replay Fran Bow for a while now. Maybe today, if there’s time.

  22. Moonracer says:

    Angels Fall First was part of the Steam Halloween sale and magically got a huge population boost, meaning I can finally play it with a full server. Having a blast. Also entertained by the devs in the official discord scrambling, since they’ve been holding off advertising till it is more polished (early access). Always good to witness happy chaos.

  23. Darth Gangrel says:

    Shadowrun Returns, another turn based game after playing Blackguards 2 (and having played everything Blackguards before that). Really fun, although, I can already see why people say that the later games are better. Playing as an Elven conversational mage with a rifle.

    • trollomat says:

      I just finished Dragonfall this week and Dead Man’s Switch the week before. Really enjoyed both of them, but Dragonfall’s soundtrack and story are just superb. And Dietrich may just have become my favorite NPC.

      Started Hong Kong yesterday and a couple of hours in, it looks pretty good so far, although that foster brother seems like a proper jerk.

      In fact, these games are so far up my alley, I already feel at a loss as to what to play next. Help. Are any of the custom campaigns worth playing?

  24. malkav11 says:

    I took Monday off work so I have an impromptu three day weekend. Hoping to fill it with plenty of Nier: Automata and (newly acquired) Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Along with a side of Destiny 2 and Secret World Legends. Now that the Halloween events are over I can shrink my MMO palette back down to whichever ones I want to focus on most specifically and right now that’s definitely those two.

  25. Zenicetus says:

    I’ve been trying to like the new Wolfenstein, but the cut scenes just weren’t enough incentive to continue the boring, rinse-and-repeat corridor shooting to advance the story. So it’s on the shelf for now. I’m going to try the new Assassin’s Creed instead.

    Evenings are for co-op Divinity OS 2 with my wife. It’s a terrific game.

  26. Ben King says:

    Kitty Horrorshow’s halloween promo pack of 4 free itch.io games were a good time (grimly-disturbing/whimsically-charming) earlier this week. i’m not sure about becoming a patreon of ANY creator but that quartet of little unity vignettes made me happy to finally purchase ANATOMY on itch with a tip instead. So i’m going to run through that one, and also have a weird knob twiddle with Mu Cartographer. My GF heads out of town on business tomorrow so i’ll probably binge on Horizon Zero Dawn Twilight Zone and Deadwood season 1 while she’s gone.

  27. King in Winter says:

    Well I just finished up Rose in the Twilight (PC version), I guess I’ll next pick up something I’ve yet to play from the summer’s Humble Sekai Project Bundle.

  28. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    I went back and did a couple more character-focused side missions in Mass Effect Andromeda, having completed the main story, ending with the “Movie Night” mission. I like how you can talk to characters post-ending and get reactions to the aftermath. It’s nice when open world games and RPGs don’t just revert to right before the end-game and instead actually build an epilogue into the world.

    I’m pondering what to play next. I have Life Is Strange still waiting to be played, also recently acquired Hyper Light Drifter and I have Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4… plus I’ve been meaning to go back to Alien Isolation and the Witness. Also, Rayman Oranges and Snake Pass. Decisions decisions.

  29. Creeping Death says:

    OK I feel like I’ve missed an episode of a long running TV show or something. Who are Katharine and Matt? New hires? Did I miss welcome articles or were there just not any? I’m feeling a bit out of the loop suddenly

  30. Crimsoneer says:

    I’ve fallen in love with Destiny 2. It feels like the golden age of World of Warcraft weirdly.

    • Premium User Badge

      The Almighty Moo says:

      Pip’s departure left such a gap that she has had to be replaced with not one, but two people.

      Assumedly one to banter with Alice and the other to actually get some work done…

      Welcome to you both.

  31. Seyda Neen says:

    Hi Matt and Katharine!

    Finally finished a playthrough of The Witcher 3, expansions and all clocking up to 115 hours. Onto Death of the Outsider, which is a blast as Dishonored usually is. I like how open the city is on the second mission. Dishonored 2 was like this at times, but I think Dishonored 1’s missions were, more often than not, fairly linear in comparison. You can really spend all day wandering around Karnaca going down every street and alleyway.

    • AutonomyLost says:

      Congratulations on finishing The Witcher 3! What an accomplishment that game was/is.

      • Seyda Neen says:

        Yes, the whole game is just an absolute joy. This was actually my third playthrough of the main game (first for the expansions though), just goes to show how fun it is to inhabit that world.

  32. AutonomyLost says:

    No gaming for me this weekend, as I’m out of town. I’ll be hoping by the time I revisit the new Assassin’s Creed next week they’ll have rolled out a fat patch. Loving that game.

    Hope everyone has a solid weekend.

  33. Justin says:

    Most of gaming time will be Destiny 2 focused. I tried Trials of the Nine last night and had my clock thoroughly cleaned and then polished by (what I imagine) was a team of cyborg ninja witches. So that was fun. I also picked up two older Ass Creeds in a sale a few weeks back. Played Unity which was interesting, but felt like a big step backward after Black Flag. I’ve started Syndicate which just feels so much tighter and more focused/clean. Destiny pulled me away, but now that I’ve reached the endgame, I’ll have time to check more of it out.

  34. parsley says:

    Playing Before the Storm reminded me of how much I like the original Life is Strange, so I’ve been replaying that and going for 100% completion. I might play Super Mario Odyssey a bit after, or finally sit down and try Night in the Woods. Time for moody teenagers in the fall, right?

    • Someoldguy says:

      Me too, so I’m trying to squeeze in as much LiS as I can in the hours when small people are not able to overhear the f bombs.

  35. mcdreamer says:

    I’ve been playing a lot of Arms since I picked it up earlier this week and I’m also still working my way through Sonic Mania. The Switch has a great line up of games. Really glad I picked one up!

    I’ve also gone back to Prey in an attempt to finish it off. I think I’m about 70% of the way through now and the story is getting pretty interesting!

  36. jssebastian says:

    Still have my XCOM 2 War of the Chosen campaign to finish, but have lost a bit of drive on that at this point… I’m starting to think what to get next.

    Dishonored 2? Horizon zero dawn? Finally try an asscreed or uncharted game? Or finally hunt down a switch to play breath of the wild? Or go with something smaller scale like night in the woods or the observer?

    • jssebastian says:

      Realized I have gone home, this war of mine and sunless sea still unplayed in my steam library… maybe I’ll give one of those a shot…

  37. welverin says:

    Assassin’s Creed Origins (just got out of Siwa), with a helpings of Street Fighter , and Destiny 2 on the side (i actually got an exotic I didn’t already have!).

  38. Carra says:

    After 62 hours, I have “finished” Divinity: O2 act 2. Time for a break before I continue with the next act. So I bought Wolfenstein 2 and I’ll play that this weekend.

  39. Mi-24 says:

    Is it just me or are there 2 new faces? Welcome if so, otherwise payday 2 and maybe shadow tactics: blades of the shogun

  40. Ejia says:

    I played through Doki DOki Literature Club and liked it, but I probably would’ve thought the meta commentary and file-bothering would be more clever if I hadn’t already played The Stanley Parable and OneShot first.

    The only Halloween themed event I bothered with this year was Fallen London’s.

  41. sunahe says:

    In case the new people are indeed the new people: wellcome!

    In case the new people are a product of Pip’s status generator: I knew it.

    As I am also sitting on a pile of Steam games, it is time to retry Witcher 2 again (and hopefully not be stuck in a boss battle, so maybe even switch to the easy mode)

  42. RaymondQSmuckles says:

    Oddly enough, these days I’m not playing anything. Rather, I’m taking the deep plunge into learning game development. I’ve done art, design, and engineering professionally, and worked for a game company for a short time. But I never really stuck with becoming proficient at the full skill-set from concept to final product. I’m doing that now using MagicaVoxel/Blender for art, Unity/Visual Studio 2017 for development. So there is a very broad set of things to learn, but it has been fun so far as I work toward my first game.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      I do love me some Blender, but I hadn’t seen or even heard of MagicaVoxel before. Looks pretty darned cool — thanks for mentioning it. Best wishes to you on learning and putting to use more of the game dev puzzle, too!

  43. buttermancan says:

    I’m currently away with family this weekend visiting my girlfriends sister in Cambridge. Nice place but very busy.
    Got tomorrow off so will get down to playing Dishonoured 2 : Death of the outsider. Although I preferred the original game the sequel is great and this DLC is meant to be good also. This series has some of the most enjoyable stealth combat I’ve played.

  44. fiendling says:

    I had a fantastic time faffing about in Destiny 2‘s PVP with wijse, Zeke and Xubrion after joining RPS’s Rock Paper Seconds clan.

    We then ventured forth onto Nessus where some more general mayhem ensued.

    All in all, fun was had in spades.

    My recommendation: get Destiny 2, join the RPS clan and have an absolute blast in co-op. It is honestly not worth it as a solo experience

  45. syllopsium says:

    As well as a bit more SNES Prince of Persia, I’m enjoying the early game of No Man’s Sky, dying of hypothermia because of exploring too far is lots of fun. I know it’s supposed to become quite samey after a while, but I’ve restarted three times and each planet has been suitably different.

    The trading robot stuck in the middle of nowhere seems a bit odd though, and perhaps a bit of a stopgap to proper game balance?

    • Someoldguy says:

      One of the problems NMS had was that the start was so random that some players would experience significant difference in all the early planets they visited, while others would land on three very similar, unchallenging worlds in a row (or three toxic hell planets) and decry the game for its lack of variety. Once you can planet and star hop at will that’s no longer a problem but it is at that early stage.

      • syllopsium says:

        Yeah, I can see it might be an issue. One of the planets I started on seemed rather lacking in trees, bit of a problem when carbon is one of the elements needed to repair the ship..

  46. DeathBeforeDiscomfort says:

    I´ve gone back in time, to Arkham Asylum, and I´m rediscovering why it´s absolutely the best game the Arkham series, and maybe one of my 3 favorite games ever.

  47. fish99 says:

    Lots of things I want to play – an 8th playthrough of Mirrors Edge, some Destiny 2, some Death of the Outsider, some Prey, some Witcher 3. Who knows whether I will though.

  48. poomanchu says:

    Had a few friends available for a bit of gaming this weekend, so we did some co-op Ghost Recon:Wildands and Elder Scrolls Online. I’m also playing Stranger Things on my phone. It’s a pretty good ‘The Legend of Zelda’-like game.

  49. Buuurr says:

    COD WW2. It is the first COD I have enjoyed since the first and second.